13 February 2008

Radirgy Video Game Papercraft

Here's the Radirgy video game papercraft from developer MileStone Inc. Radirgy was a popular Japanese arcade video game shooter that was ported to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube. It was a vertical scrolling shooter that featured anime inspired graphics. It debuted on the consoles back in 2006 and was planned to be released in the US a year later, unfortunately, lack of interest killed that plan.

The Radirgy video game papercrafts has three paper models, one for each of the consoles that it came out on. Each paper model represents the lead characters on the game.

First we've got the DreamCast papercraft model, Tadayo. Then Ruki as the GameCube papercraft. And finally, Shizuru as the PlayStation 2 papercraft model. To download the models, click on the boxed question mark below the game's cover art.

Radirgy Video Game Papercraft [MileStone]
DreamCast Papercraft -Tadayo
GameCube Papercraft - Ruki
PlayStation 2 Papercraft - Shizuru

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