12 October 2007

Jynx Papercraft

Today we've got part two of three from the Jupiter Corp. Pokemon paper model set, in case you missed the first one (Slowpoke), go check it out here. This time we've got a Jynx (ルージュラ) papercraft model - #124 on the Pokedex. It's humanoid-type Pokemon that has ice/psychic abilities and evolved from a Smoochum. At first glance, It looks like Bert Williams on drag one of those blackface characters or from one of those Sambo cartoons from the early 1900's, but it's not. Have fun and go get 'em.

Jynx - [Download] [Photo Page]
more Pokemon Papercrafts - [Download]

11 October 2007

Pixtoyz Papercaft

A new site called Pixtoyz by Roubinet Florent has just made their debut and their doing it with the release of their pixelated-line of papercraft toys. For now you'll have the option of making four of them, namely, Skateboy, El Pixelo, Pitboy, and Pix Babe. These are all great, easy to build and full of pure pixel fun. So head on to over to Pixtoyz and check out what they've got.

Pixtoyz - [Download Page] [Site]

09 October 2007

Slowpoke Papercraft

I've received a lot of praises for the previous Pokemon posts, but even more was the request for it. So, I guess I'll post the rest of what I have in the following days to come. But today, we have Slowpoke (ヤドン Yadon), number 79 on the Pokedex (ポケモン図鑑 Pokemon Zukan), it got it's name from the same word which is used to call a person who is extremely lazy or being a plodder/trudger. Or you could also look at it as a combination of the words slow and Pokemon. There's really nothing much to say about it's abilities, as it's name says it all. It is however, describe as a water type/base Pokemon that excels at fishing with the use of it's tail.

Sadly, this is not a Chokipeta papercraft, but a good one nonetheless. It was released by the Jupiter Corporation (Japan) from their Magic Craft series of papercrafts which includes Pokemon (sets of 3), Hamtaro, Kirby, and many more.

Slowpoke - [Download] [Photo Page]
Jupiter Corp. - [Site]