30 September 2007

Leviathan Papercraft - Final Fantasy VIII

Heads up, our friend at Assembled Paper Models just finished the Leviathan papercraft from the Final Fantasy VIII video game. This Final Fantasy VIII papercraft is from the same book where I got my very much contested Bahamut post, and while your at it you might want to check the links below for other Final Fantasy characters from my previous entries (Moogle, Cactuar, Tarutaru, etc.). So, head on to Octavio's site and have fun.

Leviathan - [Download Page]
More Final Fantasy Papercrafts - [Link]
Assembled Paper Models - [Site]


  1. be wary, the whiners are going to come and bitch at this one like they did on your bahamut

    i can hear them now, "this is illegal", "this is piracy", LoL

  2. hopefully the complainers dont see it

  3. is this from that yellow papercraft book? ive been looking for it on ebay but it rarely comes out ( i got outbid a couple times), do you have any spare copies of it that i might buy off of you? im a Final Fantasy collector and not really a papercrafter but id like to add that book to my collection if you have any extra copies.


    - j.



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