10 January 2009

Vespa Girl Papercraft

Add some eye candy to that cute Vespa 150 with this Vespa Girl papercraft.

Vespa Girl Papercraft [paper-replika]

Vespa 150 Scooter Papercraft
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Zelda Papercraft - Treasure Chest

Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest PapercraftToday has got to be treasure chest day, we've had the FF version a few posts down and now a Zelda version. Same as the others before, this treasure chest papercraft is a recurring item in the Legend of Zelda video game series. It serves mostly as a container for valuable items / treasures. It's appearance varies from game-to-game, from simple to elaborate, big and small.

Legend of Zelda - Treasure Chest Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Bookend

Super Mario 64 Bookend Papercraft

Bookend is a Super Mario 64/DS enemy character that is depicted as a book with razor-sharp teeth (like any other monster book) and can be found in Big Boo's Haunt course. Jumping on Bookend gets you a Blue Coin (=5 Gold coins).

Super Mario 64 - Bookend Papercraft

Eco Home Papercraft Picture Book
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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Treasure Chest

Final Fantasy IX Treasure Chest PapercraftHere's the little treasure chests that you'll find scattered throughout Gaia (Final Fantasy IX). it's posted in the middle, you would have to scroll down a bit to see it.

Final Fantasy IX - Treasure Chest Papercraft

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09 January 2009

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft

Wing Gundam Zero is based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series, it was designed but never constructed. It is said to be the ancesotr of all the Gundams. This immensely powerful mobile suit was meant for space combat, it transforms into a "Neo Bird Mode" and is armed with twin buster rifles. This Wing Gundam Zero papercraft has white/blank patterns on it, you'll have to print it on colored paper. Just follow the color code that the designer has provided to match the photo above.

SD Wing Gundam Zero Papercraft [toyoppe]

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Golem Robot Papercraft

From the same designer that brought us the Pepakura boy, here's the one-eyed Golem Robot papercraft, we only get half of it, what gives mr. designer?

Golem Robot Papercraft [kskot]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Aerith

Final Fantasy Aerith Papercraft

Aerith (aka Aerith Gainsborough, aka Aeris) is one of the female protagonists in Final Fantasy VII. She was a young girl selling flowers in the Sector 5 slums when she bumped into Cloud, she joined the party to pursuit Sephiroth and go on a journey of self-discovery.

Final Fantasy VII - Aerith Papercraft [kaizo]

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Pepakura Boy Papercraft

Pepakura Boy Papercraft

An unofficial mascot for Pepakura created by Japanese designer kskot. There's going to be two versions of this papercraft, if you follow the link to the designer's site, you'll find the boy but with a different shirt and you can also download a papercraft dog with it. The mediafire link takes you to the one where the boy has the Pepakura logo on his shirt.

Pepakura Boy Papercraft [kskot]

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Metalocalypse Papercraft - Dethphone

Metalocalypse Dethphone Papercraft

This menacing cell phone papercraft (looks like a torture device) is based on the animted tv series Metalocalypse (on Adult Swim), story revolves around the exploits of a death metal band called Dethklok.

Metalocalypse - Dethphone Papercraft

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Milk-Kun Papercraft

Milk-Kun Papercraft Milk Carton

Milk-kun is nother one of those cute characters in Japan that was used to promote milk drinking for younger kids and as a weight loss/stay slim thingy for the women (character had a different shape).

Milk-kun Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Triangle Blocks

Super Mario Triangle Block Papercraft

The Triangular Blocks (aka Triangle Blocks ) are pink triangle-shaped blocks with smiley faces on it that can usually be found placed against the base of walls or pipes. If Mario sprints towards it, it will enable him to run vertically on the wall or pipe. Thanks to reader mattias for pointing the info.

Super Mario - Triangle Block Papercraft[kapsh]

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08 January 2009

G4TV Goes Papercrafting

I noticed the BIG spike in traffic for the past two days now (i never checked what it was until someone told me), turns out, G4TV featured us on their Blog Watch, along with our friends from Papercraft World and Papercrafty as "Best Papercrafing Blogs", sweeeet! Special thanks to G4 and to David Landis for pointing it out.

Best Papercrafting Blogs [G4TV]

Desktop Gremlin Paper Sculptures

Desktop Gremlin Papercraft

This one is for the office folks out there, an easy to do paper craft to take your mind off from that stressful and monotonous job, even for just a bit.

In an increasingly digital world, it’s nice to do something organic for a change. Desktop Gremlins are free construction kits that enable you to print and build ultra-cool paper sculptures. They’re super-easy to make, fun to display and awesome to share. Each Desktop Gremlin design has a different story, unique characteristics and zany reasons to be sitting on your desk.
Look for the "Download Zone" to get the goods.

Desktop Gremlin Paper Sculptures [Landis Productions]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Amarant

Final Fantasy IX Amarant Papercraft

Amarant (aka Amarant Coral, aka The Flaming Amarant) is a powerful character from the Final Fantasy IX video game.He's a melee fighter who uses different types of gloves and brass knuckles. In the game, he'll be the last one to join your party and is also the tallest.

Final Fantasy IX - Amarant Papercraft [chamoo232]

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Zelda Papercraft - Cucco

Legend of Zelda Cucco Papercraft

Cuccos are the docile chicken species in the Legenda of Zelda video game series. You'll see their flocks mostly on the villages and ranches. They vary in color depending on which version of game you're playing, there's yellow, brown, blue, and white.

Legend of Zelda - Cucco Papercraft

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Sky Imp Papercraft

Sky Imp Papercraft

Sky Imp Papercraft [macula]

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Soul Reaver Papercraft - Raziel

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Raziel Papercraft

This Raziel papercraft is based on the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver video game. It was originally released for the PlayStation console a decade ago. It featured Raziel, a vampire who turned into a wraith, after he was killed by the vampire lord Kain. He gets back from the dead to get his revenge.

Soul Reaver - Raziel Papercraft [DocD]

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Mythology Papercraft - Nurikabe

Japanese Mythology  Nurikabe Papercraft

The Nurikabe is a spirit in Japanese folklore. It is depicted as a large wall that stops travellers on the road, usually at night. Trying to go over or around it is imposible, as it will extend itself indefinitely. The key is to knock on its bottom part, doing so will make it disappear.

Japanese Mythology - Nurikabe Papercraft [macula]

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07 January 2009

Ryujinmaru Mecha Papercraft

SD Ryujinmaru Mecha Papercraft

This mecha papercraft is based on the Spirit Hero Wataru (aka Chou Mashin Eiyuden Wataru) anime series that aired in Japan between 1988 and 1999. After having a successful run in Japan, it was imported into Taiwan and Mainland China and the show became one of the most famous Japanese anime shows in China.

Ryujinmaru Mecha Papercraft

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Relax Bear Papercraft - Happy New Year 2009

Relax Bear Papercraft New Year 2009

The Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) papercraft series starts of the New Year with this festive scene, Relax Bear and his friend Korilakkuma (white bear) are each holding a Tai or red sea bream - that is going to be part of the osechi (traditional Japanese New Year food), while Kiiroitori (yellow chick) is having a fun time fanning out.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Happy New Year 2009

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Illuminati Papercraft - Eye of Providence

Illuminati Eye of Providence Papercraft

And speaking of pyramids, here is one of the popularly known Illuminati symbols, the All Seeing Eye (aka Eye of Providence). Illuminati is alleged to be a global secret society comprised of influential people that have political and financial clout, and uses that influence to control world affairs in order to achieve their goal of establishing a New World Order.

Illuminati - Eye of Providence Papercraft

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Pyramid Papercrafts

Pyramid Papercrafts

For the beginners and novices out there that have been playing with the cubic / hako papercrafts to improve their skills, here's a large number of pyramid shaped paper toys by Ciah Ciah called Pyraminds - for a change of pace and to add some variety.

Pyramid Papercrafts [pyraminds]

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Pokemon Battle Papercraft Diorama

Pokemon Battle Papercraft Diorama

A battle scene diorama from the original Pokemon video game that features a Wild Mew, as seen through Nintendo's Game Boy handheld console. It even includes the sides of the screen where it shows the battery light indicator.

Pokemon Battle Papercraft Diorama

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06 January 2009

Indonesian High School Girl Papercraft

Indonesian Highschool Girl Papercraft

Paper Replika's first try at anime-type papercrafts, very nice.

Indonesian High School Girl Papercraft

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Bush Doctor Papercraft

Bush Doctor Papercraft

3 Eyed Bear has a couple of new paper toys to start the New Year, the Bush Doctor and Kit City's Truck. There's actually tons more to check out, most of them customs from other designers. Look for the "Brand New" seal on the pics to easily spot the Bush Doctor and Truck.

Bush Doctor Papercraft

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Neko Box Papecraft

Neko Box Papercraft

Meow! meow! meow!

Neko Box Papercraft [KHP]

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Retro Ray Gun Papercraft

Retro Ray Gun Papercraft

Astrobase Go! has a free boxy and un-realistic Astro Ray Gun papercraft on their site :) I don't really know whats going on with that sight (besides the t-shirts and cds), I think they're an offshoot for the Venture Bros. animated tv series. Hat tip to reader Bill for sending it in. Follow the link below and look at the bottom right corner of the pic.

Retro Ray Gun Papercraft

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05 January 2009

Tron Papecraft - Bit

Disney's Tron Bit Papercraft

Bit is the binary digit character that appears as a white polyhedral shape in Disney's Tron movie. Being binary, it can only communicate by answering "yes" or "no", and the way it communicates is by changing its shape. That's what this Tron papercraft set is all about, Bit's communication forms, the one in the middle is when Bit is neutral (original shape), the left one signals "yes" (it's orange color, but i think it's suppose to be yellow), and the spiky one on the right is for "no".

Tron - Bit Papercraft [tektonten]

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Super Mario - Bowser Papercraft

Super Mario Bowser Papercraft

Bowser (aka King Koopa) is the main antagonist in the Super Mario video game series. He is Mario's archnemesis. He leads the race of sinister turtle-like creatures known as Koopas. Bowser's main goal is to kidnap Princess Peach and rule over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario - Bowser Papercraft

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Duel - Plymouth Valiant Papercraft Car

Duel Plymouth Valiant Papercraft Car

This Plymouth Valiant papercraft is based on Steven Spielberg's first feature film, Duel - a 1971 tv movie. The story, written by Richard Matheson, is about a tanker truck (Peterbilt 281) who terrorizes a motorist (driving a Plymouth Valiant) on a remote highway.

Duel - Plymouth Valiant Papercraft Car [IMF]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Quilava

Pokemon Quilava Papercraft

Quilava is a fire type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Cyndaquil. They have a long slender body with small legs and feet but no tail, they resemble a weasel. Quilava has fireproof fur and special flame vents on their lower back and heads. For those not familiar with the Pokemon series, the red and orange things sticking out of this Quilava papercraft are his flames.

Pokemon - Quilava Papercraft

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Eve Online Papercraft - Caldari Kestrel Starship

Eve Online Caldari Kestrel Spaceship Papercraft

From the sci-fi themed MMO game, Eve Online, here is a spaceship papercraft called the Kestrel. It's one of the six frigate ships from the Caldari faction. Frigates are characterized as being fast, light, and fragile ships. This Caldari Kestrel papercraft was made by pupumonkey. Hat tip to reader cline for sending it in.

Eve Online - Caldari Kestrel Papercraft

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Gundam Papercraft - Chibi Athrun Zala

Gundam SEED Athrun Zala Papercraft

Athrun Zala is a character from the Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny anime series who has piloted many of the popular mobile weapons including the Aegis Gundam, Justice Gundam, Saviour Gundam, ZAKU Warrior, GOUF Ignited, etc.. As you can see, this chibi Athrun Zala papercraft has a Christmas theme to it, he's snugged inside a Christmas stocking / boot. I know we're way past the 25th but the designer just now released it, better late than never, right?

Gundam SEED Destiny - Chibi Athrun Zala Papercraft

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04 January 2009

Evangelion Papercraft - Neko Rei & Asuka

Evangelion - Rei & Asuka Papercraft

Two beauties from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, Rei Ayanami (blue hair and Evangelion Unit 00 pilot) and Asuka Langley Soryu (red suit and Evangelion Unit 02 pilot) are given the neko "cat" style. These two Evangelion papercrafts are from designer alclione.

Evangelion - Neko Rei & Asuka Papercraft

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Papercraft - Dark Magician Girl

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Magician Girl Papercraft

The Dark Magician Girl is a rare card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga/anime series. In her previous life, she was known as Mana. She first appeared in the Battle City Tournament (Episode 62: The Master of Magicians Part III), when Yugi had a duel with Aracana.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Magician Girl Papercraft [alclione]

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Kal-09 Calendar Papercraft

Kal09 Calendar Papercraft

A notable challenger to Cardboy, here is Cubeecraft's 2009 calendar papercraft featuring a super cool blue robot theme. Fight!

Kal-09 Calendar Papercraft

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Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Chibi Roxas

Kingdom Hearts Chibi Roxas Papercraft

From the Kingdom Hearts video game, Roxas is a member of the Organization XIII and is Sora's Nobody. He has the title 'Key of Destiny' and controls the light element. In battle, Roxas dual-wields two Keyblades (Oathkeeper and Oblivion) and can also use the Kingdom Key.

Kingdom Hearts - Chibi Roxas Papercraft [Lyrin-83]

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Slip-Man Papercraft

Slip-Man Papercraft

Here's the Slip-Man papercraft by El Luchador Bony (some pics are probably NSFW).

Slip-Man Papercraft

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Chrono Cross Papercraft - Mojo

Chrono Cross Mojo Papercraft

Mojo (aka Lucky Dan) is creature character from the Chrono Cross video game and is a good-luck charm from the Far East, he is depicted as a human-sized voodoo doll. He equips a glove and uses his huge nail (on his chest). Once he gets his Level 7 technique, his name changes to Mojoy. Boogum!

Chrono Cross - Mojo Papercraft [kaizo]

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