09 August 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Goron

A new Goron papercraft that would go well with the Darunia paper model that we already have. It's a very nice papercraft, but I would have wished that the designer made the Twilight Princess version instead - its got the cool markings all over its body. Oh well, maybe next time.

Legend of Zelda - Goron Papercraft [Gazamaniac]

Legend of Zelda - Darunia Papercraft
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Futurama Papercraft - Crack Vending Machine

Whitney's favorite, here's the crack vending machine papercraft as seen on Futurama - Season 1 Episode 7: My Three Suns. The label on the front says "Refreshing Crack"

Futurama - Crack Vending Machine Papercraft

Futurama - Suicide Booth Papercraft
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08 August 2008

Freakazoid - Candlejack Papercraft

This Candlejack papercraft is based on a character on the 90's animated tv series Freakazoid! by Warner Bros. Animation. Candlejack is one of the supernatural villains in the series, he abducts anyone who mentions or calls out his name. Candlejack is also referred to as the Boogeyman. Thanks to designer Sascha 'Urashiman' Kunzke for this early Halloween present.

Freakazoid - Candlejack Papercraft [SD-SASCHA]

Monster Papercraft - Kappa
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Mario Bros. - Luigi Papercraft

Luigi is Mario's younger brother and one half of the popular Mario Bros. duo. Luigi is always portrayed as second fiddle or as a supporting character. He tried to do his own thing with Luigi's Mansion but didn't get far or even close to the classic status of Mario's adventures. This Luigi papercraft from DocD will be a nice match to the Mario paper model posted below.

Luigi Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

Mario Papercraft
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2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z Papercraft

This is the 2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z papercraft which is based on an actual car. The 350Z is Nissan's two seater sports car while NISMO is their performance tuning division. Mix the two together and you'll end up with Nissan's most hardcore model in their 350Z lineup. Pictured above is the SuperGT edition.

2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z Papercraft [serene]

Aston Martin DBR9 Papercraft Car
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07 August 2008

Transformers Papercraft - Hot Rod

Hot Rod is an Autobot from the Transformers series that later becomes Rodimus Prime. He transforms into a red sports car with flames painted on its hood and sides. Hot Rod is rumored to make an appearance in the next big-budget Transformers 2 movie. This Hot Rod papercraft was made by Louis "LouDog" Lopez.

Transformers Hot Rod Papercraft [via mediafire]

Transformers Papercraft
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Superhero Papercraft - Mr. Incredible

He's literally the strongest character that Pixar has created and he's also 1/5th of the Incredibles team. Real name Robert "Bob" Parr, he goes by the superhero name Mr. Incredible and has super strength and great durability as his special powers. He fights alongside his wife, Elastigirl, and their three kids - Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack. This Mr. Incredible papercraft is part of the improved SuperPaperMen series from Paperollies.

Mr. Incredible Papercraft

Marvel Comics Superhero Papercrafts
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06 August 2008

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft

Designer Nicole Lozano has created this Banjo Kazooie papercraft based on the 1998 Nintendo 64 platformer video game of the same title. Banjo refers to a bear who is the main character in the game and Kazooie is his bird friend.

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft [Navi's Paperkraft]

Zelda & Mario Items Papercraft
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Zelda Papercraft - Zora Link

Mr. Game & Watch Papercraft

Mr. Game & Watch is the 2-D mascot of the timeless classic, Game & Watch series of handheld electronic games. Most recently, Mr. Game & Watch has made an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. video game series. Staying true to form, this Mr.Game & Watch papercraft is 2-D, and only the trophy stand that comes with it is 3-D.

Mr. Game & Watch Papercraft

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Wall-E Papercraft GO-4 & M-O

Just after we posted their Wall-E papercraft set yesterday, which included EVE & Axiom, (it's still here in our front page), Paper Replika has now added two more. Here is the M-O papercraft (cleaning robot) and the GO-4 papercraft (anti-gravity).

Wall-E Papercraft GO-4 & M-O [paper-replika]

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05 August 2008

Wall-E Papercraft - EVE & Axiom

We've already had three versions of the Wall-E papercraft and this one by far is the only one that comes with accessories. This Wall-E papercraft is from Indonesian 3D model designer Julius Perdana, it has Wall-e holding a Rubik's cube and a cooler hanging on his back. For those that have been requesting other related paper models, there's also an EVE papercraft (Wall-E's girl) and an AXIOM papercraft starliner (giant space cruise ship). Thanks to reader Sebastian B. for sending the tip.

Wall-E Papercraft - EVE & Axiom [Paper-Replika]

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Canon Papercraft - Carousel, Lei, & Frog Chrorus

Three new updates from Canon Creative Park (US), actually it's four but we already posted about the blue whale papercraft from the Japanese version of their site. Today's updates inlcudes a papercraft carousel (automata) and a Frog Chrorus papercraft automata on their Toy section, and a couple of Lei papercrafts featuring a Hibiscus theme and a Plumeria theme. Have fun!

Canon Papercrafts - Carousel, Frog Chorus, & Lei

Canon Japan Papercraft
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NASA Satellite Papercrafts

If you're big into space exploration - the real one and not the Star Trek kind - have a go at NASA's very own papercraft satellites. They've got paper models of their most famous and historic satellites, including Cassini, Galileo, Mars 2001 Odyssey, and many more. These satellite papercrafts are part of NASA's Solar System Exploration section. Thanks to reader Scott K. for sending in the links.

NASA Satellite Papercrafts

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Brasa Gas Station Papercraft

A new Brazilian designer named Carlos Ribeiro sent us his work yesterday, its a gas station papercraft with your everyday typical pumping-the-gas scene, matchbox toys not included :)

Brasa Gas Station Papercraft [via mediafire] [Carlos Ribeiro]

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04 August 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Midna

This Midna papercraft is based on the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess video game, she is an imp-like character who is a resident of the Twilight Realm (Hyrule's alter dimension) and is of the Twili race.

Legend of Zelda - Midna Papercraft [ninjatoes]

Four Swords Link Papercraft
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Touhou Project Papercraft - Yukkuri Reimu

Here's an anime-type papercraft with a weird story. The picture above involves figures known as Touhou heads. There's a Japanese catchphrase above their heads saying "Yukkuri shiteitte ne!" (Do it slowly), the whole thing constitutes a popular meme involving giant, disfigured Touhou heads. Touhou refers to the Touhou Project, a series of manic shooter games from a Japanese game developer called Team Shanghai Alice. Touhou head papercraft is of Reimu Hakurei, she's one of the Touhou characters. I'm still a bit lost with this one, lets just leave it at that :)

Yukkuri Reimu Papercraft [niseke]

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SSBB Solid Snake Box Papercraft

The Snake-in-a-box papercraft as seen on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game.

SSBB Solid Snake Box Papercraft [mastermind777]

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03 August 2008

Smash Bros. Papercraft - Samus Aran

Ok, so the first (Metroid) Samus Aran papercraft we posted was a bit lacking - this one, created by Red Yoshi, will surely make you feel a little better. Those of you with slow connections are going to love the hefty 64MB file, better start downloading.

Super Smash Bros. - Samus Aran Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

MetroidPapercraft - Samus Aran
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Samurai Helmet Papercraft - Kabuto

Two amazingly beautiful Samurai helmet papercrafts from the Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum web site. To get the patterns (there are 4), just follow the link below and click on the blue text - its in the middle of the page so you can't miss it.

Samurai Helmet Papercraft - Kabuto

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Nissan GT-R R35 Papercraft

Nissan's GT-R R35 is a descendant of its iconic Skyline series of supercars that is very well recognized on the road and on the tracks. The GT-R R35 can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 192 mph. Base price is about $80,000 - yah, better stick to the papercraft one. This Nissan GT-R R35 papercraft was designed by Serene.

Nissant GT-R R35 Papercraft Car

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Silver Monkey Papercraft Puzzle

This Silver Monkey papercraft puzzle is an extremely easy puzzle based on the Nickelodeon game show "Legends of the Hidden Temple". It can be found on the most popular room in the show - the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Inside the room they will find the 3 piece silver monkey statue puzzle, the participant has to assemble the three pieces correctly in order to go to the next room.

Silver Monkey Papercraft Puzzle

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Star Trek Papercraft - USS Voyager

The USS Voyager is based on the fourth live-action Star Trek tv series that aired from 1995-2001. USS Voyager is an Intrepid-class Federation starship and is commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway (played by actress Kate Mulgrew). Follow the link below, the patterns are at the bottom of the page.

Star Trek Papercraft - USS Voyager [ninjatoes]

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