04 June 2008

Black Pearl Papercraft Ship

The awesome Black Pearl papercraft ship has arrived, designer uhu02 has recreated this majestic ship from the Pirates of the Carribean movie. The ship was originally named Wicked Wench before she was ordered burned and sunk by Lord Beckett. It was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who renamed her The Black Pearl. Grab the pattern quickly before its goes away.

Black Pearl Papercraft Ship [uhu02]

Wicked Wench Papercraft Ship
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  1. wow, got to have that!!


  2. That looks amazing. I've been reading your blog through Entrecard for ages, but haven't commented before. This piece was just amazing though! I don't know how people can be that delicate and patient!

  3. Did UHU02 give you permission to give out his web site. He closed his original site because of miss use of his models and was only giving his new site by invite.

  4. This seems like it would be an incredibly hard project to create. I am totally impressed. Thanks for sharing.



  5. hi, can you you give me another link to download this wonderful papercarft? because the link is not working. thank you :)

    ps: great blog!


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