11 August 2012

Squidward Papercraft (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Squidward Papercraft

Squidward is the easily-annoyed neighbor of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, paper model created by our friend Kamibox.

Fairy Wand Papercraft

Fairy Wand Papercraft

Wee folk wand paper model created by Vincentmrl.

Mass Effect 3 - N7 Eagle Papercraft

N7 Eagle Papercraft

The N7 Eagle is a heavy pistol introduced in Mass Effect 3 via the N7 Collector's Edition Pack.

10 August 2012

Mini Batman Papercraft

Mini Batman Papercraft

Mini Batman paper toy from Gus Santome.

Pokemon Bastiodon Papercraft

Pokemon Bastiodon Papercraft

Bastiodon (aka Torideps) is a Steel Fossil-type and Shield Pokemon that is the evolved form of Shieldon.

09 August 2012

O clock Papercraft (Watch)

O clock Papercraft Watch

O clock is a unisex watch from Italian design house Fullspot, it features interchangeable straps and watch faces that you can mix and match to create your own personal / exclusive style.

Pokemon Unown Z Papercraft

Pokemon Unown Z Papercraft

Unown is a Psychic-type and Symbol Pokemon, there are 28 different Unown shapes, this one represents the letter Z.

Star Wars - Wampa Papercraft

Wampa Papercraft

Wampas are the Yeti-like creatures in the Star Wars universe.

ZZ Top Eliminator Papercraft (Hot Rod)

ZZ Top Eliminator Papercraft Hot Rod

The Eliminator hot rod appeared in several music videos and album cover from the rock band ZZ Top.

Ouch! My Heaaaddd Paper Toy

Ouch My Head Paper Toy

Ouch! My Heaaaddd paper toy by Sal Azad.

Pokemon Unown Y Papercraft

Pokemon Unown Y Papercraft

Unown is a Psychic-type and Symbol Pokemon, there are 28 different Unown shapes, this one represents the letter Y.

D9 Battle Mech Papercraft

D9 Battle Mech Papercraft

D9 Battle Mech paper model from Alienpapercraft, based on the exosuit / mech prawn seen in the sci-fi film District 9.

Twin-Rotor Helicopter Papercraft

Twin Rotor Helicopter Papercraft

Twin-rotor (aka Coaxial rotor) helicopter paper model created by M.Kajiwara, it sports a pair of contra-rotating helicopter rotors mounted one atop the other.

Reed Organ Papercraft

Reed Organ Papercraft

The Reed Organ is a musical keyboard instrument that has small metal reeds through which air is pushed to produce the sound.

08 August 2012

Roulette Papercraft

Roulette Papercraft

Roulette paper model created by MINYA for Canon Creative Park, use it as an alternative to dice for playing various games.

The Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman Papercraft

Catwoman Papercraft

Catwoman paper model by Xavier Gale-Sides / MyPaperHeroes.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Mustachio Papercraft

Left 4 Dead 2 Mustachio Papercraft

Mustachio is the antagonist mascot of the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park in Left 4 Dead 2, under the Dark Carnival campaign.

07 August 2012

Core Executioner Cruiser Papercraft

Core Executioner Cruiser Papercraft

The long range plasma cannon cruiser - Core Executioner paper model from Total Annihilatin Papercrafts.

Church of St. Martin Papercraft (Langenau)

Church of Saint Martin Papercraft Langenau

Paper model based on the Church of St. Martin in Langenau, Germany, papercraft created by Martin Gumhold.

Naruto - Gaara Papercraft

Gaara Papercraft

Gaara (aka Gaara of The Desert) is a character from the Naruto series that has the unique ability to manipulate sand and is the fifth Kazekage.

06 August 2012

Battle Damaged Terminator Papercraft


Battle damaged Terminator paper model from Juke, based on the T800 model in the Terminator series which was played by Arnold schwarzenegger.

Army of Two - Salem Mask Papercraft

Army of Two Salem Mask Papercraft

The mask worn by Elliot Salem from EA's Army of Two third-person shooter video game.

Hermione Granger Paper Model

Hermione Granger Paper Model

Hermione Granger paper model from Sabi96, based on her appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

The Kids - Roller Prime Paper Toy

THe KIds ROller Prime Paper Toy

Here's the latest from WuLongTi, cute little paper models of the kids from Transformers Prime, scaled to match the previous bots he has released.

Leica M9-P Edition Hermes Papercraft (Camera)

Lecia M9P Edition Hermes Papercraft Camera

German optics company Leica has teamed up with high-end luxury fashion house Hermes to create the limited edition M9-P Edition Hermes, has 300 units and each costs $50,000.

05 August 2012

Star Wars - TIE Fighter Paper Model

TIE Fighter Paper Model

The fast and agile TIE fighter (starfighter / military spacecraft) from the Star Wars universe, paper model by Ninjatoes.