21 August 2007

Maritan Papercraft

Just received this one today (thanks to anon sender btw), it's a girl called Maritan, don't know much about her but I did find a post on the JapanSugoi web site about her, check out the entry below. There are two Maritan papercrafts here, first is Maritan with a gun (7.41MB) and the other is with a sword (16.2MB). Have Fun!

"What can you say about Hirai Yukio’s Maritan?

Mari-tan (tan being the alternative cute way of saying “chan” - like in the OS-tan post) is a pint-sized pink-haired girl who is part moé 萌え, lolicon ロリコン and tsundere ツンデ who hurls English expletives like a US marine!

The web comic follows the life of Maritan who is a Princess from the Magical Kingdom of Paris Island, which has signed a treaty of co-operation and friendship with the USA.

Maritan’s day job is as a Drill Instructor (modelled like the U.S. Marines) who trains new recruit Army-tan, under the supervision of Lieutanent Commander Navy-tan. There’s also GA-tan a meganekko メガネ attached from the Japanese Self Defence Forces.

A book Maritan Concentration Drills 魔法の海兵隊員 ぴくせる☆まりたん.まりたん集中ドリル, (Magical Marine Pixel Maritan Focus Drills) was released last summer showing Maritan using her excellent knowledge of US Marine vocabulary to teach Japanese readers about really crude English slang.
" - JapanSugoi

Maritan Papercraft [via mediafire]