19 July 2008

Ace Attorney Papercraft - Trucy Wright

Based on Capcom's highly popular visual novel video game, Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban), for the Nintendo DS. This Trucy Wright papercraft - aka Minuki Naruhodo - is from the 4th installment of the Ace Attorney game series. She is Apollo Justice' assistant and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. The goods are in the link below, but be forewarned, some of their papercraft photos might be nsfw.

Ace Attorney Papercraft - Trucy Wright [moyashi]

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Moyashimon Papercraft Microbes Are Deadly Cute

These Moyashimon papercraft microbes are based on the highly nominated and award winning medical comedy manga of the same name, it also has an eleven part anime series. The story follows a college student who discovers that he can see and communicate with the germs around him and that they appear to him as super deformed. The purple one is Trichoides, the green one which looks like its got french fries sticking out of its head is Penicillium Chrysogenum, and the yellow sun-like character is Aspergillus Oryzae. Follow the link below and just scroll through their site.

Moyashimon Papercraft Microbes

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18 July 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Chimchar & Piplup

A continuation of Nintendo's celebration for the launch of My Pokemon Ranch (available at WiiWare), two new simple papercrafts featuring Chimchar and Piplup - add the previous Pikachu that they've released and that makes three. These are the easy ones, if you feel like taking a challenge, but with greater results, try out the Chokipeta designed Pokemons below.

Pokemon Papercraft - Chimchar & Piplup [pokemon.com]

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Hellboy Paper Toys

Straight from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, here's Cubeecraft's version of Hellboy's team. The paper toys include Red, Liz, Abe, and gas bag (Johan Krauss).

Hellboy Paper Toys [cubeecraft]

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17 July 2008

Voltron Papercraft

Same day, same designer, different robot. This Voltron papercraft is based on the 1980's super robot anime tv series of the same name - Voltron:Defender of the Universe. The series has a team of young pilots commanding five robot lions that transform/combine together to form one big giant robot called Voltron, they're main purpose was to protect the planet Arus from the evil King Zarkon and his minions. Designed by Voltron5 & Getter1.

Voltron Papercraft [via mediafire]

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Eye-C-U Robot Papercraft

This is the Eye-C-U robot papercraft available at the Disney Family / Family Fun web site. Similar to what HP has, a majority of the papercrafts found on this site is geared towards younger kids and tweens. The paper models include a ton of paper airplanes, a build-your-own barnyard, some origami, and a train set. I'm pretty sure there's more inside so you might want to dig around their site for some hidden treasures :) Special thanks goes to our friend Mar who found this collection and for sharing it with us.

Eye-C-U Robot Papercraft
[Disney Family]
Disney Family Papercraft Page [Family Fun]

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Optimus Prime Papercraft

If I'm not mistaken we've posted two or three variations of the Optimus Prime papercraft, he's such a popular character that another designer has decided to make his own version. This one is based on the Classic Optimus Prime look used in the 1980's animated series. I don't want this to turn into another funny Wall-E incident, the sender didn't provide any photos of this Optimus Prime papercraft so I want to make it clear that the pic above is not related (but somewhat similar in design). Designed by Voltron5.

Optimus Prime Papercraft
[via mediafire]

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HP Papercraft Cars

A new one from HP, three papercraft cars - Purple Thunder, Blue Daddy 6, and The Heat. They share the same pattern, just different in color/design.

HP Papercraft Cars

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16 July 2008

Skullman Papercraft - Ryujin Super Bike

Originally from a manga series in the 1970's, Skullman is considered to be one of manga's first anti-heroe, someone that would do a little bit of bad so at the end of the day, the good still prevails. In 2007, Skullman was adapted to an anime series with a live-action film for its prologue (pictured above) Skullman's choice of transport is a wicked looking motor bike called the Ryujin.

Whitehouse, a Japanese motor bike enthusiast blog has created Skullman's Ryujin bike used in the live-action film (Episode Zero). At the same time, they provided a Skullman Ryujin papercraft bike for the fans of the series. Follow the link below, scroll down a little bit to get to the goods (see pic below to know what to look for), there's also two other papercraft bikes in there that you might want to check out although it's not as interesting as Ryujin.

Skullman Papercraft - Ryujin Super Bike [whouse.jp]

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Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Darunia

Another day, another fun Zelda paper model. This is the Darunia papercraft based on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game, he is the leader of the rock-eating, mountain dwelling humanoid race called the Goron. Darunia is also the Sage of Fire (1 of 7) and has a town named after him that can be found on the northwest coast of eastern Hyrule.

Zelda Papercraft - Darunia
[Nintendo Papercraft]

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Batman Papercraft

It's Batman week, The Dark Knight is coming out and we get to see what the buzz is all about. Here are some Batman papercrafts (w/other related stuff) from various sites and from different versions of the Batman series. The sites featured here includes Paper Inside, Paperollies, and Cubeecraft. We'll add more to the list soon.

1966 Batmobile papercraft as seen in the Batman TV series starring Adam West.

2005 Tumbler papercraft, Batman's tank-like Batmobile used in the movie 'Batman Begins'

'New Look' Batman papercraft, the original 1964 Batman along with his bud Superman.

1999 Batman Beyond papercraft, with 1960's Batman and Two-Face

The Batman Papercraft from Desktop Gremlins

Animal Papercrafts - Zebra

Canon Creative Park has added a new realistic looking Zebra papercraft on the Animals section of their site. The Zebra is a an equid and part of the horse family. Zebras are easily identified by their striking black stripes and an erect mohawk-like mane.

Zebra Papercraft [Canon 3D]

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15 July 2008

Cute Papercraft Toys - Hyper R

Kamimodel has gone futuristic with this mecha themed ROMMY Sloth paper toy called 'Hyper R'. The pattern is available until mid- August 2008, so download it asap.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Hyper R [Tetsuya Watabe]

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Nintendo Papercraft - Kirby's Final Smash

From the Nintendo Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game, this one shows Kirby's Final Smash (a character specific super attack), he cooks up the competition so he can devour them. Designed by Philipp Stollenmayer.

Kirby's Final Smash Papercraft
[Nintendo Papercraft]

Classic Nintendo Gameboy Papercraft
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Nintendo Papercraft - Sandbag

This Sandbag papercraft is based on a minor character from the Super Smash Bros.series of video games. Its role is in the homerun contest, you have to inflict upon it as much damage as you can within the given time and then hit it with a baseball bat to send it flying - the farther away it is, the better.

Nintendo Papercraft - Sandbag [Philipp Stollenmayer]

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14 July 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Chatot

Here's part 3 of Goblin Guy's great find, the Pokemon Chatot papercraft. Based on the highly successful Pokemon video game series, Chatot is a non-evolving flying type Pokemon that resembles a parrot/macaw with its head shaped like an eight note (from sideview).

Chatot Papercraft [via mediafire]
Chatot Photos [flickr]

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Horrorwood Paper Toys - Toro Oscuro

Jack Hankins has a new paper toy with a matador theme to it and an unusual take on a Texas native. The 'Toro Oscuro' paper toy is comprised of the matador - sporting his usual threads with red cape and hanky, then there's the Texas longhorn - like I said an unusual choice, here in Texas where I'm currently living, these guys are usually not used in bull-fighting (they're very docile and gentle) but rather served at your local steakhouse.

Toro Oscuro Paper Toy [Horrorwood]

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13 July 2008

SD Gundam Zephyranthes Papercraft

As part of the Gundam Development Project, this RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes was the first of three mobile Gundam suits prototypes to be completed. This Gundam also re-introduced the FF-XII Core Fighter II cockpit and was the first to use the new beam rifles that used e-pacs (energy capacitor clips). Zephyranthes refes to the lily flower. This RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes papercraft is from designer Josey.

SD Gundam Zephyranthes Papercraft

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Animal Crossing Papercraft - Totakeke

Animal Crossing's very own singing dog, Totakeke, is now in papercraft form thanks to the same person that brought us the Mario Kart papercraft. In the game, you can meet Totakeke "K.K. Slider" by going to the train station on a Saturday night (after 8:00 PM). There are 55 songs in Totakeke's repertoire that you can request or suggest.

Animal Crossing Papercraft - Totakeke [Nintendo Papercraft]

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Scooby Doo Papercraft - Velma

It's almost complete, we now have half of the Mystery Inc gang. with the addition of the Velma papercraft. Velma, real name Velma Dace Dinkley, was considered to be the brains in the group despite her being myopic.

Scooby Doo - Velma Papercraft

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