06 February 2009

Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft

Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft
Sgt. Frog (aka Keroro Gunso, aka Sergeant Keroro) is a funny manga/anime series about a platoon of alien frog people that are trying to take over Earth, but fail miserably. The platoon is led by Sergeant Keroro, the title character who's an easygoing and manipulative individual that prefers making Gundam model kits and web surfing instead of conquering Earth.

Keroro Gunso - Sgt. Frog Papercraft [Gash]

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  1. *squee!* That Keroro is so cute. Quite spot-on, too. That almost dazed look makes me think you just pulled him away from a new kit. The only way it could possibly be more awesome is if it were Kururu (he's my favorite).

    Keep up the amazing work. I love dropping EntreCards, because I know your site will always come up (since I favorited it).

  2. dang I can't open it too bad I can't find the template in .png format

  3. @Sora825

    Why can't you open it?


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