18 August 2009

Gradius Papercraft - Vic Viper Spaceship - Photos

Vic Viper Papercraft Teaser pics from Toyoppe's Vic Viper papercraft, Vic Viper is the main spaceship in GradiusGradius - Konami's side-scrolling shoot 'em up video game.

Gradius - Vic Viper Papercraft - Photos

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  1. God I hope they release this thing, it's so well done.

  2. Unfortunately I saw a message about requesting its diagram. And creator says that the papercraft' diagram won't go public. So I guess that every gradius fan is waiting for it but what could we do about it?

  3. They are PROBABLY (hopefully) asking for copyright permissions...

    Which is the correct, proper, and nice thing to do when producing art inspired by someone else's work...

    More so when that work becomes a kit given or sold to others so that there will be a lot of them out there.


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