04 October 2007

Charmander Papercraft

Another day, another Pokemon papercraft. This time it's a Charmander (ヒトカゲ Hitokage) papercraft / paper model. It's a fire-type Pokemon that resembles a biped-salamander? with a very prominent feature, it's got a flame burning on the tip of it's tail. It's main ability on the game is called Blaze (もうか Raging Flames), which powers up fire-type moves. It also does physical attacks with the use of its sharp claws (Slash).

The Charmander papercraft pattern is in PDF format, has two pages, and comes in a measly 208 kb, although the scan is a bit on the rough side, you can adjust your print settings to enlarge it a bit so you can easily see the cut and fold lines. Produced by Chokipeta.

Check out the other Pokemon characters and Chokipeta creations that I've posted in the past by going to the links below.

Charmander - [Download] [Photo Page] [Mirror Download]

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03 October 2007

More Transformers Papercraft

Here's even more Transformers paper crafts straight from Italia (Paper Invaders), it features the older version from the 1984 tv classic, which includes Ironhide, Ratchet, and Soundwave paper models.

As an added bonus, there's also the Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 (無敵鋼人ダイターン3) and a Getter Robo (ゲッターロボ -) paper craft.

Transformers - [Download Page]
Paper Invaders - [Site]

02 October 2007

Final Fantasy X Papercraft - Auron

Check it out, new one from Ninjatoes, much like the previous Final Fantasy papercraft (Rikku) from their site, we now have Auron from the Final Fantasy X video game.

" Auron
(アーロン Āron) is a playable, fictional character in the Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) role-playing game Final Fantasy X. He is known in the world of Spira as a "legendary guardian" due to the belief that he was the only guardian known to have survived the process of defeating the creature named Sin. His sword, though called a katana, actually appears to more closely resemble a nodachi or even the fictional zanbatō. Auron's attacks are heavily based on the "Samurai" job class from previous Final Fantasy games, particularly his ability to break through his opponents' defences. This is also seen as a Knight skill in Final Fantasy Tactics." - wikipedia

So head on to Ninjatoes site and start building.

Final Fantasy X Papercraft - Auron [ninjatoes]

30 September 2007

Leviathan Papercraft - Final Fantasy VIII

Heads up, our friend at Assembled Paper Models just finished the Leviathan papercraft from the Final Fantasy VIII video game. This Final Fantasy VIII papercraft is from the same book where I got my very much contested Bahamut post, and while your at it you might want to check the links below for other Final Fantasy characters from my previous entries (Moogle, Cactuar, Tarutaru, etc.). So, head on to Octavio's site and have fun.

Leviathan - [Download Page]
More Final Fantasy Papercrafts - [Link]
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