04 June 2008

Medabots Papercraft - Metabee

Just a heads up on an interesting update in Pepakura's Japanese papercraft gallery. Medabots was originally a video game that was later adapted into Japanese anime. This robot papercraft is Metabee (Metal Beetle), an outdated beetle-type Metabot that specializes in revolver tactics. Nicely done.

Medabots Papercraft - Metabee [Pepakura]

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  1. :O

    this is not anly a "generic Robot"!!!

    Its Metabee from the anime "Medabots"!!!

    check this image of the cartoon http://www.medabots.com/users/downloads/wallpapers/images/metabee_s.jpg

    and thxs again for post my Megaman diorama :)

  2. This is from a old show called medabots, his name is medabee.

  3. Thanks for the info. guys, I've never seen this one before. I did change the posts on it.

  4. I cant open the file pepakura sendsme a message that says: File dose not exist and I raly want to build this incredible metabee -.- help plz

  5. @eduardo

    Ive received several emails from other people about the same thing, what version of Pepakura are you using?

  6. Im using ver. 2.1.1 I even downloaded the vercion of the download link in the page of metabee but it doesent worck

  7. Unfortunately, I too am getting this problem - it gives an error message when I try to open it with either Pepakura Viewer 2.1.1 (latest version) or Pepakura Designer 2.1.7 (also latest version).

  8. If anybody figures out something please post it here so we can help everybody else.

  9. hey people if that didnt work look here http://www.miiconsola.com/metabee-de-medabots-vt572.html this 1 worked for me:) good luck
    by the way the web is in spanish but just download it:3

    any questions punk_aah@hotmail.com i like to help


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