03 October 2009

Monster Hunter Papercraft - Airou

Monster Hunter Airou Papercraft An awesome Monster Hunter papercraft by our friend Lyrin (3D model by Pongoo), this is Airou, a feline character that appears in the Monster HunterMonster Hunter Portable 2nd G game.

Special thanks to Lyrin for the links and pics ^^.

Monster Hunter - Airou Papercraft

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Transformers Papercraft - Mixmaster

Mixmaster Papercraft If you happen to have a copy of Papertang's Scrapper papercraft and have completed assembling it, send a picpic to them and you'll received this Mixmaster.

Mixmaster Papercraft

Mixmaster is a Decepticon Transformer and a part of the Constructicons.

Transformers - Mixmaster Papercraft [Download]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - President Shinra

President Shinra Papercraft From the Final Fantasy VII seriesseries, President Shinra papercraft by Lunatic - he's the president of the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Final Fantasy VII - President Shinra Papercraft [Download]

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Papercraft Cat - Dotty

Papercraft Cat Nick Schum from KaRaTuSé studio has a free papercraftpapercraft cat that you can download from his site, it coincides with the release of his new ezine called "Reality of Perception ".

Besides the ezine, you can also purchase a "Make your own Paper Cat Kit" and "Paper Cat Accessories" in his store, sales done via Paypal. Check it out.

Papercraft Cat - Dotty [Free Download]
Make Your Own Papercraft Kit [Buy]

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02 October 2009

Supercar x Fireball XL5 Papercraft

Supercar Fireball XL5 Papercraft More Gerry AndersonGerry Anderson-inspired papercrafts, based on his sci-fi children's TV show Supercar and Fireball XL5.

Supercar x Fireball XL5 Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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Final Fantasy - Tiny Bronco Papercraft

Tiny Bronco Papercraft The Tiny Bronco is Cid Highwind's aircraft early on in Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII - Tiny Bronco Papercraft [Download]

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Blokhed Paper Toy - Sly Stallone

Blokhed paper toy featuring Sylvester Stallone in his CobraCobra outfit.

Blokhed - Sly Stallone Paper Toy [Download]

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Hoody Paper Toys - Series 5

Hoody Paper Toys Series 5 The all-seeing Hoodies now available ^^ - DMC's Hoody paper toyspaper toys series 5.

Hoody Paper Toy - Series 5 [Download]

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Cubee Resident Evil Papercraft - Chris Redfield x Zombie

Resident Evil Papercraft - Chris Redfield x Zombie Cubee Chris Redfield and Zombie are added to Capcom Europe's Resident EvilResident Evil papercrafts.

Resident Evil Papercraft - Chris Redfield x Zombie [Download]

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Papercraft Japanesque - Buddha Statue Style Doll "Camellia"

Tsubaki Camellia Papercraft Check it out, our friend Serene has opened a new site and he's selling his original papercraftpapercraft designs.

You all know Serene as the maker/designer of the cool Super GT papercrafts that you see here. If you're a big fan of his work then you're going to love this one, he describes it as a Buddha statue style doll and was named after the Camellia plant (tsubaki in Japanese).

This papercraft was inspired by it by the Buddhist deity known as Aizen Myouou - a Vishnu-esque character that has 3 eyes and 6 arms. It cost ¥1000 and is availalbe thru the DL Market (follow the link below).

UPDATE: I missed the earlier post by Serene, there is a free papercraft model of Camellia, i've added the link. The difference is that the free version doesn't have the extra accessories. Thanks Serene!

Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia [Download / Free version]
Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia / Tsubaki [Buy]

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DAISHIN ADVAN Ferrari F430 Papercraft

The 2009 version of the DAISHIN ADVAN Ferrari F430 driven in the Super GTSuper GT series (aka Japan Grand Touring Car Championship or JGTC).

DAISHIN ADVAN Ferrari F430 Papercraft [Download]

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01 October 2009

Peparobo Ninjya Papercraft

Peparobo Ninja Papercraft Boxy robotrobot ninja from PEPAMAX, representing Craft Robo, Pepakura, FC2 included ^^.

Peparobo Ninjya Papercraft [Download]

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Make City Papercraft Giveaway

Make City Papercraft Giveaway Brooklyn5and10.com is having a giveaway featuring Keisuke Saka's Make City Papercraft PostcardsPostcards, head on over to Paper Forest for more deets, good luck and hope you guys win.

Make City Papercraft Giveaway [Win Stuff]

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Pitch Bot Papercraft

Pitch Bot Papercraft Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toys) creates a newspaper dispenser / robot papercraftpapercraft for Kansas City's leading source of sophisticated information, the Pitch.

Pitch Bot Papercraft [Download]

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The Hitchhiking Ghosts Papercraft & Masks

New Halloween papercrafts from Disney Family, meet Gus, Phineas, and Ezra - collectively known as the The Hitchhiking Ghosts or the unofficial mascots for Disney's Haunted MansionHaunted Mansion ^^.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts papercrafts are flat/box-types so it's pretty easy to build, also, there are masks included for the 3 Ghosts, download all these goodies from the link below.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts Papercraft [Download]
The Hitchhiking Ghosts Masks

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Zelda Papercraft - Like Like

Like Like Papercraft Like Like are tube creatures (enemy) that appear in the Legend of Zelda seriesseries, they have a penchant for eating shields.

Legend of Zelda - Like Like Papercraft [Download]

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Triangle of Life Papercraft

Papercraft depicting the Triangle of Life theory (how to survive a major earthquakeearthquake) by Doug Copp.

Triangle of Life Papercraft [Download]

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30 September 2009

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft - RITAILER

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft Super duper Tin Toy robotrobot papercraft designed by TOKI - the wheels fold ^^.

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft [Download]

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Tutu the Mouse Papercraft - Jikanbou

Tutu Mouse Papercraft A fifth member of Jikanbou's mascots has been added, Tutu (or is it ChuChu?) the MouseMouse is now ready for downloading.

Jikanbou - Tutu the Mouse Papercraft [Download]

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Charlie Kelly x Green Man Papercraft

Charlie Kelly Green Man Papercraft Charlie Kelly is a character that appears in the TV sitcom, It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Green Man is Charlie's enigmatic alter ego.

Charlie Kelly x Green Man Papercraft [Download]

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Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft

Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft This is the 2CV AZU 250, the business / utility version of Citroen'sCitroen 2CV car, it has a widened rear compartment with a maximum payload of 250kg.

Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft [Download]

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Roland TR909 Drum Machine Papercraft

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Papercraft Latest papercraft from Retrotech, the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer - an analog and digital sample-based subtractive drum machinedrum machine from the 1980s.

Special thanks to the lovely Marfisa and Anna for the tip, links, and welcoming greets.

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Papercraft [Download]

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Lil Goon Paper Toy - #1 & #2

Two new Lil Goon paper toyspaper toys are out, illustrator Matthew Laznicka answers the call for artists with his zombie character and TDDK creates a paper toy version of himself ^^.

Lil Goon Paper Toy #1 [Download]
Lil Goon Paper Toy #2

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29 September 2009

Cultural Papercraft - Ondel Ondel

Ondel Ondel Papercraft Ondel-ondel is a type of performance done by Jakarta's (IndonesiaIndonesia) native ethnic Betawi people during certain celebrations.

It uses two dressed-up / oversized hollow dolls (representing one male and one female) with real people inside, they dance and prance around while wearing the doll suit.

Ondel-Ondel Papercraft [Download]

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