10 February 2008

Chromehounds Papercraft - Chokipeta

These Chokipeta Chromehounds papercraft might be old but it still kicks ass. It came out a few months after I started this blog back in 2006, I knew about it then but for some reason I forgot do a post on it. It was based on a video game of the same name and for the Xbox 360 console and was first released in Japan on June 2006. These Chromehounds papercrafts include three mechs: Morskoj, Sal Kar, and Tarakia. Each mech represents a fictional nation that make up the Neroimus region (where the game takes place). This is classic ChokipetaKOBO work, clean lines, well planned out pattern, and great instructions. Free download is still available at the official Chromehounds Japan web site.

Chromehounds Papercraft [Sega JP]

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  1. Love your blog. I've been hearing a lot about Chokipeta lately, who is he? A person or a group? What has he done?

  2. Papercraft designer extraordinaire.

    Designs user-friendly and well planned out papercrafts (properly placed fold and cut lines).

    Chokipeta-designed papercrafts covers mostly popular brands in the anime and video game field.

    Just Google the name and you'll see what it's all about.

  3. The link is dead, I cant find these anywhere, and the chromehounds site got stolen by a company that is trying to sell the domain name.

    If nobody has these files anymore I might have to build these out of balsa wood and thin metal sheets. Like I do with model planes.


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