13 June 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Temple Crown

Temple Crown Papercraft The Temple Crown is a rare and exclusive item in the Final Fantasy XI game, it's part of the Monks armor (headgear) that increases the users accuracy (Focus).

Final Fantasy XI - Temple Crown Papercraft

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Pacifier FAV

Pacifier FAV Papercraft The Pacifier FAV is an Allied hovertank (all-terrain) that uses medium armor and is armed with miniguns and Grand Cannons for use in advance heavy bombardment.

Command & Conquer - Pacifier FAV Papercraft

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - GDI Zone Trooper

Zone Trooper Papercraft The Zone Trooper powered armor was the result of combining the Moebius Assault Suit and the fast Wolverine (anti-infantry walker) to protect GDI troops from Tiberium poisoning.

Command & Conquer - Zone Trooper Papercraft

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12 June 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Warlock's Chapeau

Warlock Chapeau Papercraft Warlock's Chapeau is a Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XI headgear item that quickens the user's spellcasting ability (Fast Cast) and adds +10 to the elemental magic skill.

Final Fantasy XI - Warlock's Chapeau Papercraft

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The Ultimate Time Bokan Papercraft Collection

Time Mechabuton Papercraft 01

Nora-factry (designer) started out the Time BokanTime Bokan papercrafts with the villain's machine - the Time Skull Mecha - now we get to see what the good guys use ^^ Download link is at the very bottom of this post ^^.

Simple plot summary for the Time Bokan anime series >>

Very intelligent scientist invents insect-shaped time machines and calls it "Time Bokan", scientist tries it out and is a success, machine goes somewhere in time then comes back without scientist - inside was a gemstone, said gemstone was called "Dynamond" ^^, Dynamond is a super-duper powerful / valuable artifact, scientist's assistant uses Time Bokan to search for missing scientist and find out more about Dynamond, bad guys show up and try to steal Dynamond, good guys and bad guys fight, good guys always win - bad guys lose horribly.

And now the goods ^^

Time Mechabutton papercraft (aka Time Bokan 1) - Blue mecha shaped like a Japanese rhinoceros bettle. Wings open up to reveal its jet engines. Includes two mini-mechas / surveillance units: The Ladybug-Drone papercraft and Strider-Marine papercraft, both can be put inside Time Mechabutton.

Time Mechabuton Papercraft 02

Ladybug-Drone  Papercraft

Strider Marine Papercraft

Time Dotabattan papercraft (aka Time Bokan 2) - Green mecha shaped like a locust. Includes two mini-mechas: The Inch-worm Drone papercraft and Firefly-Copter papercraft. The underside of Time Dotabattan's thorax/head opens up to house the two mini-machines.

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 01

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 02

Time Dotabattan Papercraft 03

Inch-worm Drone Papercraft

Firefly-Copter Papercraft

Time Kuwagattan papercraft (aka Time Bokan 3) - Red mecha shaped like a stag beetle. Of course, this has two mini-mechas as well: Honeybee-Drone papercraft and the Armadillo-Rollin papercraft.

Time Kuwagattan Papercraft 01

Time Kuwagattan Papercraft 02

Armadillo-Rollin Papercraft 01

Armadillo-Rollin Papercraft 02

Honeybee-Drone Papercraft

Kudos to the designer for not only getting the mini mechas in scale with the main mecha but to cleverly design it so they could be either hidden or is a part of the main mecha - just like in the show.

The link below takes you to nora-factry's MSN public folders page, click on each folder and download all of the contents to get the goods. So that's three main mechas and 6 mini-mechas. Have fun!

The Ultimate Time Bokan Papercraft Collection

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Zelda Papercraft - Doc Bandam Chu Jelly Potion

Doc Bandam Chu Jelly Potion In exchange for the colorful Chu Jellies, Windfall Island'sWindfall Island's resident potion maker - Doc Bandam - will give Link this potion. The potion's color and effect will vary depending on the color of the Chu Jelly.

Legend of Zelda - Doc Bandam Chu Jelly Potion Papercraft

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No Code Superhero Papercraft Toy

No Code Superhero Naples-based MacMac specialist and Apple Premium Seller - No Code - just released their own papercraft toy line called "SuperHeroes". Their using it to promote a contest were you could win a Macbook, a Wacom tablet and an Ipod Nano.

No Code Superhero Papercraft Toy

No Code Superhero Papercraft Toy

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Kobico x One Piece Papercraft "Straw Hat Pirates"

One Piece Papercraft Kobico's papercraft version of the Straw Hat Pirates (aka Luffy Pirates) crew from the anime/manga One PieceOne Piece.

Includes all 9 crew members: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, and Brook. It would be super cool if the designer could make the Thousand Sunny or Going Merry ^^ that would go with these papercrafts.

One Piece Papercraft "Straw Hat Pirates"

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Calling All Cars Papercraft - Wave 3

Car Papercraft Toys Third wave racers include: Harlancore, Scott Schaller, DMC, Methuup da Funky One, and Billy Toledo.

Horrorwood's Calling All Cars papercraft toys are now cruising with a new group - Hot Rod Summer, California Hot Rod, Oh Hey Ladies, Burning Gasoline, and Sapo (corresponds to the designers above).

Calling All Cars Papercraft - Wave 3

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11 June 2009

Tomb Raider - Seraph Papercraft

Seraph Papercraft The Seraph is an artifact from the Tomb Raider 2 video game (Barkhang Monastery), Lara retrieved it to gain access to a key that gives you access to the Dagger of Xian ^^

Tomb Raider 2 - Seraph Papercraft

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Papercrafts

We'll step aside for a moment and leave disasters behind (temporarily) ^^, Spitefuls has some new papercrafts based on characters from Joss Whedon'sJoss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

It's a musical film / comedy web series about an aspiring supervillain named Dr. Horrible, his arch-nemesis - Captain Hammer, and their mutual love interest - Penny. If you haven't seen it yet, the complete series is available at Hulu.

Currently, the papercrafts include Dr. Horrible (in his lab outfit), and Captain Hammer - one more is on the way.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Papercrafts

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Baseball Jersey Papercrafts - New York Yankees x Boston Red Sox

Baseball Jersey Papercrafts New from Paper Sport, baseball jersey papercrafts from one of the oldest rivalries in Major League BaseballMajor League Baseball history - the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

Baseball Jersey Papercrafts - New York Yankees x Boston Red Sox

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Tron Papercraft - Identity Disk

Identity Disk Papercraft From the Tron 2.0 game / TronTron universe, the Identity disk is a saucer-shaped device that can store info. from users and also be used as a projectile weapon - similar to throwing a frisbee.

Tron - Identity Disk Papercraft

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Stephen Colbert Papercraft Toy

Stephen Colbert Papercraft Primetime Emmy award-winning writer, comedian,and tv host Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert (Comedy Central's The Colbert Report) gets Cubeefied.

The Colbert Report is an offshoot of that other popular political satire news show, The Daily Show. Both shows are regulars on my DVR ^^. Stephen Colbert is also known for coining the word "truthiness", which was declared Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society (2005) and Merriam-Webster (2006).

And if Mr. Colbert happens to read this, I would like to introduce him to Gloomy Bear ^^

Stephen Colbert Papercraft Toy

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Funky Doggy Papercraft Toy

Funky Doggy Papercraft Toy Growls and barks from Hyad Design's latest paper toy, Funky Doggy ^^. Three poochpooch friendly colors to choose from (brown, white, grey).

Funky Doggy Papercraft Toy

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Gloomy Bear Papercraft

Gloomy Bear Papercraft Gloomy Bear is the creation of Japanese artist and animal rights advocate, Mori Chack, and is part of his famous "Chax" product line.

Gloomy BearGloomy Bear is a very violent pink bear that is always shown attacking Pitty (blonde boy) - this is the artist's satirical take on animal rights ownership. Check out the vid below to see Gloomy Bear in action ^^

Gloomy Bear Papercraft [Era]

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Classic Car Papercraft - Mercedes Benz 500K W29

Mercedes Benz 500K Papercraft Another magnificent pre-war classic, the Mercedes Benz 500k (aka W29) was a sports car fitted with a supercharger (kompressor). This Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz sports car was in production between 1934 and 1936, with only 342 cars made.

Mercedes Benz 500K Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Omastar

Omastar Papercraft Icthus7' Pokemon Omanyte has reached level 40 and has now evolved into an Omastar papercraft ^^

Omastar (aka Omstar) is a dual type Rock and Water PokemonPokemon that belongs to the Spiral Pokemon species. It has now grown large tentacles so it can capture prey, its apperance is probably based on the chambered Nautilus.

Pokemon - Omastar Papercraft

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Classic Car Papercraft - 1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet

1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet A sleek looking pre-war car from the Ford Motors.Ford Motors.
As the name implies, it is a convertible model of a roofless car when the top is folded down and a coupe when the top is put up. It accommodates the driver and 2 passengers in the front seat and 3 in the rear seat (storage type: rumble seat). When the top is folded down, it is neatly stored inside the body. This style is attractive and this model is said to be the best among all other Ford models. This model was the first to adapt the steel disc wheels to replace the conventional spoke wheel

1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet

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Kingdom Hearts Papercraft - Cloud Strife 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 Cloud Strife Papercraft Fezco's version of the ever popular Cloud Strife, based on his appearance in the Kingdom Hearts 2Kingdom Hearts 2 video game.

This time around, Cloud is sporting a trench coat thingie with Buster Sword in hand and spiky hair ^^

Kingdom Hearts - Cloud Strife Papercraft 2

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