17 July 2008

Voltron Papercraft

Same day, same designer, different robot. This Voltron papercraft is based on the 1980's super robot anime tv series of the same name - Voltron:Defender of the Universe. The series has a team of young pilots commanding five robot lions that transform/combine together to form one big giant robot called Voltron, they're main purpose was to protect the planet Arus from the evil King Zarkon and his minions. Designed by Voltron5 & Getter1.

Voltron Papercraft [via mediafire]

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  1. yup, the designer did a good job on it

  2. hi i'v downloaded it and i am just asking were r the instructions 4 it

  3. ahhh.....Instructions!!! >.< I've been waiting so long to make this but this whole thing together but even just 1 lion has too many parts to figure it out


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