20 November 2010

Ratchet and Crank and a Very Merry Papercraft Christmas from Rob Ives

Rob Ives

All sorts of good news from Rob Ives today - first, his paper Ratchet mechanism has been updated (Mk II), those who already have the original model can just re-download and you've got it.

Remote Control Papercraft Airplane (Spirit)

Remote Control Papercraft Airplane

Ted Wallick has turned his passion for flying and papercrafts into creating a hybrid of sorts, part R/C Airplane, part paper airplane.

Dr. Seuss Papercraft - Green Eggs and Ham

Dr. Seuss Papercraft Green Eggs Ham

Dr. Seuss' classic Green Eggs and Ham - one of the bestselling children's book of all time, paper model by Phil Shore (Phils Creations).

Build Your Own Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board

Build Your Own Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board

Another one of Laboratory 424's ingenious projects, mixing up Cubee models and magnets to create a 24" x 36" visual board - gamer style ^^.

18 November 2010

Disney Tangled - Pascal the Chameleon Papercraft

Disney Tangled - Pascal the Chameleon Papercraft

Color-your-own Pascal the Chameleon papercraft - Rapunzel's one true friend and color-changing sidekick ^^.

Disney Tangled - Rapunzel Papercraft + Paper Crown

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Papercraft

The long-haired Princess Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but when she falls in love with a bandit who was passing by she must venture into the outside world for the first time to find him.

The Avengers Papercraft Masks (Marvel Kids)

The Avengers Papercraft Masks

Kid-sized paper masks based on the superhero characters from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon series on Disney XD.

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Papercraft

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Papercraft

Lady Gaga's controversial "meat dress" that she wore when she accepted the Video of the Year award (Bad Romance) at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Gambol Papercraft (The Dark Knight)

Gambol Papercraft

Gambol is one of the crime bosses and heads the African-American crime syndicate in Gotham City.

Joker's Cupid Switchblade Knife Papercraft (The Dark Knight)

Joker Cupid Switchblade Knife Papercraft

ScannerJOE recreated Heath Ledger/Joker's auto switchblade knife from The Dark Knight movie.

17 November 2010

La +Favlove Papercraft

La +favlove Papercraft

An improved version of cezkid's La papercraft (now with moving hands) and with a friend, +Favlove.

Cottam Chapel Papercraft

Cottam Chapel Papercraft

The crumbling/derelict Cottam Chapel located in Cottam, East Riding of Yorkshire (aka East Yorkshire) England - it's all that remains of a long lost medieval village.

Moneybag Papercraft

Moneybag Papercraft

Moneybag is an enemy from the Super Mario game series which resembles a green, clam-shaped coin purse.

Blockhopper Papercraft

Blockhopper Papercraft

Blockhopper (aka Coin Impostor) is a robot enemy from the Super Mario game series which disguises itself as a ? Block with a couple of Brick Blocks atop it.

Splunkin Papercraft

Splunkin Papercraft

Splunkin is an enemy from New Super Mario Bros., it resembles a Jack-O-Lantern with green feet.

16 November 2010

Finger Puppet Santa Papercraft & Reindeer (Christmas 2010)

Finger Puppet Santa Papercraft

Finger puppet Christmas paper toys created by Zerolabor for Scamp.hu

Christmas Elves Papercraft (gold 'n' bold)

Christmas Elves Papercraft

Merry Christmas from the elf Péter and elf Jürgen of Gold 'n' Bold (Deutsch graphic design company), papercraft by Paper Foldables.

Dr. Moustache Papercraft

Dr. Moustache Papercraft

Mega Man Legends - Hanmuru Doll Papercraft

Mega Man Legends - Hanmuru Doll Papercraft

The Hanmuru Doll is one of the larger Reaverbots and is equipped with massive club arms.

Nightman Papercraft - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Nightman Papercraft
Nightman as portrayed by Mac (Rob McElhenney) in the stage version of "The Nightman Cometh" from the televison series "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

Mega Man Legends Papercraft - Kattelox Museum Pieces

Mega Man Legends Papercraft Kattelox Museum Pieces

Fallout New Vegas - Consumables Papercraft

Fallout New Vegas Consumables Papercraft

Some of the most common food items/snacks that can be found in the Wasteland / Fallout universe.

Tron Legacy - Sam's Identity Disk Papercraft

Tron Legacy Sam Identity Disk Papercraft

Sam Flynn's Identity Disk from the upcoming Tron: Legacy film, it's a throwing projectile that is used in the Disk Arena.

Osechi Papercraft - New Year 2011

Osechi Papercraft

Osechi or Osechi Ryori is a Japanese New Year cuisine filled with traditional/symbolic foods that will give you Good Health, Prosperity, and Luck in the year to come.

Winter Wonderland Giveaway - Winner

Winter Wonderland 001

Congratulations! to reader Linda Blowney you are the Winner of our Winter Wonderland Giveaway.

Tintin Rocket Ship Papercraft

Tintin Rocket Ship Papercraft

The red and white checkered rocket ship from Destination Moon - issue #16 in The Adventure of Tintin comic-strip series.

15 November 2010

SHIN TANAKA Love Movement Paper Toy "T-DANKE-BOY"

Love Movement Paper Toy

T-Danke-Boy paper toy - latest from Shin Tanaka and the official paper toy for his and Danke Schoen's Love Movement show in San Francisco (12.11.2010)

"Hinomoto Oniko" Demon Child Papercraft

Hinomoto Oniko Demon Child Papercraft

From the trouble brewing between Japan and China (Senkaku Islands dispute/fishing trawler incident) a moe character is born from the depths of 2channel and is now an internet meme.

Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft: F

Alphabet Papercraft F

F is for Frozen/Frigorifié.

Gorilla Paper Toy - GORO Edition #1

GORO Gorilla Paper Toy

Thrilla gorilla for ya, GORO paper toy by kngl (aka Andrea Longo), templates are available for 10 days only (starting today), so grab it asap.

Pokemon Gigigiaru Papercraft

Pokemon Gigigiaru Papercraft

Gigigiaru is a steel-type and Gear Pokemon that is the evolved form of Gigiaru, it resembles it previous form (Gigiaru) with the addition of a horizontal cogwheel and a spiked collar.

Pokemon Gigiaru Papercraft

Pokemon Gigiaru Papercraft

Gigiaru is a steel-type and Gear Pokemon that is the evolved form of Giaru, it resembles 3 cogwheels, 2 small ones (w/ 6 cogs) and 1 big one (w/ 8 cogs).

14 November 2010

Kurt Cobain Papercraft

Kurt Cobain Papercraft

Maulana Jodi's papercraft tribute to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, one thing is amiss though, the orientation of the guitar should be facing the other way - he played the guitar left-handed.

Little Western Paper Toys - Old Buck, Ranger Vins, & Charlie Freak

Little Western Paper Toys

"Three characters for the price of none" Easy triggers! Ugly faces!, here's the latest from Vinsart.

Pokemon Gible Papercraft

Pokemon Gible Papercraft

Gible (aka Fukamaru) is a dragon-type and Land Shark Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Gabite, it resembles a chibi shark head.

Benoitbot Paper Toy

Benoitbot Paper Toy

The Benoitbot paper toy from Fractalspin, the bot is named after famed mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (11.20.1924 – 10.14.2010 RIP).

Ranter Works - Tanooki Papercraft

Tanooki Papercraft

Tanooki the Racoon papercraft who has a slight similarity to a certain Konami character ^^, it is the official mascot for Ranter Works.

Rabzilla Paper Toy - Mike

Rabzilla Paper Toy Mike

Rabzilla is a webcomic written by Aubrey Fisher and drawn by Craig Tucker, Mike is one of the characters in the comic who plays as the devilish Lord of the Underwrold ^^.