31 January 2009

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Kurt Zisa

Kingdom Hearts Kurt Zisa Papercraft
Ninjatoes' first Kingdom Hearts papercraft, Kurt Zisa is an optional boss character on the US and Euro version of the Kingdom Hearts video game. This enemy character was named after a real life person from Medford, NY who won the Kingdom Hearts: Name-In-Game sweepstake that was held prior to the release of the game.

Kingdom Hearts - Kurt Zisa Papercraft

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X-Men Papercraft - Wolverine

X-Men Wolverine Papercraft
Wolverine (aka James Howlett, aka Logan) is the most popular and famous in Marvel Comics's X-Men series. He's a mutant that has both natural and artificial improvements to his physiology. His most notable abilities include regenerative healing and superhuman senses. The artificial part is the indestructible metal alloy, Adamantium, which was bonded to his skeleton and claws under the Weaon X program. See and learn more about Wolverine's beginnings this May when X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out in theaters.

X-Men: Wolverine Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Ikana's Skeleton Guards

From the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the two skeleton guards/servants to the cursed undead King of Ikana (Igos du Ikana).

Legend of Zelda - Skeleton Guard Papercraft

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Manto-kun Papercraft

Manto-kun Papercraft
Manto-kun is a cute orange critter with a wide smile, antlers, and a temple roof for its hat.

It was created by a citizens group as a replacement for the much maligned Sento-kun, a mascot depicted as a young Buddha with deer antlers, it is the official mascot to mark the 1,300th anniversary of Japan's ancient capital being relocated to Nara. Being the land of all things cute, a majority of the Japanese people has deemed Sento-kun disrespectful of Buddha and most importantly, not cute at all. What do you think?
Manto-kun vs. Sento-kun
Manto-kun Papercraft Mascot

Papercraft Mascot - Kurara & Benri
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Cute Papercraft Toys - Minelion

After a few weeks of worrying and questioning, Kamimodel's ROMMY Sloth paper toy is back! Minelion is the season opener for designer Tetsuya Watabe's very popular papercraft series.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Minelion

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Prince of Persia Papercraft - Lion Sword

Prince of Persia Lion Sword Papercraft
The Lion Sword is a weapon used in the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within video game. It's a mystical sword presented to the Prince by Kaileena (aka Empress of Time) which lets you store energy and use it to unleash a devastating attack.

Prince of Persia - Lion Sword Papercraft

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30 January 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Quina

Final Fantasy IX Quina Papercraft
Quina (aka Quina Quen) is another character from Final Fantasy IX which belongs to the Qu Clan (marsh creatures), a race that lives only to eat. Quina is a genderless character whose favorite food is frogs and is dressed up like a chef. It joins your party with the intention of tasting exotic foods around the world.

Final Fantasxy IX - Quina Papercraft

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Animal Papercrafts - Hitachi Nature Contact

Hitachi Animal Papercraft
Hitachi Japan has put up this animal papercraft section on their Nature Contact site to help kids and adults learn about the animals on the verge of extinction around the world. Nature Contact is Hitachi Group's interactive mixed-reality ride in the Hitachi Expo Pavilion that provides visitors a 3D experience into the world of endangered species. This animal papercraft site is an extension of the Nature Contact ride and serves as their web presence.

Hitachi Animal Papercrafts

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4-in-1 Robot Papercraft

Here's the pattern (blank) for Shin Tanaka's 4-in-1 robot paper toy. A contest for it is being sponsored by Scion and Giant Robot magazine.

To commemorate the completion of the 4-in-1 Robot Paper Toy Project seen in Giant Robot magazine, Scion and Giant Robot are challenging readers to design their own paper figures for a chance to meet the master of paper figures himself and have their paper toy template distributed at the Paper Art Show in April!"

LoL on the "master" part, that's a bit of a stretch. But if you've got mad design/coloring skills, give it a try and good luck.

4-In-1 Robot Papercraft

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Valentine's Day Papercraft - VaL-09

Valentine's Day Robot
Cubeecraft's 2009 Valentine's Day love machine.

Val-09 Paper Toy

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Sundial Papercraft

Sundial Papercraft
The sundial is a simple timekeeping device that consists of a plate with numbers and a pointer (gnomon) that casts a shadow, it indicates the daylight hours by the movement of the cast shadow across the numbers. This horizontal sundial papercraft was designed by Tetsuya Saitou.

Sundial Papercraft

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29 January 2009

Year of the Ox Papercraft 5

Year of the Ox Papercraft 5
That's right, this is the 5th "Year of Ox the Papercraft" that we've posted. This one's from Japanese designer Wada Yasuyuki (injan.net). It's been a while since we had a new freebie from them, so this is very much appreciated. You've got three color options to choose from.

Year of the Ox Papercraft 5

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Fallout 3 Papercraft - Charisma Bobblehead

Fallout 3 Charisma Bobblehead Papercraft
The Vault Boy bobblehead figure is an item from the Fallout 3 video game. It permanently increases one of the 7 (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) statistics by one point. Pictured above is the Charisma Bobblehead, you can find it on the Vault 108 Cloning Lab.

This Charisma Bobblehead papercraft is from bluedragon, the photo above (from Killero) is similar but not related. "Nothing says pizzazz like a winning smile".

Fallout 3 - Charisma Bobblehead Papercraft

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Penguin Paper Toy

Check it out, a simple penguin paper toy from artist/designer Cristiane Fariah of Bonecos Animados (Animated Dolls).

Penguin Paper Toy

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Lunar Globe Papercraft

Moon Map Lunar Globe Papercraft
You can't do a science report about the Moon without this Lunar Globe papercraft, well, you can, but it's not going to be as fun. This papercraft was designed by science buff, Tetsuya Saitou, to help you learn the names and locations of the various craters on the moon. Flip it open (it uses paper hinges) to reveal some interesting facts and comparisons about the Moon and Earth.

Moon Map / Lunar Globe Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - St. Bernard

St. Bernard Dog Papercraft
The St. Bernard is a very large breed of working / rescue dog that originated in Switzerland. Throughout its history, the St. Bernard is often portrayed as wearing a small barrel of brandy around its neck. The breed hit mainstream popularity in the 90's with the movie "Beethoven". This dog papercraft was designed by Katsuyuki Shiga of PinoArt.

St. Bernard Papercraft

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Cookie House Papercraft

Cookie House Papercraft
With his love for kid-friendly, whimsical houses, designer Ohkuma Mitsuo has another hit with this Cookie House papercraft complete with sugar cookie roof and chocolate door. Similar to his other designs, the top portion (the house) can be separated from its base to reveal a surprise - a Robo Mom baking strawberry shortcake, yum!

Cookie House Papercraft

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Seaplane Papercraft - Macchi M.C. 72

Macchi M.C. 72 Seaplane Papercraft
This is the Macchi M.C. 72, an Italian made seaplane racing aircraft built by Macchi Aeronautica in the 1930's.

Macchi M.C. 72 Seaplane Papercraft

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Sagrada Familia Papercraft

Sagrada Familia Papercraft
Sagrada Familia (aka Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia, aka Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family) is a towering mega-church for the Roman Catholic community found in Barcelona, Spain. Although it might look like its complete, construction which started in 1882 is still ongoing to this day. Once completed, there will be a total of 18 towers : 4 bell towers representing the 12 Apostles (four bell towers on each of the three fa├žades-Nativity, Passion, and Glory); the Tower of Jesus Christ (the tallest tower); the Tower of the Virgin Mary (the second tallest); and four other towers, dedicated to the four Evangelists, standing at the four corners of the Tower of Jesus Christ.

This very impressive Sagrada Familia papercraft was designed by T. Ichiyama and comes in at a whopping 53 pages, 29 for the pattern and 24 for the instrctions.

Sagrada Familia Papercraft

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28 January 2009

Gurren Lagann Papercraft - Gunmen 3

Part two of Krauzer's Gurren Lagann papercraft, this Gunmen is called Gne.

Gurren Lagann - Gunmen Papercraft 3

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Zelda Papecraft - Korok "Makar"

Legend of Zelda Korok Makar Papercraft

Makar is another one of the inhabitants of Forest Haven and is a part of the Korok race, he appears in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Makar is a musician who plays the violin and is also a playable character in the game.

Legend of Zelda - Korok "Makar" Papercraft

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Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Space Marine

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Papercraft

The Space Marines (aka Adeptus Astartes) are the elite soldiers in Warhammer 40,000. They have been physically and mentally altered to possess superhuman abilities (strength, toughness, etc..)

Warhammer 40K - Space Marine Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Keaton

Legend of Zelda - Keaton Papercraft

Keatons are the magical, tri-tailed, yellow foxes found in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Their fur is completely yellow/golden, with the edges of its tails and ears being black. You'll only get to see them if you're wearing a Keaton Mask.

Legend of Zelda - Keaton Papercraft

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27 January 2009

Reuno's Little Monster Papercrafts

Petite Monster Papercraft

Nine funky papercraft monsters from artist/designer Renaud Foresti's Reuno web site. The nine monsters are: 1. Ambroise, 2. Viktor, 3. Thedore, 4. Super Monsieur, 5. Herman, 6. Fancy & Fairfax, 7. Bunny, 8. Leon, and 9. Darwin (not pictured). Hat tip to reader Francois for sending it in.

Reuno Monster Papercrafts

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Ace Attorney Papercraft - Dick Gumshoe

Ace Attorney - Dick Gumshoe Papercraft

A new cool recolor of the popular Ace Attorney papercraft series, this is Dick Gumshoe - appears in the game as a police detective for the homicide division. Alos known as Detective Itonoko on the Japanese version of the game.

Ace Attorney - Dick Gumshoe Papercraft

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26 January 2009

Robot Papercraft - Blue

Robot Papercraft Blue

Ok, so the designer didn't want to name his second robot papercraft, simply calling it "Blue". The first one didn't have a name either, but we named it "Golem", so here you go, kskot's newest paper model.

Robot Papercraft - Blue

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Feed Update

It's almost a week since we updated to Feedburner's new domain and everything seems to be back in order, just when we finally broke the 2K mark (we had it for over 2 weeks), then this transition kicks in. Google said we wouldn't lose any subscribers but stats are still down by 1o percent, I'll give it another week and see what happens.

Jan 20, 2009 - A quick update on the Feedburner counter, many have emailed asking about the sudden drop in our Feedburner subscriber count and I thank you for your concerns. Everything is ok, the readers have not left us, it had something to do with Google - read on for the details.

As you may or may not know, Google had acquired Feedburner and is now moving feeds from the old domain (feeds.feedburner.com) to the new one (feeds2.feedburner.com). It's a mandatory (i think) move and requires everybody using a Feedburner account to do so before February 29, 2009. Here is what Google has to say on this matter,

"Your feed has been moved into this new account, and your stats have been loaded up. If you see "0" for the most recent full day, don't panic! It may take up to a week for a feed's full dose of stats to appear in your new account."

"You should not lose any readers of your feed during this transition process. All feeds.feedburner.com URLs will redirect your readers to feeds hosted by Google. Your readers will continue to receive your feeds. However, the reporting and analytics may take up to a week to adjust to internet traffic changes, so the number of subscribers you see in analytics reports may be lower for a short period of time."

So there you go, I hope that clears things up, thanks to all that emailed and keep papercrafting.

Pokemon Papercraft - Dewgong

Pokemon Dewgong Papercraft

Dewgong is a water and ice Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Seel. It looks like a leopard seal minus the spots, with overgrown fangs and a small unihorn.

Pokemon - Dewgong Papercraft

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F/A-18 Hornet Blue Angels Jet Papercraft

F18 Hornet Blue Angels Jet Papercraft

The F/A-18 Hornet is an all-weather, multirole combat aircraft used by the US Navy and Marine Corps. This particular jet papercraft is based on the US Navy’s Blue Angels version, which is used as an aerial demonstration aircraft. Besides the US Navy and Marines, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Spanish Air Force use the F/A-18 Hornet as well.

F/A-18 Hornet Jet Papercraft

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Loran Lichty Papercraft Portrait

Loran Lichty Papercraft Portrait

Take a look at another one of Taras Lesko's impressive papercraft portraits - the funny victim is Loran Lichty, the designer's local church pastor. Head on to the link below to see some photos, and a couple of vids showing the unveiling of the papercraft and the designer doing his best Britney (Womanizer) dance move.

Loran Lichty Papercraft Portrait

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25 January 2009

Valentine's Day Papercraft - Cupid

Valentine's Day Cupid Papercraft

Cupid started in Roman mythology as the god of love and beauty. Today, Cupid is popularly depicted as a winged naked cherub with a bow and arrow, shooting it at folks that need help in the romantic love department. Pop culture has also used Cupid as the icon for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day - Cupid Papercraft [makula]

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