26 September 2009

Pepasaur Paper Toys - Morris

New series from PaperBoxWorld featuring cartoony dinosdinos, there's five of them (maybe even more) and they're called Pepasaurs.

First dino papercraft is Morris - looks like we've found Domokun's long lost ancestor ^^

Pepasaur Paper Toys - Morris [Download]

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Beetle Buggy & Toy Calendar Papercraft

A second batch of Kirin papercraftspapercrafts for today ^^, beetle buggy that looks like one of those Time Bokanmachines and a toy calendar for the kids.

Beetle Buggy Papercraft [Download]
Toy Calendar Papercraft [Download]

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Tea Party & Bento Box Papercraft

Tea Party Papercrafts We haven't been to the Kirin site in a while so let's visit right now and see what yummyyummy treats they've got for us.

First is a papercraft set for a tea party, you've got three types of Kirin tea and lots of sweets and cakes.

Bento Box Papercraft

The next one is a bento box papercraft set, Japanese bento boxes are usually made of lacquered wood that is divided into compartments, and contain small separate dishes comprising a meal.

Thanks to reader Janet A. for the tip.

Tea Party Papercraft Set [Download]
Bento Box Papercraft Set [Download]

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Harry Potter: Death Eater Mask Papercraft #2

Death Mask Papercraft Tektonten's Death Mask papercraft gets version #2 (from Harry PotterHarry Potter series).

Harry Potter - Death Mask Papercraft #2 [Download]

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Japanese Yen Banknote Papercraft ¥2000

Japanese Yen Papercraft Japan'sJapan currency is known as the yen (JPY), with subunits being sen and rin. Their banknote denominations range from 1000 to 10000.

This JPY2000 banknote papercraft has the Shureimon gate on the obverse side and a scene from the Tale of Genji + portrait of Lady Murasaki on the reverse.

Japanese Yen Banknote Papercraft

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Mabinogi Papercraft - Guild Stone of Hope

Guild Stone of Hope Papercraft Based on the Mabinogi MMOMMO game developed by devCAT Studio, a Guild Stone of Hope papercraft created by Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant.

A Guild Stone is where guild members can donate money to build up the rankings of their guild, it's also the place where they can request to join guilds.

Mabinogi MMO - Guild Stone of Hope Papercraft [Download]

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Black Hood

Black Hood Papercraft The Black Hood is Matthew Kipling Burland, an ex-cop who wears a mysterious black hood that gives him superpowerssuperpowers (increased strength, speed, and agility). The Black Hood is a vigilante crimefighter that first appeared in Top Notch Comics #9 (c 1940) and created by MLJ Comics.

Retro Superhero - Black Hood Papercraft

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25 September 2009

Banjo Bird Papercraft

Banjo Bird Papercraft Sing along with Thunderpanda's latest creation, Banjo Bird (w/ sombrero and 5-stringbanjo).

Banjo Bird Papercraft [Download]

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Patlabor Papercraft - AV98 Ingram 3

Patlabor AV98 Ingram Papercraft A 3rd variation to Paper Replika's PatlaborPatlabor papercraft, changes were made to its head and shoulders.

Patalabor - AV98 Ingram Papercraft 3 [Download]

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ibis Bird Papercraft Mascot - Weightlifting

ibis Bird Papercraft A continuation of the official mascot papercraftspapercrafts from Tsubame, Niigata, Japan.

If you remember last time, it was to promote their National Sports Festival (not sure if that's the case now). As you can clearly see from the pic, this one tackles weightlifting ^^

Tsubame ibis Bird Papercraft - Weightlifting [Download]

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84Cube x Lemi Pong Paper Toy

Lemi Pong Paper Toy Two new customs for Thunderpanda's Lemi paper toy.

First one is Lemi Pong created by Zakane (a bit of confusion on the name, i think he meant Breakout instead of Pong), the second custom is by 84Cube.

Lemi Paper Toy

Lemi Pong Paper Toy [Download]
84Cube Lemi Paper Toy [email TP]

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24 September 2009

Rozen Maiden Papercraft - SD Suigintou

SD Suigintou Papercraft HalloweenHalloween-themed papercraft from alclione, here's Suigintou - the first Rozen Maiden doll.

Rozen Maiden - SD Suigintou Papercraft

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F-86 Sabre Papercraft

F86 Sabre Papercraft The F-86 Sabre (aka Sabrejet) was a fighter jet created by North American Aviation for the United States Air Force and was prominently used during the Korean WarKorean War.

F-86 Sabre Papercraft

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They Might Be Giants, "I'm Impressed" - Robot Papercrafts FTW

Robot Papercraft Video Cool video by Rob Shaw (Bent Image Lab), starring papercraftpapercraft robots ^^ Et tu, Brute? Hat tip to reader Lany for the tip.

They Might Be Giants, "I'm Impressed" [via Vimeo]

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POP! Paper Toy

POP! Paper Toy Marshall Alexander's POP! paper toypaper toy is now available, was created for the Urban Paper NL and Tokyo show.

POP! Paper Toy [Download]

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Einhander Papercraft - Endymion Fighter Spacecraft

Endymion Papercraft This is the Endymion spaceship papercraft based on the Einhander shoot 'em up video game by Square and released for the Sony PlayStationPlayStation. Endymion papercraft designed by hogehoge78.

Einhander - Endymion Papercraft [Download]

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Helvetica Bold Papercraft

Helvetica Bold Papercraft Fulfilling a request he got from the forums, here's a HelveticaHelvetica papercraft by Brandon. The Helvetica is a popular sans-serif typeface created by Swiss designer Max Miedinger during the 1950s.

Helvetica Bold Papercraft

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Halo Papercraft - Needler

Needler Papercraft A new HaloHalo papercraft from Billybob884, the Needler is a single wield weapon that fires pink needles at a high rate and is part of the Covenant weaponry.

Halo - Needler Papercraft

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23 September 2009

Rabbit Network Paper Toys

Rabbit Paper Toys Four color boxy rabbit paper toyspaper toys from Pancake Carrot (Maia Alcomendra & Paul Mark Castillo).

Rabbit Network Paper Toys

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Scholar's Mortarboard

Scholar's Mortarboard Papercraft From Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XI, the Scholar's Mortarboard - looks like a graduation cap and is part of the Scholar's Attire Set.

Final Fantasy XI - Scholar's Mortarboard Papercraft

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Morris Minor Pickup Papercraft

We've seen the Morris Mini pickup papercraftMorris Minor Pickup Papercraft by Ichiyama, now see its big bro, the Morris Minor. Papercraft designed by Liem Kou Phing of Model Kertas.

Morris Minor Pickup Papercraft [via PR]

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Bowler Wildcats & Race Truck Papercraft

Bowler Wildcat Papercraft The all-wheel drive Bowler Wildcat off-roadoffroad vehicle by Bowler Offroad UK, you'll get 6 plain colored Wildcat papercrafts, 2 rally Wildcats and a Bowler race truck.

Bowler Wildcats & Race Truck Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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GAZ-3937 Vodnik & B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft

GAZ 3937 Vodnik Papercraft GAZ-3937 Vodnik is a high-mobile amphibious vehicle (HMV) used by the RussianRussian military for troop transport and as a mini command center.

GAZ-3937 Vodnik papercraft designed by Andri Darmawan. Andri also has a B1 Centauro tank destroyer papercraft for sale (pic below), it cost 4 bones via Paypal and will include a 12 page PDF for the template and the same number for instructions. Interested buyers please check the links below.

B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft

GAZ-3937 Vodnik Papercraft [Download]
B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft [Buy via Paper Replika]

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