22 August 2009

Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys

Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys Exclusive paper toyspaper toys specially made by Maarten Janssens (3EyedBear) for the upcoming Urban Paper show in Tokyo, Japan (Cafe Pause, Sept. 9 - 20)

It's called "Kawaii for Truckers" and includes 3 cutesy creatures with matching cubes (similar to fuzzy dice) to hang on your rear-view mirror. You can download the templates free on the 3EyedBear site, if you have the password ^^

The password is printed on cards that will be handed out during the show, which means you'll have to be there to get it :( Once you have the code, follow the link below to the locked post to get the goods.

Kawaii for Truckers Paper Toys

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Tomb Raider Papercraft - Red Velociraptor

Velociraptor Papercraft Jumping in on today's Tomb RaiderTomb Raider dinofest, here's a red velociraptor / raptor papercraft form Saschacraft.

Tomb Raider - Red Velociraptor Papercraft

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Tomb Raider Papercraft - Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex)

T-Rex Papercraft The menacing Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) from Tomb Raider 1Tomb Raider 1 to Tomb Raider 3.

Tomb Raider - T-Rex Papercraft

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Drazzagor Dragon Papercraft Toy

Drazzagor Dragon Papercraft A rather odd-looking (cartoony) but colorful dragondragon papercraft from jerom.

Drazzagor Dragon Papercraft Toy

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Ramadan Papercraft

Ramadan Papercraft RamadanRamadan is the 9th month and holiest period in the Islamic calendar, it is a month long fasting that is held from sunrise to sunset, and is an intense reaffirmation of one's faith.

Ramadan Papercraft

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Wii Sports Resort Papercraft - Wuhu Island

Wuhu Island Papercraft Wuhu Island is the island of fun and games, it's the location where WiiWii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus takes place.

Wii Sports Resort - Wuhu Island Papercraft

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Syd Mead Sentinel 400 Limo Papercraft

Syd Mead Sentinel 400 Limo Papercraft Syd MeadSyd Mead (sci-fi vehicle designer - Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron) inspired car papercraft made by papermodelfan2005 from the Zealot forums.

Syd Mead Sentinel 400 Limo Papercraft

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21 August 2009

Ranger Space Probe Papercraft - Lunar Impactor

Ranger Lunar Impact Probe Papercraft One of the 9 unmanned space probes launched by NASANASA under their Project Ranger mission (lunar exploration). This papercraft is free but you'll need to sign-up and be a member of the Papermodelers forum before you can download.

Ranger Space Probe Papercraft - Lunar Impactor

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Dolly Oblong Paper Plush Giveaway x Anniversary

Dolly Oblong Paper Toy Dolly Oblong is celebrating her blog's one year anniversary with a Paper Plush Giveaway! here's your chance to win some plush and paper toypaper toy goodies.

All you have to do is leave a comment on her anniversary blog post (link below) and you're in. Hurry, you've got over a week left to get in on the action.

Dolly Oblong Paper Plush Giveaway x Anniversary

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Retro Supervillain Papercrafts - Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor Papercraft Considered by many as one of the greatest supervillain ever (not me, my vote is for the Joker ^^), Lex Luthor is the bald-headed bad guy that has been menacing SupermanSuperman for close to 70 years.

Retro Supervillain - Lex Luthor Papercraft

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Skyman

Skyman Papercraft The original Skyman superhero from Columbia ComicsComics / Big Shot Comics (c 1940), just like Batman, Skyman didn't have any super powers but did have plenty of money to use for crime fighting.

Retro Superhero - Skyman Papercraft

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Boxy Bat & Love Bear Paper Toy for Fab Fibe Show 2009

Love Bear Paper Toy Roomism is having a fabric and fiber (paperpaper) exhibition show this year and are inviting papercraft designers to participate by modding/skinning their paper toys.

Designers will be working on the Love Bear and Boxy Bat paper toys, you can do one or both. If you would like to join, please follow the link below to fill up a submission form.

Boxy Bat & Love Bear Paper Toy for Fab Fibe Show 2009

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Max Papercraft "Where the Wild Things Are"

Marshall Alexander's special tribute to Maurice Sendak's children's picture bookpicture book, Where the Wild Things Are. Max is a young boy and the lead character in the book, he's wearing a wolf suit.

Max Papercraft "Where the Wild Things Are"

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Zelda Papercraft - Mustachioed Deku Guard

Mustachioed Deku Guard Papercraft Your regular DekuDeku Guard but with a couple of leafy growths on its face ^^

Legend of Zelda - Mustachioed Deku Guard

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Yuyuko Saigyouji 3

Yuyuko Saigyouji Papercraft Japanese designer GT40 sure likes this Touhou character a lot, this is the 3rd papercraftpapercraft that he has built for it.

Touhou Project - Yuyuko Saigyouji Papercraft 3

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Arabiku Elf Bard Papercraft

Arabiku Elf Bard Papercraft The latest item at the Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant store is a feminine-looking elf bard papercraftpapercraft that can serenade his way into your moneybag ^^ His name is Arabiku and is worth 3 bones.

Arabiku Elf Bard Papercraft

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Anywere DIY Paper Toy

Anywere DIY Paper Toy Three (small, medium, large) blank paper toyspaper toys for artist Morgan Gleave's Anywere series - and yes, Anywere is spelled that way ^^

Anywere DIY Paper Toy

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Thunderpanda Paper Toy x Gary Baseman x Joe Ledbetter

Thunderpanda Paper Toy Eric Wiryanata scored some original artwork from artists Gary Baseman (Teacher's PetTeacher's Pet) and Joe Ledbetter at the recent Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention.

Thunderpanda Paper Toy x Gary Baseman x Joe Ledbetter

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Indonesian Street Mailbox Papercraft

Papercraft model of a typical Indonesian mailboxmailbox designed by Rian Rahardi of Kertascraft.

Indonesian Street Mailbox Papercraft

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20 August 2009

Infinite Justice Gundam Bust Papercraft 2

Infinite Justice Gundam Bust Papercraft The Infinite Justice GundamGundam papercraft is quite a popular model in the Carmodel (China) forum, this is the second bust that has come out from that area (there maybe more ^^)

Infinite Justice Gundam Bust Papercraft 2

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Tron Papercraft - Gas Mask / Respirator

Gas Mask Papercraft In-game model of a gas mask / respirator used by the lab dudes in the TronTron 2.0 video game.

Tron - Gas Mask Papercraft

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Mark the Shark Papercraft Toy

Went fishingfishing today, look what we caught ^^ Mark the Shark paper toy by PaperBoxWorld.

Mark the Shark Papercraft Toy

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Front Mission Papercraft - Wanzer Blizzaia

Blizzaia Papercraft Not as pretty as Chokipeta's Front MissionFront Mission papercrafts, but this one from Japanese designer D, gets points from us by adding more articulation - you can bend its knees, move the arms and legs, and rotate its hands. Wanzer is the term used in the Front Mission series to refer to their mechas.

Front Mission - Blizzaia Papercraft

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Cubee Game Boy Papercraft

Game Boy Papercraft Game Boy (aka Tata Game Boy), Nintendo'sNintendo's old school 8-bit handheld video game console gets Cubeefied.

Cubee Game Boy Papercraft

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Anpanman Papercraft

Anpanman Papercraft AnpanmanAnpanman is the name of a superhero character from the very popular Japanese anime cartoon series of the same name.

Anpanman started out as a lifeless bread dough that was brought to life by a mysterious shooting star, his head is made of a sweat bread roll filled with bean jam (anpan). This Anpanman papercraft was designed by june (Gundam master ^^).

Anpanman Before you follow the link below, check the pic above for the download link.

Anpanman Papercraft

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