08 March 2008

Star Wars R2-D2 Papercraft

Star Wars fans rejoice, here are some new paper models from SF Paper Craft Gallery. It's the much loved Astromech droid from the Star Wars films and C-3PO's constant companion, R2-D2 (Blue). Besides the R2-D2 papercraft there's also three other paper models for the R2 series. It includes R2-C4 (yellow), R2-M5 (Red), and the R2-A6 (Green). Grab them now at the link below.

R2-D2 Papercraft [SF Paper Craft Gallery]
R2 Series Papercraft

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K-3PO Papercraft

07 March 2008

HRP-2 Humanoid Robot Papercraft

This is the HRP-2 Humanoid Robot Papercraft from the Japanese research facility AIST (National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology. HRP-2 was primarily designed and programmed as a domestic helper robot, but later on turned to entertainment. Check out HRP-2 busting some smooth moves below.

HRP-2 Robot Papercraft [AIST]


Corbis Readymech Camera Papercraft

Is Bill Gates into papercrafts? I'd like to think so. Although I don't have concrete proof, I did find a far off connection. It has to do with Corbis, a digital imaging/stock photography company founded by Bill Gates in 1989 and is located in Mr. Gates' stronghold (Seattle, Washington). Corbis has come up with these wondeful Readymech Camera papercrafts (pin hole) designed exclusively with their images and illustrations. Follow the link below to download the free patterns and instructions.

Corbis Readymech Camera Papercraft

06 March 2008

Team Fortress 2 Papercraft - Update

The last time we had some Team Fortress 2 papercraft here on the site it included the Heavy, Pyro, and the Spy. Fast forward several weeks later and thanks to our friend Guillermo, we now have new additions to the group. This time around, it's the Sniper, Medic, Engineer, and Scout paper models that are available for dowload. I've put the links individually so you can go straight to the pattern.

Team Fortress 2 Papercraft [Bongo Papercraft]
Sniper, Medic, Engineer, Scout

Warhawk Papercraft - Chernovan & Eucadian Jeep 4x4

The official Warhawk web site disappeared for a while, came back with a new look minus the papercrafts. Then a few weeks after that, they put back the paper models, but this time one of the Eucadian Warhawk papercraft was missing, it was the ultra-realistic version. I don't know the reason for that, but what I do know is that the Warhawk Chernovan and Eucadian Jeep Papercraft is now available for you to download. These papercrafts were designed by Nobutaka Mukouyama for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Warhawk Chernovan & Eucadian Jeep Papercraft [Playstation]

Cute Papercraft Toys - Grassland

The Rommy Grassland papercraft model from Kamimodel has just been released, designer Tetsuya Watabe is making it available for free download only until the end of March, so get it quickly.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Grassland [Kamimodel]

05 March 2008

SK8 - Skateboard Papercraft

Sonicscape Jun just released a new line of designer papercrafts through the FX Console site, the SK8 series 1 has arrived. Skateboard fans and graphic designers here's you chance to show your creative side, head on to the link below and grab one of the papercraft patterns to design your very own. Jun has also provided a pattern for a skateboard rack to hold your SK8 papercrafts. Let's roll!

SK8 - Skateboard Papercraft [FX Console/Sonicscape Jun]

Anime Papercraft - Mei and Mako

Two new anime-type papercraft released from the moekami web site. Photos of this two new paper models have been e-mailed to me several times over the past week and I also saw it floating around on the net as well, but we don't have to wait anymore, it's been officially released so grab them quickly. The Mako papercraft is the one which looks like a stewardess and has a luggage and the Mei papercraft is the mecha musume version, well I'm not quite sure if it's considered a mecha musume at all, that's just my guess.

Anime Papercraft - Mei and Mako
Mako Papercraft
Mei Papercraft

Star Wars - Max Rebo Papercraft

We've got a new Star Wars papercaft from Japanese sci-fi designer uhu02, it's the cool blue pachyderm-looking Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi. You might remember Max as a part of a trio of aliens playing music for Jaba the Hutt. The group is aptly named Max Rebo Band and they are comprised of Droopy McCool on woodwind, Sy Snootles on vocals, and Max on keyboard. This Max Rebo papercraft is in PDO format so you'll need to download Pepakura to view this file.

Star Wars - Max Rebo Papercraft [uhu02]
Max Rebo Papercraft [via Pepakura]
Pepakura Viewer [Tamasoft]

04 March 2008

Easter Bunny Papercraft Egg Holder

Yup, the bunny picture says it all. It's Easter season once again, the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the coming of spring. We've had some memorable Easter papercrafts posted before, like the adorable Easter Bunny and Egg from Epson HK and the Jesus papercraft from H.O.M. Today we'll be adding a couple more paper models starting with a new Easter Bunny Papercraft Egg Holder from Canon and a Super Mario papercraft on a bunny suit via our friends at Papercraft World. Have a look.

Easter Bunny Papercraft Egg Holder [Canon Japan]
Super Mario Papercraft Bunny Suit [via Papercraft World]

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Easy Papercraft For Beginners

Here's a bunch of easy papercrafts from a public Picasa web album called Telmanpaper. It has an abundant selection of hako-type paper model characters that represent various categories, including cartoon, film, holidays, etc. For those wanting to take up 3D papercrafting this collection would be a good starting point. Thanks and cheers to reader Jaime for sending this in.

Easy Papercraft For Beginners [Telmanpaper]

03 March 2008

Starcraft 2 Papercraft Gun Stand

After a very long dormancy and conquering an entire Asian country, the grand-daddy of all RTS video games, Starcraft is finally having a much awaited sequel. Blizzard Entertainment has finally made an official announcement with regards to Starcraft 2 (it's in the works), although no release date yet.

And while the rest of us wait in anticipation, super fan and uber papercraft designer Jan Rükr of the Aliens papercraft fame, has created this 1:1 Terran Marine Cannon papercraft and is planning to release it when the Starcraft 2 video game comes out. So, there's no gun yet, just the display stand for it.

Also check out the photos on his web site for some cool papercrafts that he's working on, most of them are still a work in progress but this two below look like their ready for prime time.

Starcraft 2 Papercraft Gun Stand
[Starcraft-2.cz/Jan Rükr]

Aliens Papercraft [Jan Rükr]

Phantom Manor Papercraft

Expert CGI artist and papercraft designer Ray Keim has added another haunted mansion to his ghoulishly fun collection. A tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansions, the latest one is the Phantom Manor papercraft, based on the real life attraction at Disneyland Resort Paris. Bravo sir, pièce de résistance indeed. Now let's crawl down to the links below.

Phantom Manor Papercraft [Haunted Dimensions/Ray Keim]

Portal Papercraft - Security Camera

You can see it all throughout the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and it can see you as well, here's the security camera - Portal papercraft. Detach them all and you get Camera Shy :)

Portal Papercraft - Security Camera [billybob884]

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Toshio Iwai Papercraft Tribute - Tenori-on

We all know her for making those cute video game papercraft tributes and today is no different, she is doing a tribute for Japanese artist Toshio Iwai of the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. Mr. Iwai designed and created an electronic musical instrument called the Tenori-on.

You might ask yourselves, what's the connection to video games? Well for those that don't know, Toshio Iwai developed the interactive music video game Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS. I've never really heard of the Tenori-on before and I don't know how to describe it so I'll just put up a video below so you guys can check it out. The free papercraft download is available after the video.

Tenori-on Papercraft [Tubbypaws]
Tenori-on Site [Yamaha]

02 March 2008

Advance Wars Papercraft

New Advance Wars papercraft are available at Ninjatoes' web site. It includes three new military vehicles, a rocket and missile unit for the Blue Moon country and an Armoured Personnel Carrier for the Yellow Comet side. Thanks to skelekit for the tip. Grab the free papercraft download at the link below.

Advance Wars Papercraft - Update [Ninjatoes]