14 February 2009

Vocaloid Papercraft - Tako Luka

Another yukkuri-type papercraft, this is Megurine Luka - she is a Vocaloid
character and third virtual singer in its Character Vocal Series.

Luka's 3GB vocal database as "Japanese/English bilingual," and chose her name to express its hope that she will transcend borders and cultural barriers. The name "Megurine" can be read in Japanese as the "sound that travels (the whole wide world)," and the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of "nagare" (flowing) and "ka" (song) or "kaori" (scent). - Anime News Network
This Yukkuri Megurine papercraft includes an alternate face, from happy to extremely happy, your pick.

Vocaloid - Yukkuri Megurine Papercraft

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Carl the Crane Robot Papercraft

Carl the Crane Robot Papercraft
Carl the Crane Robot papercraft is based on a character from NHK Kids World.

Carol the Crane Robot Papercraft [やあ!!]

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Animal Crossing Papercraft - Fishing Girl

Anime Fishing Girl Papercraft
After featuring a lot of other paper modelers works on their site, Pepamax has now released their first papercraft, it's a fishing scene from the Animal Crossing video game. Check it out.

Thanks to the anons that pointed out that it was Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing - Fishing Girl Papercraft

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Captain Marvel

Retro Captain Marvel Papercraft
Captain Marvel (aka Captain Thunder, aka Shazam) is the alter ego of a young boy named William Joseph "Billy" Batson, his powers were magically bestowed by the wizard Shazam. All Billy has to do is to mention Shazam's name and he is transformed into an adult superhero in a red outfit with gold accents.

Some of Captain Marvel's abilities include: super-strength, speed and stamina, physical and magical invulnerability, flight, fearlessness, vast wisdom and enhanced mental perception, control over and emission of magic lightning. Captain Marvel was originally published by Fawcett Comics in 1939 and is currently owned by DC Comics.

Retro Superhero - Captain Marvel Papercraft

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Sony VAIO UX Micro PC Papercraft

Sony VAIO UX Micro PC Papercraft
Sony's VAIO UX series is their line of Micro PCs that deliver full-size computing in a pocket-size package. The VAIO UX is considered to be an Ultra-Mobile Portable Computer or UMPC. It features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 4.5" LCD display, Ultra Low Voltage Intel Core 2 Solo processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc..

Sony VAIO UX Micro PC Papercraft [Bunjie]

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13 February 2009

Pokemon Papercraft - Luvdisc

Pokemnon Luvdisc Papercraft
Luvdisc (aka Lovecus) is a water type Pokemon that doesn't have any form of evolution. They're pink, heart-shaped, sea creatures that prefer temperate and tropical waters.

Pokemon - Luvdisc Papercraft

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Mecha Papercraft - Space Runaway Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon Mecha Papercraft
Space Runaway Ideon (aka Legendary Giant God Ideon, aka The Ideon) is a 39 episode mecha anime series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino (who also created Mobile Suit Gundam) that aired in Japan between 1980-1981. It's about three large armored trucks known as the Ideon, that can transform into a godlike mecha.
Humanity's pursuit of knowledge leads them to the planet Solo, where they find mysterious remains of a long dead alien civilization, including the 3 part super robot 'Ideon', and a powerful warship. Using these, the Earthlings sent to investigate the ruins defend themselves in their constant conflicts against powerful aliens called the Buff Clan, who are in pursuit of 'Id', the mysterious energy that powers the Ideon. - Anime News Network
This Ideon papercraft comes with a lot of extra parts, so make sure to download all the files.

Space Runaway Ideon Papercraft
Space Runaway Ideon Papercraft [Hiro]

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Zelda Papercraft - Queen Gohma

Legend of Zelda Queen Gohma Papercraft
Gohma is a recurring Legend of Zelda boss character that has appeared in the series six times. This Gohma papercraft is based on the Ocarina of Time version, she's known as Queen Gohma and is depicted as an armored arachnid monster with a huge eye.

Legend of Zelda - Queen Gohma Papercraft

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12 February 2009

Anime Papercraft - Natsumi "Sword Girl"

Anime Natsumi Sword Girl Papercraft
Our friends at Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant is back with a new papercraft, same great models and same friendly (recession-busting) prices. They open up 2009 with an anime-type paper model called Natsumi, the sword girl.

Like before, Mabikaze has provided some free papercraft models for you to download so you can check out the quality before you part with that 3 bones. The free models include Sirohood, Silvie, & Sefilis.

Free Papercraft Models
Anime - Natsumi Sword Girl Papercraft

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Hoppy Beer Truck Papercrafts

Hoppy Beer Truck Papercraft
Colorful distribution truck papercrafts plastered with the Hoppy banner, there are 20 different designs to choose from.

Hoppy is a non-alcoholic beverage in Japan that's made to taste like beer, it's marketed by Hoppy Beverage co. Ltd. (formerly Kokuka Beverage Company). Even though they call it a non-alcoholic beverage, it does have alcohol in it, but very very low (less than 1%). I don't know what its like today, but I tried Hoppy years back and it tastes like watered down beer / stale tea, wasn't good at all.

Hoppy Beer Truck Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - 8bit Wooden Sword / Boomerang

Legend of Zelda 8bit Papercrafts
This Wooden Sword and boomerang is based on the original Legend of Zelda video game and recurring items in the Zelda series which are always used as Link's start out weapons.

Legend of Zelda - 8bit Wooden Sword Papercraft
Legend of Zelda - 8bit Boomerang Papercraft

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Mythology Papercraft - Cepot / Bagong

Cepot Papercraft
This is Cepot (aka Bagong), a jester who is part of Javanese folklore and the one that adds humor to the drama of the ancient Hindu stories.
According to Javanese legend, when the God Ismaya was ordered to go down to earth and become Semar, the guardian of the Kesatria, the great royal warrior class in Hinduism, Ismaya complained that he would be lonely and needed a friend. The gods caustically replied that he could have his shadow as a friend. When he reached the earth, Semar's shadow transformed itself into a human form and took the name of Cepot or Bagong. - Windsong2
Mythology - Cepot / Bagong Papercraft [Sal Azad]

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11 February 2009

Sgt. Frog Papercraft - Kururu

Sgt. Frog - Sgt. Major Kururu Papercraft
Sgt. Major Kururu (aka Yellow Devil) is the communications expert and highest ranking member of the Keroro Platoon.

Sgt. Frog - Sgt. Major Kururu Papercraft

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Kamen no Maid Guy Papercraft

Kamen no Maid Guy Papercraft
This anime-type maid papercrafts are from the upcoming Sony PSP game "Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale". It's a Japan-only release and will be out on February 26, 2009. The game is based on a comedy manga / anime series of the same title.
Fumiwara Naeka is a granddaughter of a billionaire and the heir to his fortune. She is pursued by those who desire her inheritance. In order to protect her from them, an agent is dispatched in the form of a male maid, who looks like a masculine samurai wearing a mask and has teeth like a shark's. Wearing a maid uniform, Kogarashi gives his best effort to serve Naeka. His noisy and pushy services make her daily life exciting - Anime News Network
The two maid papercrafts include Fubuki - a beautiful maid to the Fujiwara household, and Arashi - believe it or not, Fubuki's very young looking grandmother and also a "Maid Master". The site has also provided a 3D model of Fubuki (holding a spiked club) in Metasequoia format for those who want to convert it into papercraft.

Kamen no Maid Guy Papercraft
Fubuki 3D Model

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Children's BBC Goes Papercrafting

CBBC Foldeez Papercraft
Children's BBC (aka CBBC) is the brand-name for the Britsh Broadcasting Corporation's children's tv shows aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years old. The CBBC has simple papercrafts (which they call 'foldeez') based on the characters in their programmes, including: Bear Behaving Badly, Blue Peter, and Pedro and Frankensheep.

CBBC Foldeez Papercraft

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10 February 2009

One Piece Papercraft - Tony Tony Chopper

One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Papercraft
Based on the One Piece anime series, Tony Tony Chopper is the resident doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He's a blue-nosed reindeer that ate the Hito Hito Fruit (aka Devil Fruit) - turns you into a human hybrid or a full human. Chopper's favourite foods are Cotton candy and chocolate.

One Piece - Tony Tony Chopper Papercraft

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Indiana Jones Papercraft - Ra Medallion

Indiana Jones Ra Medallion Papercraft
From Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra - a medallion that was designed to reveal the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Indiana Jones - Ra Medallion Papercraft

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Sgt. Frog Papercraft - Corporal Giroro

Sgt. Frog Corporal Giroro Papercraft
Corporal Giroro is the weapons expert and Corporal of the Keroro Platoon, he's a battle-hardened veteran that was left with a scar running through his left eye. He wears a weapon belt in memory of his fallen friends.

Sgt. Frog - Corporal Giroro Papercraft

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Rubee Cubee Papercrafts

Rubee Cubee Papercraft Toys
This is what happens when two popular papercraft toys meet, they play Rubik's Cube! Marshall Alexander teams up with Christopher Beaumont (Cubeecraft) for some Rubik's Cube-themed papercraft fun. Marshall has Rubee and Chris has Cubee.

Rubee Cubee Papercraft [Cubee]

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Zelda Papercraft - Korok "Hollo"

Legend of Zelda Korok Hollo Papercraft
This is Hollo, a character from the Legend of Zelda video game and he belongs to the Korok race. Hollo is the resident potion-maker in Forest Haven, runs his own store called "Hollo's Forest Potion Shop". Link can get a Blue potion (aka Ultimate Potion, aka Cure-all Potion) from Hollo if he brings hims four Boko Baba Seeds.

Legend of Zelda - Korok "Hollo" Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft Automata

Super Mario Papercraft Automata
Papercraft automata featuring a 2D Super Mario doing his classic jump / hitting a 3D coin block. This paper automata makes use of a simple crank mechanism that lets Mario go up and down. Give it a try.

Super Mario Papercraft Automata

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Fallout 3 Papercraft - Speech Bobblehead

Fallout 3 Speech Bobblehead Papercraft
The last time we posted a Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobblehead, it was for the Charisma stat. I said that the bobbleheads increase your (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) stats by one point, what I forgot to mention was that it also increases your Skills by 10 points. Today we've got a bobblehead that increases your Speech skill, the Speech bobblehead. You can find this item inside Paradise Falls, head to Eulogy Jones' (head slaver) pad and you can grab it on a table next to a terminal.

This Speech Bobblehead papercraft is from bluedragon, the photo above (from Killero) is similar but not related. "Let words be your weapon".

Fallout 3 - Speech Bobblehead Papercraft

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09 February 2009

Pokemon Papercraft - Vulpix

Pokemon Vulpix Papercraft
Vulpix is a fire type Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Ninetales. It's a fox-like creature that has six curled tails and has a keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing. When Vulpix evolves into a Ninetales, its red fur turns light yellow and grows three extra tails.

Pokemon - Vulpix Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Tyranitar

Pokemon Tyranitar Papercraft
Tyranitar is a dual type Rock and Dark Pseudo-legendary Pokemon (has a three-stage evolution line) that is the evolved form of a Pupitar. It's a green, Godzilla-like creature with impenetrable armor and insurmountable strength.

Pokemon - Tyranitar Papercraft

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Mythology Papercraft - Barong

Balinese Mythology Barong Papercraft
Barong is part of Balinese mythology, he leads the forces of good and is known as the king of spirits. Barong is often represented by a lion, but could also be a boar, dragon, or a tiger.

Mythology - Barong Papercraft

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Blackberry 8800 Papercraft

BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device made by RIM (Research In Motion) that is marketed as a cross between a mobile phone and an email and Internet-capable PDA. This Blackberry papercraft is from designer Bunjie and was based on the Blackberry 8800 series.
As stylish as it is powerful, the BlackBerry® 8800 smartphone is designed to let you do your best work from wherever you choose. It gives you phone, email, organizer, web browsing and instant messaging. And then it goes a step further, providing GPS for enhanced access to location-based applications and services, including the pre-loaded BlackBerry® Maps application. A media player for your video clips and music. Expandable memory to ensure you’ve got the room you need for your media files. And a high-capacity battery to allow you to make the most of it all. - Blackberry.com

Blackberry 8800 Papercraft

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08 February 2009

Retro Robot Papercrafts

Retro Robot Papercrafts
I remember seeing these robot papercrafts from a Japanese site before, but that one had closed the links already. I'm not sure if its the same folks behind that site, but eborg3 has 40 of these cool retro robots that you can download on their site. Grab them now and grab them quick.

Retro Robot Papercrafts

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Military Papercraft - MQ1 Predator UAV

MQ1 Predator UAV Papercraft
The MQ-1 Predator is a US Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This high-tech aircraft is controlled by a crew miles away from the combat zone and is capable of reconnaissance, combat, and support roles in the battlefield. MQ-1 Predators can be armed with Hellfire missiles that can do precision strikes and can fly non-stop for over 40 hours.

Military - MQ1 Predator UAV Papercraft

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Cyclops Paper Toy

Cyclops Paper Toy
Based on Greek mythology, Cyclops is a race of giants with a single eye in the middle of its forehead. This cartoony Cyclops paper toy was designed by Insane_design.

Cyclops Paper Toy

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Valentine's Day Papercraft - Photo Frame

Photo Frame Papercraft
A cute and simple heart-shaped papercraft photo frame.

Valentine's Day - Papercraft Photo Frame

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