05 July 2008

Portal - GLaDOS Papercraft

The main antagonist in Valve's award winning Portal video game.

GLaDOS Papercraft [billybob884]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Mini Airship

Here's the Mini Airship papercraft based on the unique reward that you get from Final Fantasy XI's Vanadiel Adventurer Recruitment Program. You can get this item after successfully inviting a friend through the Gold World Pass and 365 days has passed.

Final Fantasy XI Papercraft - Mini Airship [kaizo]

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Lucky Star - Intermission Cat Papercraft

Let's add another one to our numerous cat paper model collection with this Intermission Cat papercraft from the manga/anime series, Lucky Star. This cat cues the commercial breaks in between episodes of the show.

Lucky Star - Intermission Cat Papercraft [goblinpaper]

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04 July 2008

Bumblebee 1976 Camaro Papercraft

This 1976 beat up Camarao was Bumblebee's first form in the Transformers movie before he copied the 2009 version.

Bumblebee 1976 Camaro Papercraft
[Paper Inside/Andrew Skupinski]

Bumblebee 2009 Camaro Papercraft
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Independence Day Paper Crafts 2008

It's the 4th of July here in the US and that means Independence Day. This day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, and picnics. So here's some quick and easy Stars and Stripes / Red, White, and Blue paper craft decorations and party kits to jazz up the celebration.

4th of July Paper Crafts

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03 July 2008

Scooby Doo Papercraft - Shaggy

Adventures and mystery solving woudln't be fun without Scooby's best pal and owner, Shaggy. Real name Norville Rogers, Shaggy could be described as lanky, sports a bushy brown hair with a barely there goatee. Zoinks!

Shaggy Papercraft [Bongo-papercraft]

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Eco Home Papercraft Picture Book

A four part folding picture book about Global Warming Prevention though modern eco-friendly homes. The parts include the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and garden. This papercraft was designed by Kamiuchu. Inc.

Eco Home Papercraft Picture Book [KonicaMinolta]

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Boxpunx Heroes Paper Toys

Designer Jason Harlan's Boxpunx has now reached Series 3 with the release of this Final Fantasy inspired theme complete with different character classes ('jobs' in FF terminology).

Boxpunx Heroes Paper Toys - Tactics Advanced Extreme [harlancore]

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02 July 2008

Disney's Official Wall-E Papercraft

You've seen the first Wall-E papercraft from a few weeks back, well here's a new one. It's Disney's official release and was send to Disney Visa card members via e-mail. The pattern is a two pager PDF but I've converted to JPG for those who prefer pic files. Just click on the pics below and save.

Disney's Official Wall-E Papercraft
[via mediafire]

Doraemon Papercraft

This Doraemon papercraft is based on a Japanese manga and anime series having the same name. The creator, Hiroshi Fujimoto, wrote the series about an adorable robotic cat (Doraemon) who is from the 22th century and travels back to the past to help a schoolboy named Nobita Nobi. A little known fact to share, last March 2008 Doraemon was appointed as Japan's first 'anime ambassador'.

Doraemon Papercraft [kooz]

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Final Fantasy XI Papercraft - Mandragora

Our new source for Final Fantasy XI paper models has this life-size Mandragora papercraft for their second official release. And by life-size I mean 2 and a half feet tall. In the Final Fantasy world, Mandragoras are small manlike plant enemies based on the Mandrake plant.

Final Fantasy XI - Mandragora Papercraft

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Relax Bear Papercraft - Korilakkuma Bunny Suit

Yup, another cute update for our Relax Bear papercraft series, this one is Relax Bear's friend Korilakkuma in a cute pink Bunny Suit.

Korialkkuma Bunny Suit [kuma0rila]

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01 July 2008

Star Fox Papercraft - Falco Lombardi

This Falco Lombardi papercrafts is based on Nintendo's Star Fox series of video games. Falco belongs to the new Star Fox team, a group of mercenaries that includes Fox McCloud, Krystal, and Slippy Toad. Star Fox papercraft was designed by Red Yoshi.

Star Fox - Falco Lombardi Papercraft

Star Fox Papercraft - Arwing
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SD Exkaiser Papercraft

The Turbolabo blog has started releasing the patterns for their Exkaiser papercraft, it is based on the 1990 Japanese animated tv series called Brave Exkaiser. The series is pretty much a Transformers meets Gundam wherein the spirits of the heroes are put into vehicles so they could use it as a transformable body and when it comes to the look of the robots, its like a Gundam clone. Exkaiser has a distinct lion theme on his chest. Make sure to bookmark this page so you could get back to the other parts when its posted.

Exkaiser Papercraft [turbolabo]

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Evangelion Papercraft (Head)

At first look you might think that this was ChokipetaKOBO's Unit 01 Eva from the CUT mag, but its not. This Eva papercraft head is from a new Japanese designer called aerok, a beta pattern has been released and if any of you want to try out just follow the link below and once there, head to the bottom of their page to get to the goods.

Evangelion Papercraft - Head [aerok]

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30 June 2008

Scooby Doo Papercraft

Scooby Doo is a fictional dog and the main character in the timeless popular animation series of the same name. Scooby's real name is Scoobert Doo and he's best friends with Shaggy Rogers. He runs around with a group called the Mystery Inc. which tries to solve mysteries involving supernatural stuff. This Scooby Doo papercraft is from our friend/designer Guillermo.

Scooby Doo Papercraft [Bongo Papercraft]

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Flat Red

New Kamimodel papercraft called 'Flat Red', I'm not sure what the designer's inspiration was for this paper toy but I can only describe it as having a Tron-esque appearance. Available for download until the end of July so grab it quickly.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Flat Red [Tetsuya Watabe]

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Bumblebee Papercraft

After weeks of hard work the final piece to Claudio Dias' epic Bumblebee papercraft has now been released, the torso is now available for downloading. For those who want to take it to the next level, the designer has also provided instructions on how you can put LED lights on Bumblebee's eyes to make it even more realistic. Autobots, transform!

Bumblebee Papercraft [Paper Inside]

Transformers Papercraft - Bumblebee Camaro
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29 June 2008

Guitar Hero Papercraft

From the popular Guitar Heroes music video game series, here is the dreaded note chart in papercraft form. Rock on!

Guitar Hero Papercraft [GoblinGuy]

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Animal Conservation Papercraft

With the Arctic ice shelf rapidly melting away, the majestic polar bears are drowning because of climate change. Their conservation status is now at the "threatened" stage. This Polar Bear papercraft is a simple reminder that if no action is taken today to combat global warming, they won't be here in the near future.

The other one is an educational globe papercraft which has paper animal markers indicating the location of endangered animal species.

Animal Conservation Papercraft [Kirin Beverage Co.]

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Endangered Animal Papercraft - Fiddler Crab

Mostly found in muddied mangrove and salt marshes, the male Fiddler crabs are easily recognized by their distinctively asymmetric claws. They have one oversized claw called a cheliped that resembles a fiddle (violin), hence the name. That claw is waved around to attract females during courtship and used for defensive purposes against other male Fiddler crabs. There are many types of Fiddler crabs and this papercraft representation of it belongs to the uca arcuata subgnenus.

Endangered Animal Papercraft - Fiddler Crab
[Konica Minolta]

Konica Minolta Animal Papercrafts
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