01 February 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Papercraft

"Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!" just a quickie post guys, here are some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle papercrafts courtesy of 4Kids TV. Simple and easy papercrafts for kids and beginners, the whole gang is here in hako (box) form - Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael. An added bonus is the Sonic and Knuckles papercraft from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.

Ninja Turtles Papercraft + Sonic and Knuckles [4Kids TV]

Sonic the Hedgehog
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Shadow the Hedgehog

Konica Minolta Animal Papercrafts

Konica Minolta is a company known mainly for their optical devices, medical and graphic imaging, office equipment, and measuring instruments. They were also known for their camera business back when they were still doing it, they have given it up due to financial losses. But in spite of all their difficulties, they found time to provide us with some good quality papercrafts. There's this section on their Japanese web site about environmental awareness, in it they have some animal papercrafts that are highly endangered. They might look like a funny bunch, but their situation is no laughing matter. Habitat destruction and hunting are the common threats that they share with each other. So build an animal papercraft in their likeness and help educate others of their plight.

Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)
Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)
Ishikawa's frog (Rana ishikawae)
Japanese Leaf Turtle (Geomyda japonica)
Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)
Cape Penguin (Spheniscus demersus)

Animal Papercrafts [Konica Minolta]

31 January 2008

Devil May Cry Papercraft

Sonicscape Jun has just left a message informing us of his latest creations on his new site, let's check it out. Sonicscape calls it the Trooper 3.2 series 1 and currently includes two paper models. This time it's a Devil May Cry papercraft featuring a Nero paper model, just in time for the official release of the game Devil May cry 4 (Jan 31) in Japan and a few days later here in the US (Feb 5). This papercraft even comes with its own Red Queen (sword).

The other interesting paper model on the site is the Black Spidey papercraft. From the feature film Spider-Man 3, Black Spidey came out when that sentient alien, Venom symbiote, attached itself to Spider-Man and bonded with him turning him into a super-villain. When Spider-Man rejected the symbiote it merged with another symbiote (Eddie Brock) turning him into Venom.

Devil May Cry Papercraft
[Fx Console]

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30 January 2008

Honda Papercraft Cars - Honda Toy Town

The last one of the Japanese big 3 automakers is here. After going through the impressive lineup of Nissan papercrafts and Toyota's lonely four, we now have the official Honda papercrafts. Honda is the most popular among the three (at least for me) when it comes to car design, but when I took a look at their site I had a dismal view of their papercraft section. The designer of the Honda papercrafts was Mizorogi Akira, yes he's the same person that designed the Mitsubishi papercrafts and what a world of difference, just by lookin at the picture you can clearly tell that he prefers one over the other (just kidding). I guess these Honda paper cars are geared towards children, very young children. I tried to dig through Honda's site but I couldn't find anything else. It's better than nothing right? so here it is, the cute, the cartoony, the funny looking Honda papercraft cars. Enjoy.

Honda Papercraft [Honda.co.jp]

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29 January 2008

Valentine's Day Papercraft

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, you can make it really special for that special someone by creating your own Valentine's Day pop-up card or gift box. We're doing Valentine's entries early so you'll have enough time to finish them. Canon has put up a special Valentine's Day papercraft page were they have compiled their most beautiful papercrafts for this special occasion. There are a variety of gift boxes for you to choose from, pretty paper bouquets, greeting cards (both regular and pop-up), and sets of envelopes and their matching stationaries.

Special Valentine's Day Papercraft [Canon]

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Sexy Messhe Papercraft

Is she a space nurse? a space bunny? or both? Here's an update from the moekami site (Japanese), I don't have a clue who she is but the she's good enough to be posted here. It's got a sci-fi space nurse theme to it and the filename indicates the name Messhe, so we'll just call it a Messhe papercraft. Head on to the authors site to download this paper model and some others worth noting.

Messhe Papercraft? [moekami]
Moekami Site [Homepage]

Hellboy Bust Papercraft

Designer BazookaJo has now finished his latest creation, the Hellboy papercraft, and is now available for free download at his site. The Hellboy character was created by Mike Mignola under Dark Horse Comics. A film was made back in 2004 featuring Ron Perlman as Hellboy and a sequel is scheduled for July of this year titled Hellboy II: The Golden Army, can't wait. The pattern and instruction is available at the designer's site and a separate build-guide can be found at Bongo-papercraft. You can also check out this cool new trailer of the movie.

Hellboy Bust [BazookaJo]
Hellboy How-to-Build [Bongo-Papercraft]

28 January 2008

MacBook Air Papercraft

I knew it was just a matter of time, after Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) revealed the MacBook Air a couple of weeks ago at Macworld 2008 we now have our first MacBook Air papercraft. The good folks at AP Community just sent us some email to inform us of this sweet creation by designer Roland Saekow and a cool video to go along with it. The MacBook Air papercraft even comes with it's own Manila envelope, now what do you say to that ^_^. If you're looking for other Apple / Mac related paper models check out the related post below for the complete list.

MacBook Air [Ap Community]
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Sankichi Armored Robot Papercraft

There's nothing more we like here than cute robot paper models, here is an update from the Peparoido Project site featuring the Sankichi Armored Robot Papercraft. It's a fantasy site of the designer filled with robotic creations ranging from armored nekobots (catbots) to cute chibibots. The designer named it Sankichi, probably after the 1940's samurai movie. Although there's alot on the picture there's actually just one pattern for it - you have to print it on colored cardstock paper to get that variation, the rest is for the Sankichi robot's gadgets and weapons. Yeah, it looks like a cross between Yoshimitsu and R2-D2.

Sankichi Robot [Peparoido - links are at the bottom of the page]
Peparoido Collection

Mitsubishi Papercraft Cars

We have Mitsubishi Motors' papercraft cars today, they're not in Japan's big 3 auto makers but within the top ten. On their official web site, there are 33 paper cars and some of them out have cut-out paper stand-ins. It doesn't showcase the depth of their car line-up, but instead, the majority of the papercraft focuses more on the variety of their two most popular brands, the Pajero (SUV) and the Lancer Evolution. Designed by Mizorogi Akira. They may not be in the big 3, but they definitely beat Toyota with the paper model count. Check it out!

Mitsubishi Paper Cars [Mitsubishi.co.jp]
Mitsubishi Paper Cars [Translated Version]
Mizorogi Akira [Home Page]

27 January 2008

C-3PO Papercraft - Star Wars

A popular character in Star Wars and probably one of the most notable droids of all time, this golden protocol droid was created by a young Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader later on) and was primarily designed to serve humans. C-3PO is usually seen with that other popular quirky droid R2-D2 (astromech). Threepio handles translation (6 million forms of communication), customs, and etiquette - basic liaisons between humans and the other alien culture their encounter.

This C3PO papercraft model is from Japanese designer/site? uhu02, there are other great sci-fi papercraft models on the site based on other great epic films that you can check out. There's a Time Machine paper model based on H.G. Wells classic film of the same name, a Robby the Robot paper model from Forbidden Planet, a very sexy Maria papercraft from Metropolis, Space Pod paper model from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner Blaster, and Will Smith's Noisy Cricket from Men In Black 2.

Star Wars C-3PO Paper Model [Download Page]

Toyota Motor Co. Papercraft Cars

Are you having fun with our Nissan papercraft post? this time it's Toyota's turn to show their paper model cars, so let's head on over to their official site and see what we can find. Compared to Nissans' impressive 80+ collection, Toyota, Japan's #1 car maker comes in at a measly 4 paper cars. The four cars are comprised of the following: a 1967 Toyota 1600GT, 1961 Toyota Publica, 1967 Toyota 2000GT, and a 1965 Toyota Sports 800. All of these Toyota sports cars are also touring/race champions. The two other patterns(brown, green) you see on the bottom of the picture are the road and guardrail papercrafts that come with the the cars. I guess they were going for the "quality not quantity" stuff. Although I don't see it that way with these cars, some of you might, and that's what counts.

So what's up Toyota, where are the good cars?

Toyota Papercraft Cars [Toyota.co.jp]
Toyota Papercraft Cars [Translated Version]