24 April 2009

Moving Animal Papercrafts - Elephant & Zebra

Zebra PapercraftRob Ives' two new moving paper models for Canon's Creative Park.

Elephant Papercraft

An elephant raising his trunk and a zebra extending its neck, both are sticking their rumps out ^^
Moving Animal Papercrafts - Elephant
Moving Animal Papercrafts - Zebra

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  1. These are just adorable!!! And what a coincidence! You just put two of my favorite animals in today's post. Zebra and elephant. Two out of two. Should you or should I go get a lottery ticket now?

  2. I have a question that maybe someone can assist me with. I am new to papercraft for starters. I am currently trying to construct the elephant papercraft. I downloaded the "LTR" format. I print out the "front" and the "back" pages, I then cut right outside of the border as instructed, but it seems that the "back" pieces are about a mm larger in perimeter than the front pieces when I go to stick the front and back pieces together as also instructed. Would anyone know if I am to just trim the excess off, or if there is an actual intended purpose for the size difference? I have tried printing the project more than once, and it seems to come out the exact same each time. Thanks!

  3. if you print both the pages in 1 time it's made on purpose, but if you print separatedly the 2 pages it could auto resize the page in the second page (back)


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