26 May 2006

Green Dragon Papercraft

Here's another cute paper model from Ryo Tokisato, a cute little green dragon. It's pretty easy to build and a good activity for the young and young-at-heart to do this Memorial Day weekend if your staying indoors. It's a single PDF file with both the pattern and instructions in it. Have fun!

Green Dragon Papercraft [Ryo Tokisato]


  1. I tried this dragon. It was my first try ever doing paper craft. I used normal paper only, but I couldn't get the folding neat. So I wonder what will happen if I use a thick paper. Do you have any tips?

    Thanks a lot for the information. It's so cute and quite easy to do.

  2. In order to get the creases right I usually run my craft knife through the lines (gently, as not to cut through the paper). I would suggest you use a card stock paper with about 110lbs (paper weight). You can check out my posting on Febuary for the paper craft tools section.


  3. i find to get the folds working properly, score the fold on the opersite side with a ruler and a biro pen!
    really works well!


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