11 October 2008

Spice and Wolf Papercraft - Holo

Holo (aka Horo) is a character from the Japanese light novel/manga/anime Spice and Wolf, and also appears in the Nintendo DS game of the same name. Holo is a 600 year old pagan wolf-deity (notice the ear and tail) that serves as the godess of harvest for the town she's responsible for.

Spice and Wolf - Holo Papercraft

Anime School Girl Papercraft
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Super Mario Papercaft - Headless Snowman

A minor character in the Super Mario 64 video game, the Headless Snowman can be found on the Cool Cool Mountain stage and stands on a pedestal. I'm not sure if you can see the inset, but that's the Headless Snowman when his body melted.

Super Mario - Headless Snowman Papercraft [supermariofreak]

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Canon Creative Park - Chess Papercraft

Chess is the two-player strategy boardgame and mental sport. The objective of chess is to checkmate the opponent's king - to get it in a position on the board were it cannot avoid being captured. This chess papercraft comes complete with board, chess pieces, box to hold the pieces, and a guide on how to play it. Make sure you print the chess pieces on heavy cardstock because it's hollow in the middle, you don't want it tumbling over when a light breeze passes by.

Chess Papercraft [Canon]

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10 October 2008

Urban Paper Now Available for Pre-Order

Many of you probably know that our friend Matt Hawkins from Custom Paper Toys has a book coming out next year and it's all about the fun of making paper toys. The book is titled Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build - for those interested, it's now available for pre-order at Amazon.com

Product Description:
Hip designers will love this collection of 25 paper toys ready to be cut out and built. This fun project book includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and a section about how to design your own paper toys from scratch. Plus, a bonus CD-ROM features patterns for all 25 toys and even more templates to print out. Complete with interviews from the toy designers, this fun guide gives you everything you need to build and even design your own cutting edge urban paper toys.

Super Mario Papercraft - Bullet Bill

First appeared in the Super Mario Bros. video game, Bullet Bill is an enemy character that shoots out of a cannon if it spots Mario standing in front of it. Bullet Bill is also the smaller cousin of Banzai Bill.

Super Mario - Bullet Bill Papercraft [pixel-kakashi]

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Youmu Konpaku

This is the Youmu Konpaku papercraft, she is a half-human, half-ghost character based on the Touhou Project. If you don't have a clue as to what it is, here's an entry about the Touhou Project that might enlighten you. As you can see from the pic above, Youmu Konpaku is a swordswoman by trade and that sperm looking thing sticking out of her back is the ghost.

Touhou Project - Youmu Konpaku Papercraft

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Sasakia Charonda Butterfly Papercraft

Also known as the Japanese Emperor, this colorful butterfly sports red & white spots, black base color, and deep blue on the middle. They're mostly found in dense forests around Japan feeding on the sap of hardwood trees. Sadly, due to urbanization and habitat encroachment, less of these magnificent butterflies can be seen today. This Sasakia Charonda butterfly papercraft is part of the Rare Papercraft Animals series from Konica Minolta.

Sasakia Charonda Butterfly Papercraft

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09 October 2008

Disaster Diorama Papercraft - Pompeii

From the creative mind of artist Marlya Anyomi, here's another amazing disaster diorama papercraft based on some of history's darkest moments. This one is the scene from Pompeii (Roman town/city) - before it was destroyed and buried in lahar flow from the explosive Mount Vesuvius.

Disaster Diorama - Pompeii Papercraft

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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Mumbo Jumbo 2

Finally, it's here, the full Mumbo Jumbo papercraft - complete with torso and limbs. Add the shaman staff papercraft that have been posted before and it'll all be peachy.

Banjo Kazooie - Mumbo Jumbo Papercraft 2
[frozen fish]

Mumbo Jumbo Shaman Staff Papercraft
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Goe N. Green Paper Toy

Artist Matt Hawkins has a new paper toy for us, it's called Goe N. Green (going green) and it's part of the Stand Up Art iniative - a group of artists, DJs, and event promoters that promotes the use of recycled paper for their flyers and postcards with the addition of a paper toy pattern printed on the back side.

Goe N. Green Paper Toy [StandUpArt]

Lovebird Paper Toy
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R.O.B. Papercraft Robot

R.O.B. which stands for Robotic Operating Buddy (aka Famicom Robot), was a short lived accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System released back in 1985. R.O.B. only had two games under its belt (Stack-Up and Gyromite) and was often included in the top of the worst gaming peripherals list. This R.O.B. papercraft was based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

R.O.B. Papercraft Robot [ddi7i4d]

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08 October 2008

Halloween Papercraft - Pumpkinhead

Ok, so Japan doesn't really celebrate Halloween, but looking at this pumpkinhead papercraft you could tell that they sure no how to make it fun. Niku-Mansei has created this not-so-round pumpkinhead that includes bat wings, devil horns, and a gleeful smile. A misplaced vine (handle) placed in front of the other horn would have been better top-center on its head.

Halloween Papercraft - Pumpkinhead

Halloween Papercraft - Canon Japan
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Mega Man Bust Papercraft

Here it is, Chokipeta's Mega Man Bust papercraft based on the Mega Man Battle Network video game series (aka Rockman EXE). Mega Man Battle Network was released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and was the first RPG title for the Mega Man series.

Mega Man Papercraft Bust [chokipeta]

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07 October 2008

Halloween Papercrafts: Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the most popular decorations during Halloween is the Jack-O-Lantern, they're the basic carved pumpkins showing crazy or scary designs. Other vegetables could be used for carving but pumpkins are by far the most popular. Here is a collection of Jack-O-Lantern papercrafts that come in various shapes and sizes from our usual suspects (Canon, Yamaha, Paper Museum) and some new ones as well. Boo!

Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 1
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 2 Yamaha
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 3 SS42
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 4 Canon Creative Park
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 5 Lexmark
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 6 Templatebank
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 7 Pentel
Halloween Papercrafts - Jack-O-Lantern 8 Paper Museum

Super Mario Papercraft - Banzai Bill

An enemy character in the Super Mario video game series, Banzai Bill is a ginormous and portly version of Bullet Bill but with a mean look to it. Just like Bullet, Banzai Bill also shoots out from a cannon. There's also a cannon papercraft to go with this one so check it out as well. This Banzai Bill papercraft was made by Jan Kapischke.

Super Mario - Banzai Bill Papercraft [Paper 2.0]

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06 October 2008

Park Heroes - Spider-Man Papercraft

Spider-Man is Marvel comics most famous superhero and a worldwide cultural icon. Spider-Man also swung his way on other forms of media such as, live-action and animated tv series, newspaper comic strips, and film. This Spider-Man papercraft is part of the Park Heroes series (South Park x superheroes).

Park Heroes - Spider-Man Papercraft
[paper inside]

Mr. Incredible Papercraft
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USMC M40 Sniper Rifle Papercraft

The M40 is the United Marine Corps standard precision and tactical rifle or most often referred to as 'Sniper' rifle. It's a heavily modified military-type version of the Remington 700. Pictured above is the M40A3. This M40 Sniper Rifle papercraft comes in its basic OD green color, I would have preferred a camouflaged one.

USMC M40 Sniper Rifle Papercraft [paper-replika]

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05 October 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Minish Cap Link

From the twelfth game in the Legend of Zelda video game series, here is the Minish Cap Link papercraft. It might look familiar to some of you, that's because it's a modified version of Chokipeta's famous Four Swords Link papercraft. Nice work on the headgear!

Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap Link Papercraft [icthus7]

Wind Waker Link Papercraft
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Cut Man Papercraft

With the recent release of Mega Man 9, here's a tribute to the good old NES/Famicom days - it's a Robot Master Cut Man papercraft.

Mega Man - Cut Man Papercraft [Klonoa]

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ALIENS Papercraft

Designer Jan Rukr has posted some new paper models on his famed ALIENS papercraft site, and alongside those new ones are updates for some of the previously posted. On the Aliens side you can find the Cheyenne utility dropship papercraft and updates on two of the APCs (Armored Personnel Carrier). Then there's the Bonus Model section, there you can find Judge Dredd papercrafts that includes his badge and Book of Law. And finally, the Starcraft 2 Terran Marine Cannon papercraft (w/ stand) that we posted before has now been given it's own page. Thanks to Eme Third for e-mailing this in. To see the goods, follow the link below and scroll through the middle of the page.

ALIENS Papercraft [humlak.cz]

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Halloween Pop-Up Cards 2008

A batch of Halloween paper craft pop-up cards for this years big spooky night courtesy of Canon's Creative Park. It's got ghosts, black cats, pumpkin heads, witches, vampires, and many more scary monsters to complete it. If you start making them now so you can mail it out in time.

2008 Halloween Pop-Up Cards

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