21 May 2011

Dead Space - Isaac Clarke Papercraft

Dead Space Isaac Clarke Papercraft

Isaac Clarke - the main character in Dead Space, wearing his signature RIG (Resource Integration Gear) and holding a plasma cutter gun.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Kuja Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Kuja Papercraft

Kuja is the main antagonist from Final Fantasy IX and still a villain in his Dissidia appearance serving Chaos.

Clannad Papercraft - Nagisa Furukawa

Clannad Papercraft Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa is the lead female character of the visual novel/manga/ anime series Clannad.

Fallout: New Vegas - Lucky Papercraft (Gun)

Fallout New Vegas Lucky Papercraft

Lucky is one of the unique weapons from Fallout: New Vegas, it's a specialized version of the .357 magnum revolver and has the highest critical hit chance of all one handed non-energy weapons.

A Link to the Past - Dark World Banishment Papercraft (Diorama)

Dark World Banishment Papercraft

A Link to the Past scene - Agahnim banishes Princess Zelda to the Dark World as Link watches helplessly.

2011 Thor - Mjolnir Papercraft (Film Version)

2011 Thor Mjolnir Papercraft Film Version

Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir gets another papercraft ^^, George S. created this full scale paper model based on the recent Thor film and made use of Tektonten's hammer as a basis for the design and construction.

20 May 2011

Curious Cuckoo Whistle Papercraft

Paramore Papercraft - Hayley Williams

Paramore Papercraft - Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams - singer, songwriter, and lead vocals for the rock band Paramore.

Siamese Monster Paper Toy

Siamese Monster Paper Toy

ThreeTwo new monster paper toys from the Stitches and Glue site, one kong-like monster and a black & white siamese monster, designed by Alexander Gwynne.

19 May 2011

Pokemon Regirock Papercraft

Pokemon Regirock Papercraft

Regirock is a rock-type / Rock Peak Pokemon and is one of the legendary golems of Hoenn, it doesn't have any evolutionary form.

Red / Endgame Link Papercraft

Red Endgame Link Papercraft
Red or Endgame Link as I call this incorporates several late game or obscure items not normally depicted. So he carries the huge Biggoron's Sword, Silver Gauntlets, Hover Boots, Goron Tunic and Mirror Shield. -Xenon

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Fox McCloud Papercraft

Super Smash Bros Brawl Fox McCloud Papercraft

Portal 2 - Personality Spheres Papercraft

Portal 2 Personality Sphere Papercraft

The Persnality Spheres (aka Aperture Science Personality Constructs, aka Personality Cores) are mechanical spheres housing advanced personality software and used by Aperture Science Inc. to run their facilities.

Vespaper - Vespa Paper Toy

Vespaper Vespa Paper Toy

Check out Vespaper - the latest paper toy project from MauRusso design studio.

Dragarta - Dragon Paper Toy + Contest

Dragarta Dragon Paper Toy
This is my first created papertoy, task for one of my school subjects. It could be much simpler then this but I wanted my dragon to look like a dragon, not a cube XD. -Dragarta

18 May 2011

Transformers - Cliffjumper Papercraft

Transformers Cliffjumper Papercraft

Red and silver Cliffjumper papercraft from WuLongTi, a redeco of Paper Inside's Bumblebee model.

GORO Paper Toy - Robokong

Robokong Paper Toy
This one comes from KROMOlab a fabolous italian artist involved in comics, illustrations graffiti and toys. -KNGL

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Jecht Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Jecht Papercraft

Jecht from Final Fantasy X (Tidus' dad), appears in Dissidia as a villain representing FFX.

Mr. Schmidt the Dachshund Paper Toy

Dachshund Paper Toy

Samantha Eynon's striped little wiener dog / hotdog paper toy.

Pindad APS3 Anoa Papercraft (APC)

Pindad APS3 Anoa Papercraft

The Indonesian-made APS3 (Angkut Personel Sedang) armored personnel carrier developed by PT Pindad, codenamed "Anoa" - after a Dwarf Buffalo native to Indonesia.

Wedding Message Doll - Bride and Groom Papercraft

Bride and Groom Papercraft
These bride and groom dolls in tuxedo and wedding dress that stand on a heart-shaped pedestal are perfect to welcome guests to a wedding reception. They are also a great addition to a wedding present to give to friends on their special day with wishes of congratulations.

Great Wall of China Papercraft

Great Wall of China Papercraft

The Great Wall of China is a stone fortification that stretches 1,500 miles long across northern China and was built as a defence against the Mongols, it's one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

17 May 2011

Pokemon Regice Papercraft

Pokemon Regice Papercraft

Pokemon Regice is an Ice-type and Iceberg Pokemon and is one of the 3 legendayr golems of Hoenn, it doesn't have any evolutionary form.

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Bartz Klauser Papercraft

Bartz Klauser Papercraft

Bartz Klauser (aka Butz Klauser) papercraft by Ace, Bartz is a wanderer and the lead character from Final Fantasy V - this model based on his appearance in Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Fate Stay Night - Saber Papercraft / Arturia Pendragon

Saber Papercraft

Combo Saber (Fate Stay Night anime series) action from Ace and Lestar, the papercrafts depic Saber in her warrior form and as her real self - Arturia Pendragon (w/o armor).

Lovely Eye Doctor Papercraft

Lovely Eye Doctor Papercraft

A lovely papercraft of one Dr. Tulaya Tungsiripat - an opthalmologist from Thailand who specilizes in cornea & external disease and refractive surgery.

StarCraft 2 - Marine Papercraft

StarCraft 2 Marine Papercraft

StarCraft 2's Marine infantry unit holding an M98 ballistic alloy combat shield and C14 rifle.

KDDI INFOBAR A01 Papercraft (Chocomint)

Inforbar A01 Papercraft Chocomint

The Infobar A01 is the latest addition to KDDI's (Japan) Android smartphone line up and was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, papercraft by Hisashi IMAI.

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Sheik Papercraft

Super Smash Bros Brawl Sheik Papercraft

Sheik from the Super Smash Bros series - is Princess Zelda's alter ego and stronger form.

2011 Father's Day Papercraft (Message Dolls)

2011 Fathers Day Papercraft
How about giving your hard-working father this craft with a message on it to show him your appreciation?

French Horn Papercraft

French Horn Papercraft

Modern day French Horn - a brass instrument with a coiled tube, valves, and a wide bell.

16 May 2011

Mini Velo Papercraft (Bike)

Mini Velo Papercraft

Jae-ho Han's extremely detailed and accurate papercraft model of a "mini velo".

Fallout: New Vegas - Maria Papercraft (Gun)

Fallout New Vegas Maria Papercraft

"Maria" is Benny's unique 9mm pistol from Fallout: New Vegas, it's an intricately designed gun with Our Lady of Guadalupe printed on the grip.

Rooster and Chicks Papercraft

Rooster and Chicks Papercraft

Mother Hen gets a break from watching the chicks and lets Mr. Rooster hang out with them ^^ - check out this sample paper toy from Patrick Pasques new book called "Animaux de la ferme" (Farm Animals).

Kingdom Hearts 2 Papercraft - Port Royal Treasure Chest

Kingdom Hearts 2 Papercraft Port Royal Treasure Chest

Treasure chest from the Port Royal stage of Kingdom Hearts 2, Port Royal is one of the two worlds in KH2 to be based on a live action film (in this case, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl).

15 May 2011

Pokemon Registeel Papercraft

Pokemon Registeel Papercraft

Pokemon Registeel is a steel-type and Iron Pokemon, just like the other Legendary Golems of Hoenn, it doesn't have any evolutionary form.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Soccer Ball Papercraft

Super Smash Bros Brawl Soccer Ball Papercraft
Although this model might just look like a classic style ball used in soccer/football, it is in fact derived from the Soccer Ball trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Peterbilt 281 Papercraft (Duel - Tanker Truck)

Peterbilt 281 Papercraft - Duel Tanker Truck

The massive tanker truck featured in the 1971 film "Duel", about a psychotic truck driver who felt offended after a car passes him by and chases it through an empty / lonely highway trying to kill the car driver.