10 May 2008

Gundam Papercraft - RGM 79C GM Kai

Appearing in the end portion of the One Year War, the RGM-79C GM Kai was an improved version of one of the Earth Federation's RGM-79 unit. This Gundam papercraft comes with a gun and a shield.

Gundam Papercraft - RGM 79C GM Kai
[Cubic Character]

SD Gundam Papercraft - Hazel
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Mabinogi Anime Papercraft - Black Succubus

You've met her cute-red counterpart, now meet the sultrier and darker version. The Mabinogi Guild has just released their Black Succubus papercraft.

Black Succubus Papercraft [Mabinogi Guild]

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Marvel Comics Superhero Papercraft - Update

The Marvel Comics papercraft from Ham Headz/Jim Bowen has been quite popular with some of our new readers and beginners, the designer has added even more to his growing collection. Today's bunch includes Rouge, Gambit, and Dead Pool from the X-Men series, Hellboy and Duke Nukem as an added bonus.

Marvel Comics Papercrafts - Part 2 [Ham Headz]

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09 May 2008

Kung Fu Panda Paper Tangram

Are you up for a challenge? if so, let's head on over to the HP site for another fun papercraft project based on the upcoming animated film from DreamWorks Animation, Kung Fu Panda. You'll surely get a kick out of this paper tangram puzzle. A tangram is a tiling puzzle consisting of seven pieces, each piece is called a "tan". Your objective is to form a specific shape using all seven pieces of the puzzle without any overlaps. You will have to shape the puzzle to the forms of the characters on the film which includes Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane. A silhouette guide of the characters has been provided for you to follow. Check the photo below and the link to the goods after that.

Kung Fu Panda Paper Tangram [HP Activity Center]

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Robot Papercraft - Krunch

We've got a new neighbour, our friend Michael James has added a new site called Papercraft-Freak in which he shares his own designs. The first one to be released is the Krunch papercaft robot, in blue and wood version. It reminds me a lot of Japanese designer Mitsuo Ohkuma's distinct and hard-to-find robot characters that I've been trying to collect for years now. Well, you know what they say on these kinds of things, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks to skitty for another e-mailing this in.

Robot Papercraft - Krunch [Papercraft Freak]

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08 May 2008

Ultraman Papercraft Vehicles

We're heading to the Papertoy Box web site today, they've got a ton of papercraft vehicles from the various Ultraman shows. Fans of the series would recognize the Magma Riser, TDF Pointer, and Ultra Hawk spacecrafts from the Ultra Seven. Mat Arrow 1 & 2 and Mat Gyro from Ultraman Returns. As an added bonus, there's also papercrafts from Battlestar Galactica (Colonial Viper) and a Guntank from the Gundam series.

Ultraman Papercraft Vehicles [Papertoy Box]

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Hibi Paper Toy Series

I recieved this through e-mail today from one of our anon readers - the Hibi Series of paper toys from Dutch paper designer Heinze Havinga. He has added bodies to some of the popular box shaped papercrafts that have been posted on the net such as Portal's Weighted Companion Cube and the Mario Bros.' Question Mark box. There are other video game related paper toys for you to choose from, including a blank template to put your own designs. Let's go.

Hibi Paper Toys Series 1
[via deviantart]
Hibi Paper Toys Series 2

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07 May 2008

Canon Papercraft - Mother's Day Special

Canon Creative Park has created a special page for both Mother's Day and Father's Day, it holds all their collection of papercrafts, greeting cards, and scrapbooking materials all related to these two special occasions. If you're planning to make something special this week, there's still time.

Canon Papercraft - Mother's Day & Father's Day 2008 [Creative Park]

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Paper Transformer - No Robots Here

This video is a bit blurry but you can easily make out how the paper transformer is built. No glue this time, just paper, scissors, and some tape. Have fun.

06 May 2008

8-Chan Chogokin Robot Papercraft

Robot 8-Chan is from the 1981 TV series of the same name. The patterns for this papercraft are not textured so you'll have to print it on colored cardstock paper, the designer did however made it easy for us by providing a color coding scheme.

8-Chan Chogokin Robot Papercraft [toyoppe]

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Mansei Steam Locomotive Papercraft

From the site that brought us the Samurai Cow, here's a new steam locomotive papercraft from Mansei Co. Ltd. Just in time for the first ever National Train Day here in the US. Get your choo-choo on!

Steam Locomotive Papercraft

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Fun Paper Toys For Kids

Its got animals and bugs, magical fairies, puzzles, cards, and other moving crafts - fun and whimsical paper toys for kids designed by Marilyn Scott Waters.

Fun Paper Toys For Kids [The Toy Maker]

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Horrorwood Paper Toys - Go Bananas

Take a ride with the funky monkey and his rad mobile and go bananas with this new paper toy from designer Jack Hankins. Bananas not included.

Paper Toys - Go Bananas [Horrorwood]

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05 May 2008

Ragnarok Papercraft - Baphomet Jr.

Baphomet Jr. is a horned goat-like monster character from the Ragnarok Online MMORPG. In the game you can find it on the Labyrinth Forest. It caries a scythe as its weapon, but the papercraft version doesn't include it. The pattern is in PDO format and can only be viewed using Pepakura Viewer, be sure to download it this free software if you still don't have it.

Ragnarok Papercraft - Baphomet Jr. [cafetera]
Free Pepakura Viewer

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Transformers Papercraft - Bumblebee - Arms

Are you guys done assembling Bumblebee's head? well if not, you better speed up because the arms have just been released.

Transformers Papercraft - Bumblebee - Arms [Paper Inside]

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04 May 2008

Buster Gundam Papercraft - GAT X103

This is the GAT-X103 Buster Gundam, its an artillery mobile suit. The weapons on it include a high-energy cannon, gun launcher, and missile pods. The Buster Gundam is heavily armored (Phase Shift) and is nearly impervious to melee attacks. This papercraft was designed and sent in by our Korean friends at cafe naver, even though I didn't understand your e-mail, thanks guys.

SD Buster Gundam Papercraft
[via Mediafire]

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Venom Aircraft

A fast air unit with the same basic function as its helicopter predecessor, the Harpy. The Venom scout aircraft is best used for scouting out targets. Fico86 over at C&C has made this papercraft available for testing, just be sure to tell the designer if you find any problems you encounter so he could fix it. Give it a try.

Command & Conquer Papercraft - Venom Aircraft [fico86]

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