26 May 2006

Green Dragon Papercraft

Here's another cute paper model from Ryo Tokisato, a cute little green dragon. It's pretty easy to build and a good activity for the young and young-at-heart to do this Memorial Day weekend if your staying indoors. It's a single PDF file with both the pattern and instructions in it. Have fun!

Green Dragon Papercraft [Ryo Tokisato]

23 May 2006


Received lots of request this week from parents for simple and easy to do paper models that they could do with their kids. So this next few weeks we are going to feature the work of Ryo Tokisato, he has a collection of paper models that are fun, quirky, kid-friendly, and most of all easy to do. This first paper model that we are going to feature is Gojimon, he is a funny looking green dragon. Gojimon is in a single PDF file with both the paper pattern and instructions.

Gojimon - Download