16 February 2008

Cute Anime Girl Papercraft - Spring

If you've had enough of that cold, dreary weather, don't worry, old man winter is blowing out and spring is coming in. For the most part of the Northern Hemisphere (any country above the equator), spring comes on the months of March, April, and May - with some Asian countries starting on February.

As we await for the snow to melt, the rivers to swell from runoff or spring rain, and flowering plants to bloom - here's a cute anime girl papercraft from Korean site Botpa with that particular theme in mind. This papercraft model also comes with a green umbrella that resembles a frog head and very colorful painted background, complete with flowers and the lively colors of spring. Download the anime girl papercraft for free at the Botpa web site, it's in Korean so you might want to check out the pic below on what to click.

Anime Girl Papercraft - Spring [Botpa]

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14 February 2008

Designer Papercraft - Series II

To continue our Designer Papercraft Series, here are the new artists showcasing their paper toys. Dragon pic not related.

If you missed the first series of Designer Papercrafts that we featured, you can find it here. Today we have Anubis' Tomb, Damien's Urban Fresh, Jin's Studio 22, and Jerom's Papertoys. If you've got some designing skills and would want to try skinning/coloring some papercrafts then head on to Urban Fresh or Shelf Buddies. On the other hand, if you just want to build some new papercrafts or probably purchase some, check out Jerom's Blog and Cool Pet Rangeland.

13 February 2008

Radirgy Video Game Papercraft

Here's the Radirgy video game papercraft from developer MileStone Inc. Radirgy was a popular Japanese arcade video game shooter that was ported to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube. It was a vertical scrolling shooter that featured anime inspired graphics. It debuted on the consoles back in 2006 and was planned to be released in the US a year later, unfortunately, lack of interest killed that plan.

The Radirgy video game papercrafts has three paper models, one for each of the consoles that it came out on. Each paper model represents the lead characters on the game.

First we've got the DreamCast papercraft model, Tadayo. Then Ruki as the GameCube papercraft. And finally, Shizuru as the PlayStation 2 papercraft model. To download the models, click on the boxed question mark below the game's cover art.

Radirgy Video Game Papercraft [MileStone]
DreamCast Papercraft -Tadayo
GameCube Papercraft - Ruki
PlayStation 2 Papercraft - Shizuru

12 February 2008

Cute Papercraft Toys - Tee Bear

Just a week after we posted their new stuff, they come out we a new designer papercraft toy. It's name is Tee Bear and is going to be availalbe for free download until the middle of March. I forgot to point out on my previous post that the new papercrafts on the Kamimodel site has a time limit, except for the "o2" papercraft model, everything else is going to expire. The expiration dates are indicated on the bottom of each models description.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Tee Bear [Kamimodel]

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Paper Automata Pianist

Here's the newest model from commercial site Ceracera. Our paper automata posts come few and far between, but today we've got a new one featuring the "Pianist". This paper automata isn't free and it'll set you back 3 quids. The site also offers fifteen other unique moving papercrafts for the serious collectors. Check it out.

Paper Automata Pianist [Ceracera]

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11 February 2008

Doctor Who Papercraft

Here are some great Doctor Who papercrafts from a fan web site. Doctor Who is Britain's and Guiness World Records' longest-running science fiction TV show, it is also a significant part of British pop culture. It has garnered numerous awards and nominations throughout its running. The fan site hosting the Doctor Who papercrafts belong to Sean Huxter, a 3D creature animator. It has three paper models including a K9 papercraft (robotic dog), an airship, and a Lady Cassandra papercraft (think of her as a wrinkle free version of The Evil Dead book cover).

Doctor Who Papercraft [Huxter]
Official Doctor Who Site [BBC]

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Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Link Papercraft - Complete

Remember Chokipeta's Four Swords Link? well there's more... Ok, not really Chokipeta, but a creative individual has edited Chokipeta's original pattern and created three more Link papercraft (red, purple, blue) just like in the Hyrulean Adventure video game, now we can truly call it Four Swords. As you can see on the picture, Red Link holds what looks like a Fire Rod, Purple Link is holding a bunch of Rupees, and Blue link is holding a bomb. The original Chokipeta pattern is intact so there's no question on how good it is, there are a few additions to it which comes in the form of new textures and parts and they seem to blend very well, it's a nice complement to the original. You can spot the new parts easily by looking at the outlines, they're the ones with the darker tones.

Notice the seven and fish symbol? it's the same one on the Princess Crown papercraft posted a few weeks ago. I didn't know it back then but apparently the symbol is from the editing designer - he/she goes by the alias ichtus7 and can be found on the Spanish-based site Elotrolado. For my non-Spanish speaking readers a direct download link is available below via Mediafire. Thanks to our reader Manuel for sending in the photos, patterns, and pointing us to the right direction.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Four Swords Link Complete [Elotrolado]
Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Four Swords Link Complete [via Mediafire]

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10 February 2008

Chromehounds Papercraft - Chokipeta

These Chokipeta Chromehounds papercraft might be old but it still kicks ass. It came out a few months after I started this blog back in 2006, I knew about it then but for some reason I forgot do a post on it. It was based on a video game of the same name and for the Xbox 360 console and was first released in Japan on June 2006. These Chromehounds papercrafts include three mechs: Morskoj, Sal Kar, and Tarakia. Each mech represents a fictional nation that make up the Neroimus region (where the game takes place). This is classic ChokipetaKOBO work, clean lines, well planned out pattern, and great instructions. Free download is still available at the official Chromehounds Japan web site.

Chromehounds Papercraft [Sega JP]

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