07 February 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Fahrenheit Airship

Final Fantasy X Fahrenheit Airship Papercraft
Based on the Final Fantasy X video game, Fahrenheit (aka Continental Circus) is an airship salvaged from the bottom of the ocean near Baaj Temple. It's piloted by Cid and is later on used to aid in fighting Sin.

Final Fantasy X - Fahrenheit Airship Papercraft [kaizo]

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SD Chi-Ha Tank Papercraft

SD Chi-Ha Tank Papercraft
This new SD tank papercraft from Tonton's Cat Army series is based on the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

SD Chi-Ha Tank Papercraft

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Valentine's Day Papercraft - Love Cats

Love Cats Papercraft
BadCat Design's latest CatCubeTopia series, the Love Cats. Five friendly felines for Valentine's Day: Choc-O-Cat, Cool Cat, Be-Mine Feline, Monsieur Purrrfect, and Cupi Kitten.

Valentine's Day Papercraft - Love Cats

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06 February 2009

Zooguu - Penguin Papercraft

Zooguu Penguin Papercraft
Creative illustrator Brian Gubicza, together with his lovely wife Jen has a new site called Zooguu. It's about handmade plush toys that features animals and other cute critters.

You might remember Brian for his monster papercrafts that we posted last Halloween. This time its a simple penguin paper toy for Zooguu's activity section. Check it out.

Zooguu Penguin Papercraft

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Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft

Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft
Sgt. Frog (aka Keroro Gunso, aka Sergeant Keroro) is a funny manga/anime series about a platoon of alien frog people that are trying to take over Earth, but fail miserably. The platoon is led by Sergeant Keroro, the title character who's an easygoing and manipulative individual that prefers making Gundam model kits and web surfing instead of conquering Earth.

Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft [Gash]

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05 February 2009

Gurren Lagann Papercraft - Giga Drill Breaker

Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Breaker Papercraft
Not just your ordinary drill, the Giga Drill Breaker is the most well-recognized special attack from the crazy mech-fighting anime Gurren Lagann. This Giga Drill Breaker papercraft was designed by Cherry-kun.

Gurren Lagann - Giga Drill Breaker Papercraft

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Anime Papercraft - Antecco "Antec Mascot"

Antecco Papercraft
This cute anime-type papercraft is Antecco, she is the moe character / official mascot for Antec Japan - PC parts manufacturer known for their computer cases, power supplies and PC accessories.

Antecco is the brainchild of one of the Antec employees who drew it for use in internal memos. It got passed around, employees liked it so much that they decided to make it their official mascot.

Antecco is described as a 14 year old girl who is into heavy metal music, likes to surf, and eat sushi. As you can see on the pic, Japan loves their school girl-types, Antecco is using 2 PC fans for hair clips, a PC power supply unit as a spiked flail, and an Antec fan grill for her tiara. That pervy looking thing in the back is anthropomorphosized letter "A". This Antecco papercraft was designed by Cafetera.

Antecco Papercraft Mascot

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Olympus OM System Lens Papercraft

Olympus OM Camera Lens Papercraft
Last year Olympus Japan released the OM-1 Camera papercraft and now they've added a couple of camera lens papercrafts to the mix. First is the Zuiko 40mm F2, a normal-type lens, and the other is a Zuiko 200mm F5 telephoto lens.

Olympus OM System Lens Papercraft

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Halo Papercraft - Hayabusa Helmet

Halo 3 Hayabusa Armor Papercraft
The Hayabusa Armor is a powered battle armor that appears Halo 3. It resembles a Samurai armor and is considered to be the most popular armor variation in the Halo series. You need to unlock a certain number / all of the Skull in the game to get the full armor set.

This Hayabusa Helmet papercraft was designed by Skip from SPC, it is a life-size version, doesn't have any color (yet), and comes in a 19 page PDO file.

Halo 3 - Hayabusa Helmet Papercraft

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04 February 2009

Dollhouse Papercrafts

Dollhouse Papercrafts
With Joss Whedon's new sci-fi tv series (Dollhouse) just a few days away, members (Whedonite & Melissa Loback) of the Dollhouse wiki at Fox created some papercraft dolls of the characters in the show. There's currently six dolls and all of them are hako-type, just to let you know. Follow the link below, scroll down a bit until you see the "Attachments" section to get the goods. Hat tip to reader Amy for sending it in.

Dollhouse Papercrafts

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Star Wars Papercraft - Scout Trooper

Star Wars Scout Trooper Papercraft
Scout Troopers are speciliazed versions of the Imperial Stormtrooper that are trained mainly for reconnaissance and light combat.
Scout troopers wore specially modified lightweight armor with greater flexibility than standard stormtrooper armor, and often used light repulsorlift vehicles, such as the 74-Z speeder bike, in the course of their duties, earning them the nickname "biker scouts".Scout troopers operated in groups of two or four, called lancers and were led by a sergeant.

Due to their light weapon loadouts, Scout troopers rarely engaged in heavy combat and instead focused more on surveying areas, finding enemy positions and on some occasions, infiltrating enemy lines and performing sabotage missions. They were ordered to retreat in the event of possible combat situations and alert regular stormtroopers - Wookieepedia

Star Wars - Imperial Scout Trooper Papercraft

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Rayman Papercraft

Rayman Papercraft
It looks like designer Icthus7 has been mentoring a beginner, check out this Rayman papercraft from his apprentice. Rayman is the limbless lead character and namesake of a video game series from Ubisoft.

Rayman Papercraft [Prife]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Yoshi Egg

Super Mario - Yoshi Egg Papercraft
Yoshi Eggs are from, what else, Yoshis - the dinosaur-like creature from the Super Mario video game series. Yoshi Eggs can be found throughout the Super Mario series and its spin-offs. It's been used in a variety of ways such as a projectile weapon, item container, a pinball, etc.. But one of the basic and common use is to, of course, hatch more Yoshis. These Yoshi Egg papercrafts come in a variety of colors (7), just like in the game.

Super Mario - Yoshi Egg Papercraft

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Cube Animal Papercraft Toys

Cube Animal Papercraft Toys
From Russia with love, four funky cube animal paper toys from designer Mihail Komarov.

Funky Cube Animal Paper Toys

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Zelda Papercraft - Bomber / Zirro

Legend of Zelda Bomber Papercraft
The Bomber is a winged enemy character that appears in The Legend of Zelda video game series (A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening). It's a flying mushroom that tosses bombs and can be found mostly on the Eastern half of Koholint Island. This Bomber papercraft is the one that appears in ALTTP and is named Zirro.

Legend of Zelda - Bomber Papercraft

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03 February 2009

Gerobak Bakso / Meatball Cart Papercraft

Meatball Cart PapercraftThis is your typical mobile food cart from Indonesia's street vendors. I see a lot of these food carts in my local Chinatown, but instead of meatballs, it has fish, cuttlefish, and kekiam balls.
Bakso (meatball) is very common in Indonesia. Almost all people in Indonesia know this traditional food, and even became their favorite food with all the variants recipes. Meatball cart first appeared around early 80's, before that time Bakso sellers usually use yoke.

Meatball Cart Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Korok "Olivio"

Legend of Zelda Korok Olivio Papercraft
Olivio is a resident of Forest Haven and is a part of the Korok race. He is the only Korok to have a 3-syllable name. The leaf his holding is what he uses to travel / glide from island-to-island. Some of you might get the wrong idea as to what that protruding thing is on his lower part, that's an acorn seed in between his short legs, which he is going to plant.

Legend of Zelda - Korok "Olivio"

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Anime Papercraft - Onimiko Demon Priestess

Oni-miko Demon Priestess Papercraft
An anime-type papercraft called Oni-miko. Oni-miko is a description and not her name, it's a young girl who is half-demon (oni) and is also a Shinto priestess (miko) in her traditional garb. It's a bust, so no arms and legs. This shinto priestess papercraft also includes an alternate face/head that look much meaner.

Demon Priestess Papercraft Bust [m-pe.tv]

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Avatar Papercraft

Avatar Papercraft
Based on Nickelodeons Emmy award-winning animated tv series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, here are some Avatar papercrafts from Maven - featuring Aang, Toph, Katara, and Sokka.

Avatar Papercraft

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Sailing Ship Papercraft - Tea Clipper

Kirin Tea Clipper Sailing Ship Papercraft
Kirin Beverage presents this classsic clipper ship papercraft. The clipper is a very fast sailing ship used in the 1800's. It has multiple masts and a square rig. This particular sailing ship papercraft is based on what is known as a Tea Clipper - clipper ships primarily used for the tea trade and passenger service between Europe and Asia. These clipper ships were also present in the Great Tea Race of 1866, an unofficial race between the fastest clipper ships of the Chinese tea trade to bring the season's first crop of tea to London. The winner gets bragging rights for having the fastest ship and a portion of the earnings.

Kirin - Tea Clipper Ship Papercraft

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02 February 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Tingle Tower House

Tingle Tower House Papercraft
Based on the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Tingle Tower is the tallest and only structure on Tingle Island. It's similar to a giant totempole but with a Spinning house on the top. Here you'll find Tingle and his three lookalikes - his brother Knuckle together with David Jr. and his brother Ankle. This Tingle Tower papercraft only includes the top part (house), I've included a video below to jog your memory on this one.

Legend of Zelda - Tingle Tower House Papercraft

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Optimus Prime Papercraft Kicks Ass!

I've never seen anybody try and build this Optimus Prime papercraft before, but reader chris24jc (aka Chris Cauble) took the daunting task of doing so and ended up with a masterpiece. His impressive assembly skill deserves a post.

Optimus Prime Papercraft

McDonald's Pizza Papercraft

McDonald's Pizza Papercraft
I've heard of it before but never actually saw the real thing. McDonald's sold pizza back in the the day, it was only available in some parts of the US and Canada. This McDonald's Pizza papercraft or should I say McPizza papercraft is from Tektonten.

McDonald's has also attempted pizza at various times, with an apple-pie-like McPizza and more conventional McDonald's Pizza. A line of personal sized pizzas were first seen in the late 1970s in test-market stores near interstate highways around Milwaukee and Madison. In British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia (c. 1992-1997). - Wikipedia

McDonald's Pizza Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Goldeen

Pokemon Goldeen Papercraft
Goldeen (aka Tosakinto) is a water type Pokemon that evolves into a Seaking. It's simply a goldfish with a horn on its forehead, big horns for the males, and small horns for the female.

Pokemon - Goldeen Papercraft

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El Tigre Papercraft

Manny Rivera El Tigre Papercraft
El Tigre (aka Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brien Equihua Rivera, aka Manny Rivera) is a lead character based on the animated series from Nickelodeon titled "El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera". The story revolves around a 13 year old boy struggling to avoid the temptations of the dark side while using his powers for good, with a superhero dad (White Pantera) and a grandpa that's a supervillain (Puma Loco), life ain't easy for him.

El Tigre Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Palkia

Pokemon Palkia Papercraft
Palkia is a legendary Pokemon that is both water and dragon type, it's the mascot cover for the Pokemon Pearl video game. Palkia is part of the Legendary Dragon trio (w/ Dialga and Giratina) and represents spatial matter, it has the ability to warp space and create alternate realities. This Palkia papercraft is a simple depiction from our friend Maven,

Pokemon - Palkia Papercraft

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Dr. Mid-Nite

Dr. Mid-Nite Papercraft
Doctor Mid-Nite (aka Doctor Charles McNider) is a DC Comics superhero who is partially blind by day but could perfectly see at night / in darkness. He's considered as the earliest blind superhero, way before Daredevil came to the scene. He fights crime with his sidekick, Hooty (owl), and the use of blackout bombs.

Retro Superhero - Dr. Mid-Nite Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Darkrai

Pokemon Darkrai Papercraft
Darkrai is one of the legendary Pokemons and is a dark/evil type. It resembles a dark wraith, ala Grim Reaper. Darkrai is the embodiment of nightmares, it lures people into an abysmal sleep and gives them the frightfest to make it harder for them to wake up.

Pokemon - Darkrai Papercraft [Maven]

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Make Your Own Photo Kaleidocycle

Paper Kaleidocycle
Foldplay.com has a fun Kaleidocycle maker that you can try out, you can choose from either a hexagonal (6 sides) or octagonal (8 sides) shape. The neat thing about it is that you can put your own photos (up to 4) for a custom look, and if you've never assembled one before, a very detailed photo instruction has been included. Have fun!

Make You Own Photo Kaleidocycle

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Namor

Namor Papercraft
Namor the Sub-Mariner is Professor Plastik's second paper model for this month, I know we've talked about him before so we'll just keep this one short. During the Golden Age, Namor teamed up with the Human Torch and the Allies to fight Hitler and the Axis Powers. Marvel Comics has also considered him as their "first mutant".

Retro Superhero - Namor Papercraft

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01 February 2009

GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam Papercraft

SD Calamity Gundam Papercraft
This is a limited time download so grab it ASAP, available only until February 8.

Calamity Gundam is a prototype long-range artillery mobile suit for the Earth Alliance (Atlantic Federation). It's similar in structure to the Buster Gundam, the only difference being the new Trans-Phase armor and a "Scylla" beam cannon in the chest. Those two massive cannons sticking out of its shoulder is its main weapon, the "Schlag" 125mm beam cannon. It also comes with a handheld "Todesblock" 337mm plasma bazooka on its right hand and a "Kaefer Zwei" 115mm dual ram cannon, mounted on shield connected to its left arm.

Gat-X131 SD Calamity Gundam Papercraft

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Anime Papercraft - Anemoi TipeDOLL-06

Anime Papercraft Anemoi TipeDOLL
This is Anemoi, Moekami's latest addition to his TipeDoll anime series. It's a mecha musume version of a futuristic spaceship.

Anime Papercraft - Anemoi TipeDOLL-06

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Winged Spiny Blue Shell Papercraft

Mario Kart Blue Shell Papercraft
The Winged Spiny Blue Shell is Mario Kart's version of the heat-seeking missile, fire one, and it flies over the course and gives chase to the current racer in first place and then drops like a bomb to hit everything near it with a massive shockwave.

Mario Kart - Winged Spiny Blue Shell Papercraft

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