16 May 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Genesis Sword

Genesis Sword PapercraftThe Genesis Sword papercraft based on the Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII video game. It is a rapier and signature sword for Genesis Rhapsodos (aka G) - the mysterious character (dressed up like Dante from Devil May Cry) that appears in Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus.

Genesis Sword Papercraft

Final Fantasy - Genesis Sword Papercraft

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Japanese Monster Papercraft - Photos

Japanese Monster Papercrafts 01

Jerom's Monster (Yokai) Series

Japanese Monster Papercrafts 02

The Monsters lining up to get their photo taken ^^

Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Kitsune


Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Yakubyogami


Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Oni


Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Namahage


Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Hitotsume kozo

Hitotsume kozo

Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Shu no bon

Shu no bon

Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Kappa


Japanese Monster Papercrafts - Karakasa


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15 May 2009

Zelda Papercraft - King Zora

King Zora PapercraftYou can't miss him in Oracle of Ages, King Zora is the most portly Zora in the game ^^ plus he has a crown. This King Zora papercraft shows him on his deathbed - a large clam befitting his size.

Update: Ok, so I get a lot of email complaints for posting to Zelda papercrafts that frequently disappear, I'm sorry for that. I don't know why it happens (maybe the Zelda folks are playing around with magic a lot ^^) but it does, so we'll just have to live with it. For those that are planning to send me the same questions ^^, it would be better if it was directed at the designer's page. I wouldn't be able to answer it because I don't do any of their postings, I merely point you (the readers) to it. Thanks for understanding.

Legend of Zelda - King Zora Papercraft

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Bee Elvis Calendar Papercraft

Bee Elvis Calendar PapercraftElvis bee-comes a calendar papercraft - something new from Zerolabor. Goods can be downloaded from the left column of their site.

Bee Elvis Calendar Papercraft

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Paper Totem - Sal Azad

Paper Totem Little MonstasSal Azad brings in some monster madness fun to Dolly Oblong's Paper Totems.

Paper Totem - Sal Azad

Paper Totem by Dolly Oblong
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Hitman: Sniper Rifle Papercraft - Walther WA 2000

Walther WA 2000 Sniper Rifle PapercraftBased on the Hitman game series, the Walther WA 2000 sniper rifle is one of Agent 47's most deadly weapon - instant death from 1000m away ^^.

Hitman: Sniper Rifle Papercraft "Walther WA 2000"

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Sheperds Crossing - Duck Papercraft "Brammy"

Brammy Duck Papercraft With Wine BottleHere's an adorable duck papercraft called Brammy, it's an animal character based on the Sheperd's Crossing video game for the PS2. Also serves as a sort of mascot for developer Success-Corp.

Similar to the Harvest Moon series, Sheperd's Crossing (known in Japan as Youkoso Hitsuji-Mura) is a farm simulation game.

Shepard's Crossing - Brammy Duck Papercraft

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Coraline Papercraft Doll

Coraline Doll PapercraftYes, that's right, a Coraline papercraft model based on recent stop-motion film by Henry Selick - designed by the mysterious "The Dark".

Coraline Doll Papercraft

Coraline Doll Papercraft
A young girl named Coraline (aka Coraline Jones) walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. This parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life - only much better. But when her adventure turns dangerous, and her counterfeit parents (including Other Mother) try to keep her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home - and save her family.

It's a very nice and well done paper model, special thanks to The Dark (darkinthedark.com) for sharing it with us (I back up your claim as being the first in doing a Coraline papercraft model ^^). Follow the link below to download the goods.

Coraline Papercraft Doll

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Deadpool Mask Papercraft

Tektonten's new Deadpool mask papercraft for his Comic Book Character Mask Series.

Deadpool Mask Papercraft

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C&C Papercraft - Future Tank X-1

Future Tank X-1 PapercraftOne of Command & Conquer's hulking combat vehicles, the Future Tank X-1 is an unmanned heavy assault tank / walker unit armed to the teeth (Neutron Cannons and Riot Laser) and covered with the heaviest armor around.

Command & Conquer - Future Tank X-1 Papercraft

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JustMan Paper Toys - Devil & Alien Invade

JustMan Paper ToysZakane from the Just Us has some new papercraft toys worthy of checking out, front and center is a Devil creature and a Space Invaders themed paper toy for their JustMan series. A few others that we might have missed (pic below).

JustMan Paper Toy

JustMan Paper Toys - Devil & Alien Invade

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St. Peter's Basilica Papercraft

St. Peter's Basilica PapercraftLocated in the Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica (aka Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano) is the largest and holiest of any Christian church in the world.

It is so massive and expansive that it can hold over 60,000 people at any one time. It was named after Saint Peter (the first pope), who happens to be buried there along with 91 other popes. Construction on St. Peter's Basilica started in the early 1500s and was finished in 1626. This St. Peters Basilica papercraft model was design by Japanese artist M. Yukishita.

St. Peter's Basilica Papercraft

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14 May 2009

Paper Totem - Loulou & Tummie

Paper Totem by Loulou & TumieLoulou & Tummie do devil horns on Dolly Oblong's Paper Totem.

Paper Totem - Loulou & Tummie

Paper Totem by Dolly Oblong
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Hermes Kelly Papercraft Bags 2

Hermes Kelly Bag PapercraftsLadies, if you still haven't saved enough for the real one, here's some fun floral and summer designs for a second batch of Hermes Kelly papercraft bags. To download the goods look for the a bag icon that looks like the photo above.

Hermes Kelly Papercraft Bags 2

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Saiyuki Papercraft - House of Son Goku

Saiyuki Papercraft House of Son GokuNot to be confused with that other popular Son Goku from the Dragon Ball anime/manga, this Son Goku is a monkey king from the manga series, Saiyuki (aka Gensomaden Saiyuki).

I think this is the first time that Canon Creative Park has actually made a papercraft based on anime / manga. Can you remember any that I might have missed?

Saiyuki Papercraft House of Son Guku
To make the story short, Saiyuki revolves around four anti-heroes: a priest (Genjyo Sanzo), a demon slayer (Cho Hakkai), a half demon (Sha Gojyo), and the monkey king - Son Goku. They travel to India to stop the resurrection of the demon king, Gyumaoh. And on their way, they battle assassins, bad weather, and other villains intent on stopping them from achieving their goal.

Saiyuki Manga - House of Son Goku Papercraft

Honey and Clover Manga Papercraft
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Snow White Castle Papercraft

Snow White Castle PapercraftA cartoony version of Snow White's Castle, includes paper cut-outs of Snow White, The Prince, the Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror, and of course - who could forget the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White Castle Papercraft

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Horyuji Temple Papercraft

Horyuji Pagoda Temple PapercraftLocated in Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, Japan - Horyuji Temple (aka Temple of the Flourishing Law) has the distinction of being the world's oldest surviving wooden structure. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered as a National Treasure in Japan.

Horyuji Temple conveys Japan's image as it existed more than a millenium ago. It was responsible for the growth and spread of Buddhism throughout Japan.

Horyuji Temple Papercraft

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Animal Papercraft - Tree Frog

Tree Frog PapercraftWith less slime and yucky stuff ^^ you'll surely like this tree frog papercraft better than the real one.

Amphibians - Tree Frog Papercraft

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