30 August 2008

Mario Cap Papercraft

The adorable red cap with the big M on the middle, you simply can't mistake this for something else. Mario's red cap is of the mau cap variety.

Mario Cap Papercraft [pixel-kakashi]

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Goblin Helmet
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Mario Papercraft - Whacka

This is Paper Mario's take on the Whac-A-Mole arcade redemption game. It's a blue mole-like creature called Whacka that bobs in and out of their holes, they are similar in appearance to the Diglett.

Mario - Whacka Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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29 August 2008

Sailor Moon Papercraft - Star Wand

So yesterday's Sailor Moon papercraft wasn't alone, here's another one featuring her Star Wand. It's probably from the same designer whose identity we haven't figured out yet. I don't have much info. on this one so if you know anything, the comments section is wide open.

Sailor Moon - Star Wand Papercraft [via mediafire]

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Nintendo 64 Papercraft

A decent looking Nintendo 64 papercraft console with two colors to choose from. Your choice of either Black or Jungle Green. This N64 papercraft was made by Norgas.

Nintendo 64 Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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28 August 2008

Sailor Moon Papercraft - Moon Locket

The Moon Locket is an item from the highly popular Sailor Moon manga/anime series that was given to Sailor Moon (aka Usagi Tsukino) by Queen Serenity. Thanks to reader Naoki for the link and the explanation.

Sailor Moon Papercraft - Moon Locket [img by ykansaki]

YuGiOh! Millenium Puzzle Papercraft
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Lotus 49 Papercraft Race Car

This is the 1968 Lotus 49B which was a Formula One racing car that used an unsightly aerofoil wing that was mounted several feet above its chassis. Unfortunately, this design was proven to be bad - with a lot of breakages occuring that led to near fatal accidents. This type of wings are now banned. This Lotus 49 race car papercraft was made by the fine folks at Metmania. To get the goods, follow the link below and click where it says 'EXTRA53'.

Lotus 49 Papercraft Race Car

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Pokemon Papercraft - Pupitar

Pupitar is a Rock-type Pokemon that is the pupa stage of a Larvitar evolving into a Tyranitar. It has an extremely tough outer shell that protects it from damages and possesses an equal amount of strength. This Pupitar papercraft was made by Pixel-Kakashi.

Pokemon - Pupitar Papercraft
[via mediafire]

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27 August 2008

Relax Bear Papercraft - Remote Control Duck

Here's Korilakkuma's favorite remote control duck papercraft that he uses to annoy Relax Bear and Kiiroitori. The pattern includes both the red remote control (which looks like a robot head) and the toy duck.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Remote Control Duck

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Wall-E Papercraft VN-GO

This is the VN-GO papercraft paint-bot from Pixar's Wall-E movie. VN-Go is a pun on Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Two other new Wall-E papercrafts include a fire extinguisher and BnL Coffee Cup prop.

Wall-E VN-GO Papercraft [paper replika]

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26 August 2008

Princess Zelda Papercraft

The titular character in the Legend of Zelda video game series and is popularly known as the Princess of Hyrule. This Princess Zelda papercraft is based on The Wind Waker.

Princess Zelda Papercraft [DaredevilBR]

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Conker's Chainsaw Papercraft

Conker's chainsaw, the right choice for decapitating enemies and if you prefer a gore fest. As seen in Conker's Bad Fur Day video game for the Nintendo 64. Conker's Chainsaw papercraft was made by the anon who brought us the Mumbo Jumbo head. Just click the pic below and save.

Conker's Chainsaw Papercraft

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Disaster Diorama Papercrafts

Our new friend, designer Marla Anyomi from Spitefuls.com has created a special series of papercraft dioramas featuring disasters based on the historic past - aptly called Disaster Dioramas. Two unfortunate voyages are currently waiting for you to download, the Hindenburg and the Titanic. While you visit around their site don't forget to check out the t-shirt section for some cool designs that you might like.

Historic Disaster Diorama Papercrafts [spiteful]

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25 August 2008

Park Heroes - Captain Marvel Papercraft

Our friend Claudio at Paper Inside has now joined the popular Super Hero ship by re-skinning his South Park paper models and creating the Park Heroes papercraft series. The first one to be released is Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Papercraft [paperinside]

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Legend of Zelda - Zora Papercraft

Not really a particular character in the Zelda video game series, here is the Zora papercraft made by Xenonray that represents the Zora species in general.

Legend of Zelda - Zora Papercraft [xenonray]

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Sailor Girl Papercraft

The new fantabolous paper model from Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant (Mabinogi Guild), the anime-type Sailor Girl papercraft. She's sporting a blue-themed sailor outfit complete with red ribbon. Available now for the low price of $3.

Sailor Girl Papercraft [mabiwind]

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TV Series Cubee Paper Toys

Here's a ton of TV Series Cubee paper toys from Marco Altini, if it looks familiar thats because it's based on the popular Cubeecraft paper toy pattern. It includes paper toys from both past and present American TV series'.

TV Series Cubee Paper Toys

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Freddy Krueger Paper Toy

At last, a paper toy that really fits their name. Jack Hankins of Horrorwood has created his version of Wes Craven's most murderous character, Freddy Krueger. It's called 'A Bad Dream on Birch Street' and it has a Freddy Krueger paper toy given the Horrowood style (long elongated arms). Time to take some Hypnocil.

Freddy Krueger Paper Toy [horrorwood]

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24 August 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Bomb Flower

These are the Goron's special crop, they have a base of four or more petals and a bomb shaped flower in the middle. Link uses the bomb flowers in solving puzzles during his quest. Picking the bomb flower would set it off within a few seconds. This Bomb Flower papercraft was made by Kaboom.

Bomb Flower Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Relax Bear Papercraft - Crowned King

In celebration of the 5th anniversary for San-X's popular Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) series, they've released a new plush toy featuring Relax Bear with a Crowned King theme to it. And as expected, our friend at the kuma0rila blog has created a Relax Bear papercraft with the same theme.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Crowned King

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