08 October 2011

Touhou Project Papercraft - Satori Komeiji

Touhou Project Paperccraft Satori Komeiji

Satori is a youkai from the Palace of the Earth Spirits who has the power to read people's hearts and minds.

Internet Box Cat Papercraft

Internet Box Cat Papercraft
this time its internet box cat papercraft fun and it really moves thanks to magic and internet cats. everyone likes cats and everyone likes cats in boxes so now you can have both. -Tubbypaws

Super Mario - Toad Papercraft v2

Toad Papercraft

Toad appears in the various Mario franchise titles, as Leader of The Mushroom Kingdom advisers he serves as a personal attendant to Princess Peach Toadstool.

The Wind Waker - Armos Papercraft

The Wind Waker Armos Papercraft

Blacktron II Future Generation Astronaut Papercraft (Minifig)

Blacktron II Future Generation Astronaut Papercraft

Blacktron Future Generation is a faction from the Lego Space series which was introduced during the early 90's, Blacktron are thieves - always out to steal technology from M:Tron.

SSBB Arwing Papercraft

SSBB Arwing Papercraft

The Arwing spaceship from the Star Fox series appears as either a stage element or trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Half-Life: Skull Papercraft

Half Life Skull Papercraft

Tektonten has started a new series featuring skull papercrafts based on various video games, here's the one from Half-Life (can also be a Halloween tie-in).

Ultraman Andromeda Papercraft - Andro Marus

Ultraman Andromeda Papercraft Andro Marus

Red Eyed Wolf Man Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Red Eyed Wolf Man Paper Toy

Here's Chemical9's Halloween 2011 offering, the Red-Eyed Wolf Man paper toy.

Macula Halloween Paper Toy Set

Macula Halloween Paper Toy Set

Happy Halloween from Macula.tv, here's a Witch, Zombie, and Wolf Man paper toy (using their Base Bolk template) for Halloween 2011.

07 October 2011

Pokemon Colosseum - Miror B Papercraft

Pokemon Colosseum Miror B Papercraft

Miror B is the disco-lovin, afro headed boss character from the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Ludicolo Papercraft

Pokemon Ludicolo Papercraft

Ludicolo (aka Runpapa) is a Grass-type and Carefree Pokemon that is the evolved form of Lombre, its appearance is said to be a mix of pineapple, duck beak, and lilypad ^^.

Casino Top10 Slot Machine Paper Toy (Mascot)

Casino Top10 Slot Machine Paper Toy

Slot Machine paper toy (sort of a mascot) created by Tougui for the French version of online gambling site Casino Top10.

Crooks Gang Paper Toy - Elephant

Crooks Gang Paper Toy Elephant

Elephant is here, the latest member of Tougui's Crooks Gang series of paper toy.

Fantasy RPG - Elementals Papercraft

Fantasy RPG Elementals Papercraft

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Elemental creatures can now be summoned in your RPG / miniature gaming world.

06 October 2011

Super Robot Wars Papercraft - PTX-003C Alteisen

Super Robot Wars Papercraft Alteisen

For the longest time with only had this mini version of Alteisen from Maira, now enjoy a regular scale version of it acquired by the folks at IRP.

Star Wars - Rebel Pilot Papercraft

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Papercraft

Skilled pilots in their iconic orange flight suite, they fly the various starfighters and freighters of the Alliance to Restore the Republic (aka Rebel Alliance)

05 October 2011

Miskatonic Scholar Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Miskatonic Scholar Paper Toy

A bit of Lovecraftian theme going on with this Cthulhu-inspired paper toy.

Pokemon Scraggy Papercraft

Pokemon Scraggy Papercraft

Scraggy (aka Zuruggu) is a Fighting-type and Shedding Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Scrafty, it has a penchant for headbutting its opponents.

Dora the Explorer Papercraft

Dora the Explorer Papercraft

Dora the Explorer is an animated tv series from Nickelodeon that follows Dora Marquez - a doe-eyed 8 year old girl with a bowl haircut who goes on many quests and adventures.

Praying Paper Toys & GameBoy iPhone Dock Papercraft

Praying Paper Toys

Some interesting stuff submitted today, check out the "praying" paper toys and GameBoy micro-like iPhone dock papercraft from Dutch graphic designer and illustrator Wouter van Vugt.

Aviator Paper Toy

Aviator Paper Toy

Aviator paper toy from Goobeetsa (illustrator Brian Gubicza).

04 October 2011

Robocop Paper Toy

Robocop Paper Toy

Robocop paper toy from Cubee guest artist Aftandil.

Ghostly Train Conductor Papercraft (Halloween 2011)

Ghostly Train Conductor Papercraft

Goobeetsa is celebrating this year's Halloween with 13 original paper toy designs, starting with the train conductor.

03 October 2011

Ocarina of Time - Skull Kid Papercraft

Skull Kid Papercraft

Skull Kid (aka Stalkid) refers to the mysterious inhabitant of the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time that is dressed up in a red scarecrow outfit and hat.

Dragonfly Paper Toy

Dragonfly Paper Toy

Simple and easy-to-build dragonfly paper toy from Kizuna Avenue (Japan).

Asakura Clan Kabuto Papercraft

Asakura Clan Kabuto Papercraft

Kabuto (helmet / Japanese armor) paper model from the Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins web site - a family of feudal lords (1428 - 1575) that ruled parts of Japan during the late 16th century.

Toyota Prius V Papercraft & Toyota Vitz

Toyota Prius V Papercraft

Two new updates on the Netz TOYOTA Fukui web site, a paper model of the upcoming 2012 Toyota Prius V (V = versatility) and the 3rd gen Toyota Vitz (aka Toyota Yaris) - papercrafts created by Ryo Tokisato.

Super Mario 64 - Boo Papercraft

Super Mario 64 Boo Papercraft

02 October 2011

Pokemon Shedinja Papercraft

Pokemon Shedinja Papercraft

Shedinja (aka Nukenin) is a bug-type and Shed Pokemon that is an exuvia of a newly evolved Nincada into a Ninjask.

Pokemon Spiritomb Papercraft

Pokemon Spiritomb Papercraft

Spiritomb (aka Mikaruge) is a ghost-type and Forbidden Pokemon that doesn't have any evolutionary form.

Neopets Papercraft - Ghostkerchief

Neopets Papercraft Ghostkerchief

Ghostkerchief is a Spooky Petpet from the Neopet digital pet gaming series.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Magna Top - Prishe Papercraft

Magna Top Prishe Papercraft

Dissidia 012's secret playable character Prishe (FFXI representative), in her 2nd alternate outfit called "Magna Top".