28 August 2010

Madmo Mummy Paper Toy (Halloween 2010)

Madmo Mummy Paper Toy

Zerolabor has just wrapped up this Mummy paper toy and ready for downloading, I believe this is the first Halloween related paper toy for 2010.

Madmo Mummy Paper Toy (Halloween 2010)

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The Wind Waker - Seagull Papercraft

Wind Waker Seagull Papercraft

These are the Seagulls that roam the vast Great Sea in Wind Waker, Link can attract/control them by using the Hyoi Pears that can be purchased from Beedle's shop.

Wind Waker - Seagull Papercraft [Download]

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27 August 2010

Rodrigo del Papel Paper Toy - Pandacrew

Rodrigo del Papel Paper Toy Pandacrew

New custom design for Tougui's Rodrigo del Paper paper toy created by Ant from Pandacrew.

Rodrigo del Papel Paper Toy - Pandacrew [Download]

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Super Mario - Snifit Papercraft

Snifit Papercraft

Snifit is a regular Shy Guy wearing a distinct black mask that kind of looks like a gas mask.

Super Mario - Snifit Papercraft [Download]

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Anubis Box Papercraft

Anubis Box Papercraft

Anubis Box papercraft by Julius Perdana depicting the Egyptian God of the Dead as a black Jackal on top of a treasure chest.

Anubis Box Papercraft [Download]

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Syfy - Haven Papercraft

Syfy Haven Papercraft

The stars of Haven transformed into papercraft by Miss Jen, Haven is a weekly supernatural drama tv series from the Syfy channel, it is based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid novel.

Pictured above from left to right: Duke Crocker, Audrey Parker, and Nathan Wournos.

Hat tip to reader Dane C. for the link and info.

Syfy - Haven Papercraft [Download]

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Pokemon Flaaffy Papercraft

Pokemon Flaaffy Papercraft

Flaaffy (aka Mokoko) is an electric-type and Wool Pokemon that is the evolved form of Mareep, it resembles a pink sheep with white fleece growing only on its head and top half of its body.

Pokemon Flaaffy Papercraft [Download]

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26 August 2010

The Witcher 2 - Papercraft of Kings

Witcher 2 Papercraft

As Mike Fahey of Kotaku points out, The Best Press Kit at Gamescom, Witcher 2 papercraft created using Cubeecraft template.
Description: “ Discover game’s full potential and unleash non-linearity by creating custom quests with up to three characters. Utilize environmental objects within your to build up epic scenes.“
Characters: Gory Dave as the Torturer, Skinny Bob as the emaciated prisoner and Geralt of Rivia as himself
Release Date: When Folded
Genre: RPG (Radical Paper Game)
Developer: Torn Projekt RED
Platform: Paper

These papercrafts are based on the characters for CD Projekt RED's upcoming sequel to The Witcher video game - The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, coming out Q1 2011 for the PC, XBOX 360, and Playstation 3.

Giveaway Contest 082610

Kamimodel Koomarty Paper Toy

Fall is fast approaching, I've decided to do another contest as the heat of Summer 2010 starts to cool down.

We'll do another photo contest, but this time it'll be a little different. Instead of you posting your pics, I'll be the one doing that and all you have to do is answer a question with regards to it - pay special attention to how the question is asked.

The photos that I'm going to post are either cropped or blurred so as to obfuscate it a bit.

You have to be a fan/member of Paperkraft.net on Facebook in order to join.

How does one become a fan/member? You have to have a Facebook account, once you're signed-up, go to this link (Paperkraft.net on Facebook) and click on the "Like" button on the top of the menu. That's all there is to it.

The photos will be posted on our Facebook Wall and all you have to do is just leave your comments/answers there - on the specific post where the photo shows up. No random drawing, the first one to answer correctly, wins. You can only win once.

We'll do 4 or more giveaways per week starting today (it will show up at random times so keep an eye out on our Facebook Wall), it ends on Sept 22, 2010 (official start of Fall season).

This time around I'll give you the choice to pick your prize, you can choose one paper toy from the following:

Kamimodel's Koomarty Paper Toy (Single models + GAVARI only)

Rob Ive's Paper Toys (£2.50 models only)

Mabikaze Paperworks' Paper Models

This contest is open to everybody, worldwide, it's Paperkraft.net's way of saying THANK YOU for your continued support.

Winners will be contacted via Facebook. Good Luck!

Postman Papercraft (Majora's Mask)

Postman Papercraft

The prompt and punctual mail delivery guy (Postman) from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask - Postman Papercraft [Download]

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25 August 2010

Revolver Paper Toy "Revolvrr"

Revolver Paper Toy

Bang! bang! and you're dead ^^ the mighty Revolvrr paper toy from Matthijs Kamstra.

Revolvrr Paper Toy [Download]

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Guribu Mask Papercraft

Guribu Mask Papercraft

This time it's a paper mask of Kagoshima Prefecture's (Japan) earth-friendly piggy mascot Guribu.

Guribu Mask Papercraft

Guribu Mask Papercraft [Download]

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Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy - MKT4

Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy MKT4

Cute reindeer paper toy (custom) from French illustrators / character designers Laƫtitia and Marco Teyssier - collectively known as MKT4.

Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy - MKT4 [Download]

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Super Mario - Dry Bones Papercraft

Dry Bones Papercraft

Dry Bones papercraft from the Stationery Engineers. Dry Bones are the undead Skeleton Koopas from the Super Mario game series that when attacked, collapses and becomes a pile of bones.

Dry Bones Papercraft

Super Mario - Dry Bones Papercraft [Download]

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24 August 2010

Batman Beyond Papercraft (Batman of the Future)

Batman Beyond (aka Batman of the Future) papercraft from Paper Toy Adventures.

Batman Beyond Papercraft (Batman of the Future) [Download]

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Flight Attendant Papercraft - Ulrike & Annika

Flight Attendant Papercraft

Meet Ulrike and Annika, two new paper toys / lovely flight attendants from Marshall Alexander's 'Free Space Airlines'.

Flight Attendant Papercraft - Ulrike & Annika [Download]

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Baby Grimmleigh Roadster Papercraft

Baby Grimmleigh Roadster Papercraft

Grimmleighs is a site that creates amazing crocheted dolls (monsters, animals, etc.) and is run by the husband-and-wife team of Leigh and Rachel Kade who is based in Utah.

Just recently, they posted this cool Roadster papercraft. It's scaled to fit one of their Baby Squidleigh dolls comfortably ^^. A blank and colored template are available for downloading. Head on to the link below to check out more of their site and online store.

Baby Grimmleigh Roadster Papercraft [Download]

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22 August 2010

Pokemon - Lapras Papercraft 2

Lapras Papercraft

A much improved and better looking Pokemon Lapras from the PaperPokes team, similar in design to its PokeDoll version.

Pokemon - Lapras Papercraft 2 [Download]

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Las Vegas Sign Papercraft

Las Vegas Sign Papercraft

Something different from The Professor, he takes a little break from the Superhero business and heads to Las Vegas for a little RnR ^^.

Las Vegas Sign Papercraft [Download]

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Dissidia - Squall Leonhart Papercraft

Squall Leonhart Papercraft

Squall Leonhart papercraft by Wulingyi - Squall is the main hero of Final Fantasy VIII and also appears in Dissidia: Final Fantasy where this paper model is from.

Dissidia - Squall Leonhart Papercraft [Download]

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Half Life 2 - HEV Suit Thigh Armor Papercraft

Half-Life 2 Papercraft

Tektonten has completed the legs parts of Gordon Freeman's Mark V HEV suit with the addition of the thigh armor plating.

Half Life 2 - HEV Suit Thigh Armor Papercraft [Download]

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