04 October 2008

Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Green Lantern

This is the original Green Lantern that came out in the 1940's. Based on the All-American Comics issue 16, you can see Green Lantern sporting a cape with huge collars. This Green Lantern papercraft comes complete with the magic lantern (holding). Thanks to Professor Plastik for giving us the heads up.

Retro Superhero - Green Lantern Papercraft

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Canon Papercraft - Florence Cathedral

Another great paper model from Canon Creative Park's massive update, this is the Florence Cathedral papercraft. From its name, this historic and magnificent cathedral church can be found in Florence, Italy and is called the 'Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore' in their native Italian. The Florence Cathedral took 170 years to complete. This papercraft was created by S. Umekawa.

Florence Cathedral Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Shaman Staff

Here's a quick one, the Mumbo Jumbo staff papercraft. Mumbo Jumbo seems to be arriving in pieces, we featured his head/mask a few weeks back and now his staff. Hopefully somebody does the body to complete him.

Mumbo Jumbo Shaman Staff Papercraft

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Canon Papercraft - Snowy Owl

Canon Creative Park has done a facelift on their web site and the Snowy Owl papercraft is one of the newest additions. The Snowy Owl is a large species of owl characterized by its pure white feathers (male) that let's them blend with the snow in the Arctic tundra. The papercraft that we have is the female one, they have streaks of black or brown coloring on their feathers. Snowy Owls are also known as Arctic Owl or Great White Owl. This papercraft was made by Ikuo Anazawa.

Snowy Owl Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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PangYa Papercraft - Kooh the Pirate

Pangya is a free, Korean online-multiplayer PC game under the golf simulation category and developed by Ntreev Soft. It's available through most of Asia and the US (known as Albatross18). This Kooh papercraft is based on one of the characters that is a pirate captain searching for her missing father.

PangYa - Kooh Papercraft [firepaper]

Ragnarok Papercraft - Baphomet Jr.
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03 October 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Ganondorf

Add this one to complete the Ganon papercraft (beast form) that we already have. As you can see its Ganon in his human form or should I say Gerudo form. This Ganondorf papercraft is made by Icthus7 and based on Ganon's appearance in Ocarina of Time.

Legend of Zelda - Ganondorf Papercraft

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Mint Tiger

Kamimodel's latest paper toy with a sweet and refreshing theme, Mint Tiger.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Mint Tiger
[Tetsuya Watabe]

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Endangered Species Paper Toys

Doing stuff for a good cause is always great, and one of my favorite things to promote is saving endangered species. If you've been here for a while you've probably seen a lot of that kind of posts. And to continue with that, here are three simple and cute endangered species paper toys featuring a polar bear, a tiger, and a panda holding signs / protesting - made by British computer chimp, Craig Russell.

Endangered Species Paper Toys [Pages from my head]

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Dirty Emo Girl Paper Toy

The emo fad seems to be heating up France because this is the second paper toy we've received within this past week that has the emo-theme to it. French designer loguy has created the Dirty Emo Girl paper toy - a recolor of Villain Wilfried's Coobie series.

Dirty Emo Girl Paper Toy
[Paper Toy'z]

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02 October 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Courier Carrie

This is the Courier Carrie papercraft from Final Fantasy XI. Courier Carrie is of the crab family and is one of the stronger summon creatures. It looks like a blue hermit crab carrying baskets/jugs on its back.

Final Fantasy XI - Courier Carrie Papercraft

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Metal Gear Papercraft - Solid Snake

From Konami / Hideo Kojima's highly acclaimed Metal Gear video game series, here's a Solid Snake papercraft made by Red Yoshi. Solid Snake is the main protagonist in the series and is portrayed as a black ops / spy agent. This particular version is based on the Sold Snake's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Metal Gear - Solid Snake Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Yamaha Papercraft - Tastes of Autumn, A Japanese Tableau

An update on the Yamaha Motors (Japan) papercraft site has been posted. This one is called 'Aki no Mikaku' or 'Tastes of Autumn'. This is a typical Japanese tableau of the wonderful foods associated with the autumn season in Japan. The papercrafts include a Pacific saury (sanma) on top of a grill, chestnuts (kuri), Matsutake mushrooms, persimmons, and roasted sweet potatoes (yaki imo).

Yamaha Motors - Tastes of Autumn Papercraft

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01 October 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Business Scrubs

Business Scrubs are just like any of your regular Deku Scrubs, they've got arms and can speak. True to their name, they sell items at inflated prices. This Business Scrub papercraft was made by Frozen_fish.

Legend of Zelda - Business Scrubs [nintendopapercraft]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Togepi

Togepi is a normal-type Pokemon that resembles a newly hatched egg. The star-like creature has a yellowish color and five spikes on its head/body. Its shell has blue and red markings on it.

Pokemon - Togepi Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft: Cheep-Cheep

Here's another one of the recurring enemies in the Super Mario video game series. The Cheep-Cheep are simple fish characters that was first introduced in the water levels (World 2-2) on Super Mario Bros. This Cheep-Cheep papercraft was madey by Mastermind777.

Super Mario - Cheep-Cheep Papercraft

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Big Burt Bros. Papercraft

The Burt Bros. are enemy characters based on Yoshi's Island DS. They are two identical brothers and the first boss in the game. This Burt Bros. papercraft was made by Icthus7 and this is an introduction to his new site. The site is in Spanish but I'm confident that everybody is acquainted with the online translators by now. Check it out.

Burt Bros. Papercraft [icthus7]

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30 September 2008

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Targitzan

Targitzan is one of the recurring characters in the Banjo-Kazooie video game series and is the boss of the Mayahem Temple stage. Targitzan is a segmented totem pole that fires darts, this papercraft is the top most part.

Banjo Kazooie - Targitzan Papercraft [schlenkster]

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Halloween Papercraft - Mummy, Merman, & Devil

So we started our Halloween papercrafts yesterday, here is another set, this time from illustrator Brian Gubicza's Fold & Spooky series. Featuring three Halloween papercraft characters - Tutankhamoon (mummy), Gill Stein (merman), and Beelzebone (devil). The designer has also provided a blank pattern for those who want to create their own.

Halloween Papercraft - Mummy, Merman, & Devil [goobeetsa]

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Nissan March Papercraft Car

The Nissan March K12 aka Nissan Micra is Nissan Motors very own supermini. The K12 was released/made between 2002-2007. Designer serene has cooked up two versions for this Nissan March papercraft car, one is plain vanilla and the other has a sweet asian theme to it.

Nissan March Papercraft

Nissan Cube Papercraft
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29 September 2008

Halloween Papercraft - Frankenstein & Pumpkinhead

We're now getting close to Halloween 2008 and our friends at Macula.tv have now released two new monster papercrafts featuring Frankenstein and Pumpkinhead. This time around we'll start early so everybody could finish the papercrafts before Halloween arrives.

Halloween - Pumpkinhead & Frankenstein Papercraft [macula]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Boo

Boo is one of the more common enemies in the Super Mario video game series, they're typically shown as round-bodied white ghosts with a gaping mouth and short arms/flippers. This Boo papercraft is based on the Super Mario 64 game.

Super Mario - Boo Papercraft

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Park Heroes - Aquaman Papercraft

Real name Orin aka Arthur Curry, he is considered to be the King of Atlantis and a founding member of the Justice League of America. Here is Paper Inside's latest superhero papercraft, Aquaman. This Aquaman papercraft is part of the Park Heroes series which combines South Park characters and popular superheroes.

Park Heroes - Aquaman Papercraft [paperinside]

Superhero Papercraft - Mr. Incredible
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Perfect Dark Papercraft - Magsec 4

The Magsec 4 is a weapon used in the Perfect Dark fps video game for the Nintendo 64. It's an average bulky pistol that holds a nine round magazine.

Perfect Dark - Magsec 4 Papercraft Gun [billybob884]

Hellboy Papercraft - Samaritan Gun
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Pokemon Papercraft - Meganium

Meganium is a grass-type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Bayleef (at Lv. 32). It resembles a sauropod dinosaur wearing a huge Hibiscus flower around its neck. This Pokemon Meganium papercraft was made by POdragon.

Pokemon - Meganium Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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28 September 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Espeon

Espeon is a pyschic-type Pokemon that is the evolve form of the Eevee. They have a catlike appearance that hold a red gem on their forehead and a split tail. This Pokemon Espeon papercraft was made by Schlenkster.

Pokemon - Espeon Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Soulcalibur Papercraft - Talim

Considered to be the first Filipina (Philippines) character in the fighting games genre, Talim is a part of the Soulcalibur video game series and is it's shortest character to date. Talim wields a pair of tonfa-like weapons called Elbow Blades. To download the goods, follow the link and head to the middle of the page, the pattern is in the blue link.

Soulcalibur - Talim Papercraft [rokunoya]

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