01 October 2011

Animal Crossing - Jack Papercraft (Halloween 2011)

Animal Crossing Jack Papercraft

Jack (aka Pumpking) is the Czar of Halloween from the Animal Crossing series, appears only during Halloween and distributes spooky furniture

Darc Mansion Papercraft (Halloween 2011)

Darc Mansion Papercraft

A new spooky mansion is available from Ravensblight, the Darc Mansion is a haunted home of sorts whose ownership has led to plenty of ghost stories.

Candy Corn and Jack Skellington Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Candy Corn and Jack Skellington Paper Toy

It'll be Halloween (2011) in less than a few weeks, Sinner's got some Candy Corn and Jack Skellington model to get you started.

Mini Unova Starter Pokemon Papercraft

Mini Unova Starter Pokemon Papercraft

Sabi96 is celebrating their first year with the release of the Mini Unova Starter Pokemons from the Pokémon Black and White / 5th generation.

30 September 2011

Dexter Paper Toy

Dexter Paper Toy

State of Shock Studios has Dexter Morgan paper toy standee - Dexter is the Miami Metro Police Dept. blood spatter detective who just happens to be a serial killer (Showtime TV series Dexter).

Jock & Cheerleader Zombie Papercraft (2011 Halloween)

Jock & Cheerleader Zombie Papercraft

The Jock & Cheerleader zombie couple heading to prom, from illustrator Adam Steel (Tiny McDoodies).

Snowboard Yeti Paper Toy

Snowboard Yeti Paper Toy

Yeti paper toy on a snowboard and doing a hand plant ^^, from professional illustrator and graphic designer Merrill Rainey.

29 September 2011

The Binding of Isaac Papercraft - Isaac & Monstro

The Binding of Isaac Papercraft

The Binding of Isaac is the new / bloody dungeon adventure game from Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy co-creator).

Pokemon Dwebble Paper Model v2

Pokemon Dwebble Paper Model

The 2nd / latest Pokemon Dwebble model, presented by Sabi96.

Monster Mash Papercraft Calendar (October)

Monster Mash Papercraft Calendar
Do you ever feel like a pumpkin-headed princess with tentacles? Yeah, us too. That's why we made these little monsters to help you unleash your inner Halloween spirit! You can mix and muddle your macabre creations—but never match. We dare you to try. -Scout Creative

X-Worlds: O'fin Paper Toy

XWorlds Ofin Paper Toy

X-Worlds is a place for people to submit their ideas in the form of drawings or stories and the best ones are rendered into illustrations, comic books, toys, games and, of course ^^ papercrafts / paper models.

Nissan Serena Papercraft x Thousand Sunny = Thousand Serena

Nissan Serena Papercraft Thousand Sunny

Nissan's latest Serena model with a Thousand Sunny paint scheme based on the wildly popular anime series One Piece.

Two and a Half Men Papercraft - Charlie Harper & Walden Schmidt

Two and Half Men Papercraft

Former Two and Half Men star Charlie Sheen (who plays lead character Charlie Harper) and current lead Ashton Kutcher as billionaire internet entrepreneur Walden Schmidt.

28 September 2011

Star Wars - Galactic Marines Papercraft

Star Wars Galactic Marines Papercraft

The Grand Army of the Republic's elite Galactic Marines equipped with a very powerful shoulder-mounted chaingun (Z-6 rotary blaster cannon variant).

Friendly Frankenstein Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Friendly Frankenstein Paper Toy

Friendly Frankenstein paper toy from illustrator Bryan Ratliff @ Chemical9.

Mr. Frank & The Nurd Paper Toy

Mr Frank The Nurd Paper Toy

Mr. Frank (Frankenstein monster) and The Nurd paper toy from KapiLefty.

Touhou Project Papercraft - Nitori Kawashiro

Touhou Project Papercraft Nitori Kawashiro

Nitori Kawashiro is an extremely bashful Kappa and the stage 3 boss of Touhou 10 (Mountain of Faith), she's also an engineer known for carrying lots of tools in her backpack and dress.

Puss in Boots Papercraft

Puss in Boots Papercraft

Join HP's new Print Club to download the official Puss in Boots papercrafts created by the team at Scout Creative.

Mass Effect - M35 Mako & UT47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle Papercraft

Mass Effect M35 Mako Papercraft

The M35 Mako infantry fighting vehicle from Mass Effect 1 and UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle (aka Combat Cockroach) from Mass Effect 2.

27 September 2011

IJN Oyodo Papercraft (Light Cruiser)

IJN Oyodo Papercraft Light Cruiser

The Oyodo-class is a light cruiser used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (1869–1947) as flagship for their scouting submarine fleets.

26 September 2011

Majora's Mask - Eyegore Papercraft

Eyegore Papercraft

The large and powerful Eyegore golem from Majora's Mask, its huge eye is its Achilles' heel.

Luigi's Mansion - Purple Puncher Papercraft

Purple Puncher Papercraft

The Purple Puncher is a species of ghost from Luigi's Mansion (video game) that throws out hooks and uppercuts to deliver damage to the player.

Phantom Hourglass - Linebeck Papercraft

Phantom Hourglass Linebeck Papercraft

Linebeck is the captain of the S.S. Linebeck (steamboat), the ship that Link uses to sail around / travel in The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Shaun the Sheep Papercraft

Shaun the Sheep Papercraft

The cool and clever Shaun the Sheep from Aardman Animations' stop-motion animated children's comedy TV series of the same title.

RMS Titanic Papercraft (Passenger Liner)

RMS Titanic Papercraft

From masayu-i2's mini papercraft ship collection and the most famous maritime disaster in history - the RMS Titanic.

25 September 2011

Spiderpaint Paper Toy

Spiderpaint Paper Toy

The Spiderpaint Paper Toy created by Roger Castellanos to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Mexican design blog Mecate.

Pokemon Shroomish Papercraft

Pokemon Shroomish Papercraft

Shroomish (aka Kinococo) is a grass-type and Mushroom Pokemon from the Hoenn region that is the pre-evolved form of Breloom.

Walt Disney World Pizza Papercraft

Walt Disney World Pizza Papercraft

Mini paper replica of the very inviting Walt Disney World Pizza box from the Disney Resorts.