29 January 2011

Patlabor - EX-11 EXTL Labor Papercraft

Patlabor EX11 EXTL Labor Papercraft

The EX-11 EXTL Labor is a crawler-type / military-grade robot (Labor) from the Mobile Police Patlabor anime/manga series.

Twilight Princess - Yeta Papercraft

Yeta Papercraft

The Yeta is The female counterpart of the Yeti creature from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Merry Nightmare Papercraft

Merry Nightmare Papercraft

Merry Nightmare is the a dream demon from Dreamworld and is the title character in the fantasy manga series "Yumekui Merry" (aka Dream Eater Merry) by Ushiki Yoshitaka.

BoxZet Paper Toy Gets a New Home

BoxZet Paper Toy Gets A New Home

ByManStudio's Boxzet paper toy series gets an official site and 24 customs.

Patlabor - Type 98 Command Car Paper Toy

Patlabor Type 98 Command Car Paper Toy

Simpler papercraft version of the Type98 Command Car from the Patlabor manga/anime series, model by Papertoy Box (Japan).

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Gabranth Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Gabranth Papercraft

Gabranth (aka Judge Gabranth) is an Archadian Judge from Final Fantasy XII and appears in Dissidia as a full-fledged Warrior of Chaos (extra character).

28 January 2011

Electromagnetic Aero Carriage Papercraft (Steampunk Aircraft)

Aero Carriage Papercraft

The amazing Aero Carriage papercraft model by Richard Cherry / SiriusArtWorks.

Super Bowl XLV - Da Stillers Polamalu Paper Toy

Super Bowl XLV Da Stillers Polamalu Paper Toy

Castleforte papertoy featuring Pittsburgh Steelers No. 43 - Troy Polamalu (strong safety).

NaniBird Paper Toy - Sailor Bird

NaniBird Paper Toy Sailor Bird
This stylish, little NaniBird comes courtesy of baykiddead (AKA Garrison Beau Scott)

27 January 2011

Pokemon Lickitung Papercraft

Pokemon Lickitung Papercraft

Lickitung (aka Beroringa) is a normal-type and Licking Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Lickilicky, known for its 6 and a half feet tongue it also has unique yellow markings on its body and knees.

WoW Papercraft - Archaeology Survey Tool, Tol'vir Jackal Helm, & Tol Barad Searchlight

World of Warcraft Papercraft

Multiple updates for the World of Warcraft papercrafts.

Grrrnade Paper Toy

Grrrnade Paper Toy

Catch it before it goes BOOM! Grrrnade paper toy from Cubeecraft.

Handy Manny Papercraft (Big Construction Job)

Handy Manny Papercraft

3D Board Game, crane (machine), dump truck, construction hard-hat - are just a few of the many educational papercrafts created by the Curiosity Group for Disney's Fez-tastic, animated children's tv program Handy Manny.

Super Bowl XLV Papercraft - SuperBowl Ghouls

Super Bowl XLV Papercraft SuperBowl Ghouls

A couple of new Castleforte papertoy monsters in celebration of Super Bowl XLV - February 6, 2011 (Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers) @ Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX.

Twilight Princess - Cat Papercraft

Twilight Princess Cat Papercraft

The sneaky cat (from Twilight Princess) that follows Link around and then steals his fish (2nd).

2011 Groundhog Calendar Papercraft (February)

2011 Groundhog Calendar Papercraft February

Jean the Groundhog is Ms. February for The Curiosity Group's Calendar of the Month Club (monthly paper toy calendar), illustrations done by Mollie Johanson.

25 January 2011

Nintendo 3DS Papercraft 2 (Black)

Nintendo 3DS Papercraft

1:1 scale Nintendo 3DS papercraft model from the Miniature New blog (Japan).

The Wind Waker - Wizzrobe Papercraft

Wizzrobe Papercraft

Wizzrobes are enemy spellcasters from the Legend of Zelda series, often dressed in drab hooded-robes, this particular version from The Wind Waker sports a brightly colored shaman outfit (with bird mask).

Happy Papertoy Monster Day (+ Book Review)

Papertoy Monsters Book 007

Today is Papertoy Monster Day - the official release day for Brian Castleforte's highly-anticipated Papertoy Monsters book - published by Workman Publishing Company.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Cid Highwind Goggles Papercraft

Cid Highwind Goggles Papercraft

24 January 2011

Disoriented Series: Got Love Paper Toy

Disoriented Series: Got Love Paper Toy

Pokemon Alomomola Papercraft

Pokemon Alomomola Papercraft

Alomomola (aka Mamanbou) is a Water-type and Nursing Pokemon from Generation V, it resembles a regular fish minus the tail fin.

Intergalactic Explorers Paper Toy

Intergalactic Explorers Paper Toy

Three spacefaring paper toy characters - boy, girl, and their robot.

Porg Papercraft (Pieca)

Porg Papercraft

This is Pieca, the main Porg character from Jailing Fortune - a webcomic published by Carpe Chaos.

Little Red Riding Hood Paper Toy

Little Red Riding Hood Paper Toy

Little Red Riding Hood paper toy from French freelance illustrator Rozenn Bothuon.

23 January 2011

Pokemon Croagunk Papercraft

Croagunk (aka Gureggru) is a Poison-type and Toxic Mouth Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Toxicroak, it resembles a blue, bipedal poison dart frog.

Cubee Metroid Papercraft

Cubee Metroid Papercraft

Transformers - Ironhide Papercraft (Film version)

Transformers Ironhide Papercraft

The film version (Transformers) of Ironhide in papercraft form, includes both robot and vehicle mode.

Transformers G1 Logo Papercraft (Autobot & Decepticon)

Transformers G1 Logo Papercraft

After giving us the sleek and metallic new logos for the Autobots and Decepticons (Transformers), Laul has now brought us the much colorful / old school G1 version of these logos.