31 December 2009

Happy New Year - Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year 2010 Paperkraft
Stay safe and don't forget to join our 2010 New Year Giveaway, you've got three more days, good luck.

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Final Fantasy XII Moogle Papercraft - Horne, Hurdy, Montblanc, & Sorbet (Moogle Family)

Moogle Family Papercraft Happy New Year from Fezco, he finally completes his Final FantasyFinal Fantasy XII Moogle Family papercraft set with the addition of Horne, Hurdy, Montblanc, & Sorbet.

Moogle Family Papercraft [Download]

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SD King Tiger Tank Papercraft

SD King Tiger Tank Papercraft Tonton joins in on the year-end action with the addition of this SD King Tiger Tank papercraft to his Cat Army collectioncollection.

SD King Tiger Tank Papercraft [Download]

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Tron Lightcyclist Bust Papercraft

Tron Lightcyclist Bust Papercraft I knew he had something big in the works ^^, we didn't see it in xmas but we get to see it now, year-end papercraft for Tektonten featuring a Lightcyclist Bust from the TronTron 2.0 game.

Tron Lightcyclist Bust Papercraft [Download]

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30 December 2009

Time Manager Paper Toy (2010 Calendar)

And a Happy New Year from 3EyedBear, here's a sharply-dressed Time Manager paper toy with a 20102010 calendar for a face ^^

Time Manager Paper Toy (2010 Calendar) [Download]

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Airbus Beluga Papercraft (Super Transporter)

Airbus Beluga Papercraft Bobs Card Model site has released a new model, an Airbus Beluga (aka Airbus A300-600ST) papercraft - named after a species of toothed whale known for its rounded forehead.

Bob has also decided to make his entire collection of paper aircraft models free, so if you like them and would like to show your support, hit up the Paypal.

Airbus Beluga Papercraft [Download]

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Lara Croft Wetsuit Papercraft (Tomb Raider Underworld)

Lara Croft Wet Suit Papercraft Ninjatoes brings you a sexy Lara Croft sporting the wetsuit from Tomb Raider UnderworldUnderworld, comes with a backpack/air tank and spear gun.

Lara Croft Wetsuit Papercraft [Download]

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29 December 2009

Ukuleliens Paper Toy

Ukuleliens Paper Toy Meet the Ukeleliens, Matt Hawkins latest double-sided paper toypaper toy to promote the Rock Paper Scissors: Paper Art Toy Exhibit at the Rivet Art Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Ukuleliens Paper Toy [Download]

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Burger King - Subservient Chicken Papercraft (Mask)

Burger King Subservient Chicken Papercraft Promoting their BK Tendercrisp, Burger King creates this funny Flash-based page were you can type in commands for their "Subservient Chicken" to follow, and also includes the Chicken mask.

Hat tip to reader Adrian C. for providing the link and pic.

Burger King - Subservient Chicken Mask Papercraft [Download]

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Chipper Papercraft

Chipper Paper Toy And a Happy New Year from Dr. Shazam / Papertoy Bonanza, their new paper toy called "Chipper" will be available at the beginning of 20102010.

Chipper Papercraft [Download]

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28 December 2009

The Three Musketeers - Porthos Papercraft

Porthos Papercraft Porthos papercraft based on Legendo Entertainments' WiiWareWiiWare video game, The Three Musketeers: One For All", designed by Bryan Green (Paper Foldables).

The Three Musketeers - Porthos Papercraft [Download]

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2010 New Year Giveaway 122809

2010 New Year Giveaway 04
Why wait for Tuesday ^^, come in and join Paperkraft.net's 2010 New Year Giveaway.

UPDATE: By the end of this contest, the papercraft designer with the most count gets a prize (secret) as well, so if the designers are reading this, gather your troops/followers and tell them to vote for ya ^^

For those that didn't win last time, you now have another chance of getting some cool stuff from your favorite papercraft blog ^^.

This contest starts today and will end in January 3, 2010 11:59 PM CST (this coming Sunday). A winner will be selected using Random.org's List Randomizer and posted the following day for everybody to see. Previous winners are not allowed to join this and other Paperkraft.net contests until after a month from the day they won.

This time we've got some Sony PS3PS3 schwag featuring Spike Video Game Awards' 2009 Game of the Year winner, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The set includes an official Uncharted 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirt L size, tote bag, lanyard, and an official Playstation Cap.

2010 New Year Giveaway 01

2010 New Year Giveaway 02

2010 New Year Giveaway 03

2010 New Year Giveaway 05
PlayStation Cap

But before we start, let me address a couple of concerns/questions that were thrown out in the previous contest.

1. Email concerns - I'm sure everyone is aware that spammers operate bots that crawl around the web looking for email addresses, that's why I specifically asked you to follow the format youremail AT gmail.com, so that it wouldn't be easy for the bots to spot or pick them up - it's not guaranteed to protect your email but it can be a deterance. If you have not done it, i encourage you to sign-up for a new email address for joining online contests and such, keeping a separate and private email for close friends and family.

2. Will you ship in my country? you can check the answer to that at usps.com or http://pe.usps.com/text/Imm/immctry.htm - if your country is listed here, then you're good.

3. Shipping and Tax - I will pay for shipping and tax (in my country, if any), if your country/customs decides to tax it (i doubt it though), that is on you.

Now for the simple rules, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, making sure to follow these two things ^^

1. On the first line, tell me who your favorite papercraft/paper toy/paper model designer is, follow this format:

My favorite papercraft designer is _________

2. Leave your email on the second line/paragraph and strictly follow this format:

youremailname XX yourdomain.com

Please take note that the "@" symbol should be "XX" and that there is a space before and after it. If your email is ihatespam@gmail.com then you would enter ihatespam XX gmail.com


My favorite papercraft designer is ABC
youremailname XX yourdomain.com

My favorite paper toy designer is DEF
youremailname XX yourdomain.com

My favorite paper model designer is GHI
youremailname XX yourdomain.com

I hope that is clear enough for everybody to understand, if you have questions, just email me or leave it in the comments section. Good luck and Happy New Year.

Christmas Giveaway 122509 - Winners

Mario and Yoshi T-Shirt
Selection has been done, have a look inside..

And the lucky winners (yup there are 2 tshirts ^^) of our Christmas Giveaway 122509 are RXSIU [charx.siu AT gmail.com] and Skelekitty [Skelekitty72 AT gmail.com], Congratulations!

Winners, please get in touch with me via email, include your name and address so I can ship the shirts asap.

Selection was done by Random.org's List Randomizer, snapshot is included below. You might also notice that out of the 90 entries only 60 are listed, that's because some of you didn't follow the required email format - "@" sign should be converted to "AT", space after the USERNAME, and space before the DOMAIN.


And to those that didn't win, thanks for participating, don't fret - you can try again on Tuesday ^^.

27 December 2009

Pokemon Torchic Papercraft

Torchic is a Fire and Chick Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Combusken, they resemble a small bird with an orange body and yellow feathers.

Pokemon Torchic Papercraft [Download]

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Hoophy Paper Toy 10, 11, & 12

Hoophy Paper Toy We pick up right where we left off, 3 months worth of updates on Shin Tanaka's Hoophy paper toys. Artists include Jon Burgerman, Travis Lampe, and Jon Knox.

Hoophy Paper Toy 10, 11, & 12 [Download]

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Lumia Waber Papercraft (Phantasy Star Portable 2)

Lumia Waber Papercraft Phantasy Star Portable 2 Lumia Waber is one of the new characters that appear in Phantasy StarPhantasy Star Portable 2, she's Ethan's (hero) 17 year old sister and is part of the Guardians.

Phantasy Star Portable - Lumia Waber Papercraft [Download]

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Mad Max V8 Interceptor Papercraft (Pursuit Special)

The black V8 Interceptor (Pursuit Special, aka Last of the V8 Interceptors) made popular in the Mad Max films starring Mel GibsonMel Gibson.

The real version of the car used in the film was a modified 1973 Ford XB Falcon Hardtop.

Mad Max V8 Interceptor Papercraft (Pursuit Special) [Download]

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KASKUS Emoticon Papercrafts - Part 2

Sal Azad and Ruang Antho extend their KASKUS Emoticon seriesseries with the addition of 11 new characters.

KASKUS Emoticon Papercrafts - Part 2 [Download]

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26 December 2009

Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse Papercraft (Car)

Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse Papercraft The Fiat 500 Abarth with the esseesse kit (the one in the wooden case) - is a car kit that gives the Abarth a boost both in and out ^^.

Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse Papercraft [Download]

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Final Fantasy XI Dream Hat Papercraft

A follow-up on Kaizo's Christmas special, the Dream Hat from Final Fantasy XI (which looks exactly like Santa's hat.

Final Fantasy XI Dream Hat Papercraft [Download]

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Yamaha VMAX Papercraft Bike (Ultra-Realistic)

Yamaha VMAX Papercraft Bike Yamaha Motors Japan has added their ultimate muscle bike, the VMAX, into their ultra-realistic papercraft section.

This Vmax papercraft papercraft bike is broken down into 5 sections (Engine, Frame, Steering, Exhaust Pipes, and Tires) with a combined page count of 47 for the parts and 56 pages for instructions.

Yamaha VMAX Papercraft Bike [Download]

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Bonboya-zyu Papercraft (Chibi Cat)

Japanese convenience store franchise, Daily Yamazaki, has put up a Bonboya-zyu chibi cat papercraft designed by Keicraft for their Chibi Gallery Campaign. Download it asap, it will only be available until Jan. 17, 2010.

Bonboya-zyu Papercraft (Chibi Cat) [Download]

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Doctor Who Papercraft Prop Set & Backgrounds

Papercraft set props and backgounds inspired by the Doctor Who TV series and created by AFT Downloads for their Action Figure Theatre.

Doctor Who Papercraft Prop Set & Backgrounds [Download]

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25 December 2009

POTC Jack Sparrow Papercraft

Captain Jack Sparrow Papercraft And here's the Christmas present from Kaizo, Captain ^^ Jack Sparrow - popularly portrayed by Johnny Depp in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean seriesPOTC.

POTC Jack Sparrow Papercraft [Download]

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Christmas Giveaway 122509

Mario and Yoshi T-Shirt
Official NintendoNintendo T-Shirt featuring Mario and Yoshi, L size.

Just leave a comment on this post together with your email, use the following format:

youremail AT gmail.com

Entry ends on Sunday December 27, 2009 11:59 PM CST, open to everybody - as long as the USPS ships on your country, then you're good ^^.

2010 Year of the Tiger Papercraft x2

Tiger Papercraft 01
Two more Year of the Tiger papercrafts (20102010) get added to our list, one is a bobblehead-type from Canon Creative Park (Japan) and the other is a regular one from Paper Museum.

Tiger Papercraft 03
Bobblehead tiger on the left, regular tiger right beside it.

Tiger Papercraft 02
Bobblehead tiger designed by PinoArt

As always, check out our Flickr account for the hi-res version of the photos.

2010 Year of the Tiger Papercraft Bobblehead [Download]
2010 Year of the Tiger Papercraft - Regular

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