19 July 2007

Toro Papercraft

I'm a bit late on this one, but Toro (井上トロ) aka. Sony Cat, Sony Computer Entertainment's cute and lovable fictional character celebrated it's birthday last May 6. And with that celebration they've put up an official papercraft model for it, there's a lot of other good versions floating around the net, but this one is probably the best one to date.

For those in the dark, you've probably seen Toro at some point in your life but you might have thought it was a Hello Kitty knock-off. It's an anthropomorphic white cat with an over-size head, triangular ears, rectangular body, and a variety of facial expressions. It first came to life way back in 1999 as a video game character in the game Doko Demo Issyo ("Together Everywhere") for the PocketStation, if you missed that one because it was ages ago, another version of the game was released for the PSP back in 2004. You can browse around their web site (Japanese) for some fun flash games, wallpapers, and some other good stuff related to Toro or you can check out the links below to go straight to the Toro papercraft model. Have fun kids.

Toro Papercraft [Dokodemoissyo]
Toro Papercraft [via Mediafire]