26 October 2007

Transformers Papercraft - Ravage

Just an in-between to our Halloween posts, you might remember this post which included Ironhide, Ratchet, and Soundwave from three weeks ago and now here's an update from PaperInvaders, this is the original Ravage (Transformers/Decepticon) which was Soundwave's cassette tape that transformed into a jaguar in robot mode.

Ravage - [Download Page]

Halloween Papercraft 4

Skeletons? check, vampires? check, zombies? check, hmmmm, everything seems to be in here. You can't go wrong with RavensBlight, Ray O'Bannon's personal ghost town and art gallery. A huge variety of papercrafts to be found on the town's Toy Shop, there are horrifying masks, paper coffins, a mechanical bat (paper automata), dioramas, paper models (battle hearse, splatterbot), and my favorite, the moving sculpture illusion.

After visiting the macabre, you can lighten up a bit with these cute Halloween box models from PaperBoxWorld that would look great on your office desk - they've got the scary skull, pumpkin, and bat paper models.

And finally, we visit Steam Crow Press, by Daniel Davis (monster illustrator/rogue indie publisher). On the Freebie section of the site you'll find some Halloween masks, there's a sorceress, pumpkin boy, lagoon creature, frankenstein, dr. vampiro and many other paper craft stuff. If your a really big fan of monsters and Halloween in particular, you might want to check out Mr. Davis' books "Caught Creatures" and "KlawBerry". Go and visit all these great and wonderful sites and hopefully we'll find some more Halloween papercrafts later on. Boo!

RavensBlight - [Download Page]
PaperBoxWorld - [Download Page]
Steam Crow Press - [Download Page]

24 October 2007

Halloween Papercraft 3

Last year we didn't have any Halloween posts so I'm making up for it by posting as many as I can find all throughout this week, leading to the 31st. I was looking around my local movie theatre and just like last year, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney Digital 3D is being shown in theaters across the country (i think?) just in time for both Halloween and Christmas. I saw the original along time ago and I would say that it was good, it's still the same story but I really dig this newer and better version because the 3D experience adds more than just icing on the cake. In connection with this movie here is a Zero (ghost dog) papercraft from chamoo232.

Also Check out these other great paper models from the Webdude such as, Sam Hain (Spirit of Halloween), Grim (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy), and Frankenstein Jr. (Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles).

Zero Papercraft - [Download Page]
Sam Hain Papercraft - [Download Page]
Grim Papercraft - [Download Page]
Frankenstein Jr. Papercraft - [Download Page]

Paperkraft.net Contest Winner

We started our first ever Paperkraft.net contest last Thursday and many of you signed-up for it, 302 (valid) entries to be exact. On Monday I started printing the list of emails that signed-up, I mentioned the word "valid" because I was surprised to find out that 17 of the entries opted for the anonymous route. I had to take them out of the list because it would be pointless to include them, if I can't see your email then I wouldn't be able to contact you if you win. Moving on, I cut them up a line per email, put them in our magic box and randomly selected a winner. Btw, the prize is a Page.A.Day Origami Calendar by Margaret van Sicklen.

And the winner is Vy Huynh of Washington. I've already contacted her and she has emailed us her mailing details, so Congratulations Vy!

To all that didn't win, better luck next time. But don't fret, our next contest is just a few days away. Keep an eye out for it.

22 October 2007

Halloween Papercraft 2 - Canon Japan

If weather forecasts are giving your area a grim outlook for the 31st, sometimes it's better for families and friends to opt for a Halloween party instead of spending a night of Trick or Treating. For instance, here in my neighborhood we're having a block party, kids get to have their party early on in the evening which includes eating enormous amounts of candy(tummy ache included), party games, costume contest, etc. and us adults have our own party later on, much, much later (this would probably include adult costumes, enormous amounts of alcohol, and grossing ourselves out with the movie hostel). Whether your having a party in your office or at home here are some very nice Halloween masks and Halloween decorations that will surely get your party buzzing . Simply print and your good to go.

Halloween Papercraft 2 - [Download Page]

Halloween Masks (clockwise): Frankenstein, Pumpkinhead, Ghosts, Dracula, and Witch

Halloween Banners


Halloween Card

Halloween Papercraft - Canon Japan

Here's a bunch more of Halloween paper crafts from Canon Japan, this time we've almost got a complete package, it consists of a Halloween Tree, Jack O' Lantern (single), Jack O' Lantern (family), Witch's Hat and Broom, and finally a diorama featuring Halloween Night - complete with a haunted house, flying witch on a broom, full moon, black cat, ghost, skeleton zombie, pumpkinhead, and of course the cemetery/graveyard. This would probably be not enough to satiate your cravings for Halloween crafts and decor, but I'll try to scavenge for some more. Until then, you can feast on these.

Halloween Papercrafts - [Download Page] [Download Page (alt.)]

21 October 2007

Witch Papercraft

Don't forget, today is the last day for signing up on the first ever Paperkraft.net contest - you've got until midnight tonight to sign-up and get entered, then tomorrow I'll be randomly picking a winner. The way it's going to happen is like this, I'll be printing the list of emails from Feedblitz, I'll then cut them up one by one (an email per line), put it on a box and just blind-pick. I got this idea of picking the winner from a previous contest that Kotaku held a few months back.

Ok, onto the post, I'm glad that the cold weather has finally decided to land on my doorstep, because Halloween is a mere nine days and counting down. People of all ages, size, shape, and gender are getting ready to dress up in their scariest or wackiest Halloween costumes, most of them are even dressing up (pet costumes) their furry companions. Whether your sticking with the traditional (ghost, vampire, zombie, etc.) or going with the new ones (Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Cortana etc.) be sure to keep it safe and most of all have fun.

To start of our Halloween papercraft week, here's a Witch paper model from designer Nobutaka Mukouyama for Yamaha Japan (commissioned work). Parents, don't worry about scaring the kiddos with this one, it's a friendly witch (i think) and she even has a smile on her. There's two separate files, one for the pattern and another for the instructions. There's also a Jack-O-Lantern papercraft available that you might want to try. Trick or Treat.

Witch Papercraft - [Download Page] [Photo Page]
previous Halloween posts - [Download Page]