09 April 2008

Futurama Papercraft - Brain Slug

One of the lesser known alien characters from the Emmy award-winning animated sitcom, Futurama. The Brain Slug is a parasitic invertebrate that feeds on cognitive energy from their host's brainwaves, they attack by crawling up the host body until they reach the cranium and then attach themseleves to it. Once attached, the Brain Slug has total control over the host. This funky green Brain Slug papercraft model is the work of Mike McDermott.

Futurama Papercraft - Brain Slug [billybob884]

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  1. Very neat -- would make an extremely cheap and easy Halloween costume, hehe.

  2. Definitely a good idea for a small office party and for those on a tight budget

  3. why is the image flipped horizontally?

  4. Don't know about that, this one was sent in that way.


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