27 February 2010

Flipit Papercraft Combat (Tabletop Game)

Flipit Combat Papercraft Flipit: Paper Combat by James Bowen, a tabletop war game with a similar setting to World War II.

There are 4 factions (Green Stars, Black Xs, Blue Falcons, and Red Hammers) and countless items that include weapons, specialists, mortars, bikes, tanks, and transport - your troops are split into either infantry or heroes.

Hat tip to reader Carroll Witten for sending the link.

Flipit Papercraft Combat (Tabletop Game) [Download]

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MR. HSIEH Paper Toy

MrHSieh Paper Toy An uzi-firing, hammer-hitting papertoy from MR. HSIEH (design comp), it's to promote their first baby product ^^.

MR. HSIEH Paper Toy [Download]

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Fashion Bag Papercraft "Sac Mode"

Fashion Bag Papercraft Related to Agence Eureka's Shopgirl Bag "Sac Midinette", this fashion bagfashion bag was based on the Zazous fad in France during the 1940s.

Zazou refers to clothing style/hipsters of 1940s France, similar to the Zoot suit fad in America. Ooops, Zazou would be on the next post, after Agence Eureka finds it :)

Fashion Bag Papercraft "Sac Mode" [Download]

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Octobert Paper Toy

Octobert Paper Toy 8 times the tentacle fun from Marshall Alexander's latest paper toy, Octobert.

Octobert Paper Toy [Download]

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26 February 2010

Spirit Tracks - Wooden Train Papercraft (Zelda)

Wooden Train Papercraft The Wooden Train from Spirit Tracks, one of the 7 trains that you can acquire by trading in your treasures at Linebeck's Trading PostTrading Post.

If you complete the Wooden Train parts (Wood Engine, Wood Cannon, Wood Passenger Car, Wooden Freight Car) you'll have 6 heart containers for it.

Spirit Tracks - Wooden Train Papercraft [Download]

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B-Boy Paper Toy w/ Boombox

BBoy Paper Toy Ruang Antho's B-boy paper toy getting ready to pull out his best moves.

B-Boy Paper Toy [Download]

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25 February 2010

Zunari Kabuto Papercraft (Samurai Helmet)

Zunari Kabuto Papercraft A zunari-type kabuto papercraft (head-shaped samurai helmet) by the Honda Museum in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

This particular Honda Museum is not related to the big motor company but instead is a specialty museum that houses artifacts from the Honda clan - a very important (historical) Japanese family.

The samurais of those times found their kabutos boring so they added masks, visors, or face guards shaped into the likeness of supernatural beings, such as demons, to intimidate their enemies.

This kabuto papercraft has a beak-shaped face guard to resemble a Kappa.

Zunari Kabuto Papercraft (Samurai Helmet) [Download]

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24 February 2010

Manta Ray Papercraft

Manta Ray Papercraft Manta Rays are the largest of the ray species (flattened fish) and are close relatives of the sharks.

Manta Ray Papercraft [Download]

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2010 Easter Basket Papercraft

2010 Easter Basket Papercraft Two new Easter basket papercrafts designed by Ayako Fujioka, both have floral themes, the difference is that one has an Easter Bunny and Easter Egg design.

2010 Easter Basket Papercraft 1 [Download]
2010 Easter Basket Papercraft 2

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Hazard Team Helmet Papercraft (Star Trek Voyager)

Hazard Team Helmet Papercraft From the Star Trek Voyager video game, that helmet that is part of the Hazard Team's environmental suit.

Star Trek - Hazard Team Helmet Papercraft [Download]

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Cut & Fold Papercraft (Corgi, Siamese Cat, & Giraffe)

Cut Fold Animal Papercrafts A new series of simple papercrafts created by Y. Watanabe for Canon Creative Park. All you need is to cut out the template and fold in half.

Cut & Fold Corgi Papercraft [Download]
Cut & Fold Giraffe Papercraft
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VeggieTales Papercraft (Bob & Larry)

VeggieTales Papercraft Boxy paper models of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

VeggieTales Papercraft [Download]

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PUMA Paperkraft Urban Paper Sneaker (Puma Suede -State- Clyde)

PUMA Paperkraft Sneaker

Thanks to the brilliant design work of our friend Matthijs Kamstra, Paperkraft.net now has its very own Urban Paper Sneaker ^^ It's got our sweet sweet logo all over it.

This PUMA papercraft sneaker is related to Matthijs' previous work, the PUMA First Round High paper toy posted over a month ago.

This time it's based on the PUMA Suede –State- Clyde (aka Puma States, aka the Suede), a very popular and well-known sneaker during the 1990s that had a wide range of colorway.

Follow the link below the download the PUMA Paperkraft Sneaker and a blank template for designing your own.

PUMA Paperkraft Urban Paper Sneaker [Download]

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Caith Sith Doll Papercraft (Final Fantasy X)

Caith Sith Doll Papercraft A new Lulu doll from Final Fantasy X, this Caith Sith has abilities that deals in Status Effects and movement restriction.

Caith Sith Doll Papercraft [Download]

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23 February 2010

Kirin Vegetable Papercraft

Check out Kirin's bountiful vegetable harvest, all sorts of vegetable papercrafts to promote positive /healthy eating.

Not all the vegetable paper models you see on the pic have been released, you'll have to check back for the updates.

Kirin Vegetable Papercraft [Download]

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DataBoi Paper Toy

Databoi Papercraft A Sal Azad Exclusive InOut customize paper toy for 1001 Mascot Competition 2010.

DataBoi Paper Toy [Download]

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Deadly Furry Cute Papercrafts

Deadly Furry Cute Papercrafts Deadly Furry Cute paper toys by English-born graphic designer, Paul West.

There's currently 3 series, Cats, Squirrels & Apes. Both Cats and Squirrels come with blank templates (you have to color them) while the Apes are colored.

Deadly Furry Cute Papercrafts [Download]

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22 February 2010

Conjoined Twins Papercraft

Conjoined Twins Papercraft Scott Charron's Little Paper Life delivers on the unique and unusual once again. Conjoined twins with a single shared body and having two separate heads.

Conjoined Twins Papercraft [Download]

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Buck Rogers - Warhawk Papercraft

Buck Rogers Warhawk Papercraft Buck Rogers' Warhawk spacecraft is available at Paper Aviation, papercraft designed by Pierre Du Plessis (aka Thunderchild).

Buck Rogers - Warhawk Papercraft [Download]

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Golden Age Superheroes in Paper - Blog

The Professor Papercraft designer Chris Spitler (aka The Professor) provides us a great way to keep up with his growing papercraft collection and exclusive access to some of the previous paper models that had a limited run.

Golden Age Superheroes in Paper - Blog [Go]

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Lemi Taxi Paper Toy

Lemi Taxi Paper Toy Shoffi Lazuardi mixes the unmistakable look of a New York City taxicab with Thunderpanda's Lemi paper toy, complete with taxi meter and checkered line.

Lemi Taxi Paper Toy [Download]

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Madagascar Penguin Mafia Papercraft

Madagascar Penguin Papercraft The cool, calculated, and methodical penguins from Madagascar - Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. One of them isn't pictured but Papertoy Adventures covered them all.

Madagascar Penguin Mafia Papercraft [Download]

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Papercraft (Arakune)

Arakune Papercraft Arakune is the masked creature that very closely resembles Miyazaki's No-Face character from Spirited Away.

BlazBlue - Arakune Papercraft [Download]

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Paolo the Whale Paper Toy

Paolo the Whale Paper Toy Here's Paolo the Whale from Craig Russell.

Paolo the Whale Paper Toy [Download]

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Philtoys x Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy

Philtoys Gubi Gubi Paper Toy New Philtoys custom for Project Gubi.

Philtoys x Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy [Download]

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21 February 2010

Pokemon Spinarak Papercraft

Pokemon Spinarak Papercraft Spinarak (aka Itomaru) is a Bug and String Spit Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Ariados, resembles a green spider with an "expressive face" marking on its abdomen.

Pokemon Spinarak Papercraft [Download]

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Plants vs Zombies Papercraft

Plants vs Zombies Papercraft Papercraft battle between garden greens and the undead - featuring creatures from PopCap Games' highest-rated game of 2009, Plants vs. Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies Papercraft [Download]

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Free Mauzilla Arms Paper Toy

Mauzilla Paper Toy Get yours now by requesting it at info@maurusso.com, built it, take a photo in your area, and then send it to Mau for the win!.

Free Mauzilla Arms Paper Toy [Download]

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Noctis Papercraft (Final Fantasy XIII)

Noctis Papercraft The first Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIII papercraft from SD-Sascha (Sascha Kunzke), here is Noctis Lucis Caelum - main protagonist in the game.

Follow the link below and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Final Fantasy XIII - Noctis Papercraft [Download]

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XMen Cyclops Papercraft (Jim Lee Version)

Cyclops Papercraft Same Jim Lee version as yeterday's Jean Grey.

XMen Cyclops Papercraft (Jim Lee Version) [Download]

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Philtoys Dumpy Paper Toy

Philtoys Dumpy Paper Toy An abstract design from Italian designer Filippo Perin (philtoys) for Dikids' Dumpy series.

Philtoys Dumpy Paper Toy [Download]

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