14 May 2011

Mad Max Interceptor Paper Toy (Ford XB Falcon)

Mad Max Interceptor Paper Toy Ford XB Falcon

Simpler paper model version of the Interceptor / Ford XB Falcon vehicle used in the Mad Max film.

Fallout 3 Papercraft - Barter, Medicine, & Sneak Bobbleheads

Fallout 3 Barter Medicine Sneak Bobblehead Papercrafts

The Wind Waker - Keese Papercraft

Keese Papercraft

Keese are the bats in the Zelda universe, this papercraft model is based on the Wind Waker version and includes both normal and fire variety.

13 May 2011

Nicki Minaj Papercraft

Nicki Minaj Papercraft

Nicki Minaj paper toy inspired by her Moment 4 Life music video.

Throwback Paper Toy

Throwback Paper Toy
From the Paper DNA Lab.. comes Throwback. Ape like in appearance, with his dragging knuckles, & large shoulders, He relies on Brawn not Brains. -Sinner

12 May 2011

This Monkey Drummer Papercraft Will Make You Smile

Monkey Drummer Papercraft
This paper craft is a moving toy monkey that hits a drum. When you turn the handle, not only does the monkey hit the drum, but it also opens and closes its mouth and changes the expression in its eyes. This fun toy full of tricks can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

10 May 2011

Johnny Cupcakes Papercraft (Mascot)

Johnny Cupcakes Papercraft Mascot

The jolly boy mascot used by Johnny Cupcakes Inc. (apparel company), paper toy created by Damien Charles.

Dissidia - Aerith Gainsborough Papercraft

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Papercraft

Runescape - Primal 2h sword Papercraft

Runescape Primal 2h sword Papercraft

The Primal 2 handed sword from Runescape, it is the 2nd strongest weapon in the game and resembles an oversized scimitar.

Monster Inc Papercraft - Boo

Monster Inc Papercraft - Boo
Boo has vocabulary of about three words, but that doesn't stop this curious human girl from stealing Sulley's heart and overcoming her fear of Randall. -Pixar

Crouching Batman Paper Toy

Crouching Batman Paper Toy

Stoic Batman doing his after-I-swoop-in-I-have-to-crouch thing ^^, paper toy by Mistermanolo.

09 May 2011

The Little Prince Papercraft (Le Petit Prince)

The Little Prince Papercraft Le Petit Prince

The "Little Prince" papercraft from Cubee guest artist frnss, character based on the 1943 novella of the same title by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Shin Musha Gundam Papercraft MKII

Shin Musha Gundam Papercraft MkII

The samurai-armored Shin Musha Gundam from the "Gundam Musou Special", paper model by TomTomUs.

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Fan Papercraft

Super Smash Bros Brawl Fan Papercraft

The lowly Fan (aka Paper Fan) from the Super Smash Bros. series, as a weapon it delivers quick attacks although with little damage.

08 May 2011

Pokemon Whirlipede Papercraft

Pokemon Whirlipede Papercraft

Whirlipede (aka Hoiiga) is a Bug-type and Curlipede Pokemon from Generation V, it's the evolved form of Venipede.

Nyanpire Papercraft

Nyanpire Papercraft

Cube cat paper toys featuring characters from GONZO's upcoming TV anime "Nyanpire" - story about a stray black cat, who was given blood from a vampire.