25 April 2009

Circus Clown Papercrafts - Unicycle Play

More clowning around with two elephant-size clowns ^o^ playing their cheerful music while unicycling.
When the lever beneath the frame is turned, the unicycle wheels turn in unison and a pair of songbirds takes flight in time to the cheerful music of the clowns.

Circus Clowns - Unicycle Papercraft

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Madmo Motocross Papercraft

Motocross PapercraftA little off road adventure with Zerolabor's Madmo Cross, a motocross themed papercraft. Follow the link below to get to their site, the download links are in the left column of the page.

Madmo Motocross Papercraft

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Good Old Fred Tombstone Papercraft

Goold Old Fred Tombstone PapercraftI guess you could say that this is a Disney-related papercraft, a tombstone for Disney legend Fred Joerger.

Who is Fred? he worked at Disney as an imagineer, transforming Walt Disney's visions into 3D miniature models. He created scale models (prototype) for the theme park attractions and film sets/props before they produce the full scale versions.

This tombstone papercraft is a tribute from Haunted Dimensions (Ray Keim), it was released just a few days after the Bates House papercraft but I missed it - thanks to reader Cindy for pointing it out.

A short and funny inscription on the tombstone reads:

Here lies
Good Old Fred
A great big rock
fell on his head

Good Old Fred Tombstone Papercraft

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24 April 2009

Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Dreadnought Weapons Upgrade

Warhammer 40K Dreadnought PapercrdaftIng. Spendlik (Papírové modelářství CZ) has now added new weaponry to be mounted on the arms of his Warhammer 40K Dreadnought papercraft. They include the following: Laser Cannon (Right and Left), Assault Cannon (Left), and Power Fist (Right).

shiny new weapons go boom

With these Warhammer 40K weapon upgrades you can now make two other variants to the standard Dreadnought. The Mortis Dreadnought - used by the Dark Angels - mounts two ranged weapons. The other one is the Furioso Dreadnought - used by the Blood Angels - mounted with the power fist.

I know some of you easily get confused with non-English sites so please refer to the following pic for visual aid ^^

This is what you need to look for
To get the goods, follow the link below and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see three download links, click whichever you prefer. Special thanks to Wojtee for the links and info.

Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Dreadnought Weapons Upgrade

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Moving Animal Papercrafts - Elephant & Zebra

Zebra PapercraftRob Ives' two new moving paper models for Canon's Creative Park.

Elephant Papercraft

An elephant raising his trunk and a zebra extending its neck, both are sticking their rumps out ^^
Moving Animal Papercrafts - Elephant
Moving Animal Papercrafts - Zebra

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Earth Day Papercraft: Conserv-O-Cat

Earth Day PapercraftSorry if I didn't get this one on time, but if you're still looking, here's the 2009 Earth Day papercrafts from BadCat Design.

The Conserv-O-Cats (from L to R) Bamboo Cat, Scraps, Catetarian, Windy Kitty, and Paw Paw Tree. Thanks to Jerom for the tip and link.

2009 Earth Day Papercraft - Conserv-O-Cat

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Zone of the Enders Papercraft - Jehuty

Jehuty PapercraftHere's the battle robot / mecha piloted by main protagonist Leo Stenbuck in Konamis' Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E.) video game. Jehuty (aka A.D.A) is an artificial intelligence installed inside an orbital frame, it's powered by the high-energy ore - metatron.

Beside video games, Zone of the Enders has spawned an OVA movie and a twenty-six episode anime series.

Zone of the Enders - Jehuty Papercraft [SD-Sascha]

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Zooguu - Albert the Cyclops Papercraft

Albert the Cyclops PapercraftZooguu has a monster papercraft that will keep an eye out for you ^^, its name is Albert the Cyclops.

Albert kinda looks like a short version of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., don't you think?

Zooguu - Albert the Cyclops Papercraft

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WoW Papercraft - Gyrocopter / Paper Flying Machine

Gyrocopter PapercraftThe Paper Flying Machine (Gyrocopter) is a World of Warcraft item that comes from a special loot card (Paper Flying Machine Kit) from the The fourth World of Warcraft Trading Card Game set, named March Of the Legion.

The card allows you to conjure a paper flying machine / gyrocopter and throw it to another player, if they have room in their pack they will get it.

World of Warcraft - Gyrocopter Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - King of Red Lions Sea Base

King of Red Lions Sea BaseJosh Darrah's sea base to fit Ninjatoes' King of Red Lions papercraft (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Legend of Zelda - King of Red Lions Sea Base Papercraft

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Urban Paper Launch Party and Papertoy Show

Announcement time ^_^

From our good friend Matt Hawkins of Custom Paper Toys, about the recent release of his Urban Paper book:
I'd like to invite everybody in the Los Angeles area to come out on May 2 and help us celebrate the release of Urban Paper. Nicebunny, Christopher Bonnette and myself will be on hand to sign books. There will be a papertoy art show too featuring one of a kind works from many of the designers featured in the book. See ya there!

This party will be held at Mobius - 3300 W.6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90020 - this is in the heart of Koreatown.

23 April 2009

LOTR Papercraft: Uruk-hai Scimitar Sword

Urukhai Scimitar Sword PapercraftThe papercraft version of the deadly sword which the Uruk-hai carried in the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

The Uruk-hai is a breed of fighting orcs created by Saruman to carry out his evil plans, they were armed with short, broad-bladed scimitars that was forged in the mines of Orthanc.

Lord of the Rings: Uruk-hai Scimitar Sword Papercraft

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Football Jersey Papercrafts & Nissan Stadium

Football Jersey PapercraftAny football (aka futbol, aka soccer) fans out there? if you are, then you're going to like Paulo Guerrero's Papersport site, full of colored jerseys for your favorite teams.

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and considered by many as the most passionate, most fun to watch and play sport. Looks like a lot of fun, unfortunately for me, I've lived in two countries (so far) that doesn't really pay much attention to it.

Nissan Stadium Papercraft
And amongst these football jerseys is the Nissan Stadium papercraft, also known as the International Stadium Yokohama. It's a sports venue in Yokohama, Japan that has a capacity of 72,327 seats. This stadium is quite popular with football fans because it has hosted quite a few international FIFA matches.

Football Jersey Papercrafts & Nissan Stadium

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ChristChurch Cathedral Papercraft

ChristChurch Cathedral PapercraftYes it's spelled that way ^^, the ChristChurch Cathedral from where else, Christchurch, New Zealand.

ChristChurch is a Neo-Gothic styled Anglican cathedral (part of The Church of England), construction started during the mid 1800s and was completely finished in the early 1900. This papercraft model was made by K.Kanekawa + Y.Nakamura.

ChristChurch Cathedral Papercraft

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Gundam Papercraft - Zephyranthes Diorama

Zephyranthes Diorama PapercraftA diorama from tekz82 of Paperhobby showing a damaged Gundam under repairs.

This Gundam papercraft is RX-78 GP01/Fb - aka "Zephyranthes". This diorama comes with everything you see in the pic, including that Core Fighter on the corner. Follow the link below and look for a rapishare link to get the goods.

Gundam Zephyranthes Diorama Papercraft [via paper-replika]

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Fire Truck Papercraft - SKYARM Sigma

Skyarm Sigma Fire Truck PapercraftKeisuke Saka from the Paper Engineer's Workshop and Koehi Masukawa team up to bring you this articulated ladder truck based on the real life SKYARM Sigma platform used in Japan.

Skyarm Sigma Fire Truck Papercraft
Unlike a straight ladder, the Skyarm ladder articulates in several places, making it possible to avoid utility wires and other obstacles encountered during firefighting and rescue work. By attaching a fixed waterway to the ladder sections, a large volume of water can be deployed quickly and accurately.

SkyArm Sigma Fire Truck Papercraft

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Patlabor Papercraft - Command Car Type 97

Command Car Type 97 PapercraftThe Command Cat Type 97 is a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport unit used in the Patlabor OVA / manga series.

Command Car Type 97 Papercraft
It's a heavily armored car similar to a SWAT truck, it doesn't have any heavy firepower because it's mainly used for assessing dangerous situations and recon jobs. The Command Car does have a big flood light for spotting oncoming trouble.

Patlabor - Command Car Type 97 Papercraft

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WoW Papercraft - Thrall's Throne

Thrall's Throne PapercraftThis fiery throne sits the military leader of the Orcish Horde, Thrall.

In the World of Warcraft universe, Thrall holds titles such as Warchief, Liberator of the Orcs, Lord of the Clans, & Warchief of the Horde. He's an orc boss known for his balanced melee attacks and powerful spellcasting.

World of Warcraft - Thrall's Throne Papercraft

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22 April 2009

Ultraman Papercraft - Ultra Hawk 3

Ultra Hawk 3 PapercraftThe Ultra Hawk 3 one of the main spacecrafts used in the Ultra Seven tokusatsu tv show that aired in Japan in the late 60s.

Ultra Hawk 3 Papercraft
Ultra Hawk 3 Papercraft

Ultra Seven refers to both the name of the lead character and the name of the show, it is a part of the Ultraman series by Tsuburaya Productions. Follow the link below and look for the "new" sign to know which one to download.

Ultraman - Ultra Hawk 3 Papercraft

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Star Trek Papercraft - Amarillo CC-33

Amarillo Starship PapercraftWith the new Star Trek movie just days away, Trekkies and sci-fi fans would probably get a kick out of this new papercraft starship from Marc Robitaille.

Amarillo Starship Papercraft

The original 3D model and concept for this lightbulb-shaped starship was from Masao Okazaki's Starfleet Museum.
The Starfleet Museum is an extended piece of fan fiction, created by me, Masao Okazaki, describing a conjectural history of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets predating the original Star Trek series
Besides this Amarillo CC-33 papercraft, Marc also has other Star Trek papercraft models in his site. Most notable is this K't'inga-class battle cruiser - a warship used by the Klingon Imperial Fleet from the late 23rd century through the late 24th century.

Klingon Ktinga Papercraft

Follow the link below and for more Star Trek goodies.

Star Trek Papercraft - Amarillo CC-33 & Klingon K'Tinga

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SiKojo Papercraft Toys - Love Series

I couldn't find any info. yet on this new Sal Azad project / site, but the papercraft toys are already available for download, check them out.

Sikojo Papercraft Toys

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Cultrual Papercraft - Kuda Lumping Dance

Kuda Lumping PapercraftIt's really nice to learn new stuff about other cultures, here's the Kuda Lumping Dance from Indonesia - transformed into papercraft by Sal Azad.
The dance culture of Java is characterized by a wonderful variety of themes, including a number of trance performances. In the Kuda Lumping dance, the characters wear spirit masks and ride about on woven bamboo horses. The performance relates the battle between good and evil, as the dancers enter a trance where they behave like horses. S. Basuki depicts one such dancer in black and white. Kuda lumping translates literally as "flat horses." - NOVICA.com

And here's a good video of what goes into a Kuda Lumping, actual dance starts at 3:21 into the vid.

Indonesian Culture - Kuda Lumping Dance Papercraft

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