26 October 2007

Halloween Papercraft 4

Skeletons? check, vampires? check, zombies? check, hmmmm, everything seems to be in here. You can't go wrong with RavensBlight, Ray O'Bannon's personal ghost town and art gallery. A huge variety of papercrafts to be found on the town's Toy Shop, there are horrifying masks, paper coffins, a mechanical bat (paper automata), dioramas, paper models (battle hearse, splatterbot), and my favorite, the moving sculpture illusion.

After visiting the macabre, you can lighten up a bit with these cute Halloween box models from PaperBoxWorld that would look great on your office desk - they've got the scary skull, pumpkin, and bat paper models.

And finally, we visit Steam Crow Press, by Daniel Davis (monster illustrator/rogue indie publisher). On the Freebie section of the site you'll find some Halloween masks, there's a sorceress, pumpkin boy, lagoon creature, frankenstein, dr. vampiro and many other paper craft stuff. If your a really big fan of monsters and Halloween in particular, you might want to check out Mr. Davis' books "Caught Creatures" and "KlawBerry". Go and visit all these great and wonderful sites and hopefully we'll find some more Halloween papercrafts later on. Boo!

RavensBlight - [Download Page]
PaperBoxWorld - [Download Page]
Steam Crow Press - [Download Page]


  1. next contest please, we're all waiting

  2. me likes the steam crow, nice find, thanks!!!

  3. agreed, that steamcrow is great, his stylel kinda reminds me of those esurance commercials

  4. Hello Paperkraft, I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions, I started using the Amazon 5 months ago like the one on your blog but it has not make any money for me, do you have any tips or suggestions that can help me.


  5. @adi

    Google is your friend.


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