12 April 2008

Mazinger Z Papercraft

We first had a glimpse of it last month, but now the wait is over, Paper Invaders has finally finished their newest model. The Mazinger Z papercraft has now been released and ready for action - based on the manga/anime series of the same name, it features a giant super robot built out of the indestructible metal chogokin and equipped with an arsenal of deadly weaponry. Together with its pilot, Kouji Kabuto, they protect Japan by battling the evil forces of Doctor Hell.

Mazinger Z Papercraft [Paper Invaders]

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Epson Papercraft - Pterosaur

Epson and Asahi has teamed up for the opening of the world's largest pterosaur exhibit being held at the Nagoya Science Museum, it runs from March 20 to June 15 of this year. Epson Japan has commissioned this pterosaur papercraft from designer Kei Goto's Keicraft Studio in celebration of this event. Pterosaurs are often referred to as pterodactyls in popular media.

Epson Papercraft - Pterosaur [Epson Japan]

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11 April 2008

Relax Bear Papercraft Cube

Nothing simpler than this cute Relax Bear papercraft cube, very good pattern for those starting out with papercrafts. Watch out for the corners though as its not your regular square (90 degree) box, its angled a bit.

Relax Bear Papercraft Cube [kuma0rila]

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SD Destiny Gundam Papercraft

Back-to-back Gundam papercraft posts, yesterday was the SD Force Impulse, now we've got the SD Destiny Gundam from designer josey. Similar to yesterday's post, this one is based on the Gundam SEED Destiny series and was also piloted by ZAFT elite pilot Shinn Asuka. The download process is also identical, click on the link below and from there follow another link to the designer's yahoo folder.

SD Destiny Gundam Papercraft [josey]

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10 April 2008

SD Force Impulse Gundam Papercraft

Here is the Force Impulse Gundam papercraft, based on the Gundam SEED Destiny series and piloted by Shinn Asuka. Included is the Gundam's shield and beam rifle. There are two sets of patterns available, one with color and the other without. Head to the download link below and from there click on another link which will take you to the designer's yahoo briefcase (the goods are there).

SD Force Impulse Gundam Papercraft [motarrian222]

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Papercraft Jet - Embraer Phenom 100

Paperinside has added another great papercraft to their collection, the Embraer Phenom 100 is now available for download. The real thing is a four to six seater VLJ (very light jet). This one is the second paper aircraft that they've made bearing the Embraer brand, the first one was the Super Tucano. Check them out.

Papercraft Jet - Embraer Phenom 100

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09 April 2008

Japanese Retro Papercraft

Based on the illustration work of Mitsuo Yamamoto, these cool retro papercrafts depicts Japanese life way back when everything was much simpler. Included on this set is the old bonnet bus papercraft - it's basically a bus with a hood, shop buildings, house layouts, and some appliances and toys used during the 1960's.

Japanese Retro Papercraft [222.co.jp]

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Yamaha Papercraft - Spring Update

After a long period of inactivity, the Yamaha papercraft site has finally updated and put up a very beautiful spring-themed papercraft model. They've now added a new section as well, called "Seasonal Scene of Japan" where the new paper model is located. The papercraft shows a bush warbler (bird) on a Japanese plum blossom (tree), exactly what you would see this time of the year in Japan. Designed by Nobutaka Mokouyama.

Yamaha Papercraft - Spring Update [Yamaha Motor]

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Futurama Papercraft - Brain Slug

One of the lesser known alien characters from the Emmy award-winning animated sitcom, Futurama. The Brain Slug is a parasitic invertebrate that feeds on cognitive energy from their host's brainwaves, they attack by crawling up the host body until they reach the cranium and then attach themseleves to it. Once attached, the Brain Slug has total control over the host. This funky green Brain Slug papercraft model is the work of Mike McDermott.

Futurama Papercraft - Brain Slug [billybob884]

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08 April 2008

Canon Papercrafts - Matryoshka Doll

New update from Canon 3D, includes the Russian Matryoshka Doll papercraft on the toy section - a five layer doll that can be opened in the middle to reveal a smaller dolls inside it, a realistic looking giraffe papercraft on the animal section, and a carp streamer and boat on the origami section. Have lots of fun kids.

Canon 3D Papercraft [Canon]

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Pretty Anime Papercraft - Sefilis

This one is not free but the price is good enough for a post, this pretty looking anime papercraft from the Mabinogi Guild is called Sefilis and she's wearing what looks like a dirndl - those Bavarian peasant outfit worn by the beer servers during Oktoberfest. A lot of people have been requesting for a copy of the archer and the samurai that was previously released by the Mabinogi Guild but it seems that they are not free anymore and the Guild is now selling them. The good thing about it, if you really want their paper models, is that the price is really cheap - $3 per model.

Anime Papercraft - Sefilis [Mabinogi Guild]
Mabinogi Papercraft Store

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07 April 2008

Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft

Popularly known in the west as Star Blazers, this Japanese sci-fi anime series has spawned two paper models courtesy of Bandaivisual Japan - they are the Cosmo Zero and Black Tiger papercrafts. These two models originally came with the Space Battleship Yamato papercraft kit back in 2001, but since this book is a rarity now, I guess they decided to give the two small space crafts for free.

Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft [Bandaivisual]

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Halahettadon

A cute little cyan-colored monster just popped up on the Kamimodel site, the Halahettadon resembles a rhino/dino and is the second paper toy on the ROMMY series to have a tail. Free download is available until mid-May, so grab it now before it disappears.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Halahettadon

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Cubic Super Mario Papercraft

Here are the new paper toys on the Cubeecraft site, we've got three characters from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. video game including Mario, a block, and a Goomba. Get it now.

Cubic Super Mario Papercraft [cubeecraft]

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06 April 2008

Super NES Papercraft

We've had the Super Famicom posted before (released in Japan and Southeast Asia) and now we have this Super NES papercraft sent in by designer Ryo007. The Super NES is the successor to the very popular Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and is pretty much the same as the Super Famicom console internally, the only difference being its external look and regional locking.

And since were on Nintendo territory, the designer wants to point out that he also created a Zelda papercraft featuring the Triforce - three small triangles forming one big triangle.

Super NES Papercraft [ryo007]
Zelda Papercraft - Triforce

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