08 January 2010

Japanese Paradise-flycatcher Papercraft (Bird)

Japanese Paradise-flycatcher Papercraft It looks like +Kareha is adding a birdbird series to their free papercraft downloads, this female Japanese Paradise-flycatcher (aka Black Paradise-flycatcher) is known for its large black eye with a blue eye-ring and short blue bill.

Japanese Paradise-flycatcher Papercraft [Download]

Mother Hen & Chick Papercraft
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Taro Aso-nyan Papercraft

Taro Aso-nyan Papercraft Cat ears and tail for the former Prime Minister of JapanJapan, Taro Aso - the word "nyan" in the title refers to how the Japanese imitate a cat's meow.

Taro Aso-nyan Papercraft

This is not a straight-up download, you'll have to email Glue2 Chronicles using the provided email form on their site to get the templates (it's in Japanese btw). Use the pic below as a guide.


Taro Aso-nyan Papercraft [Download]

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Gubi Paper Toy - Haunted Yoroi (Japanese Armor)

Gubi Paper Toy Yoroi Gubi custom done by GRAVE, sporting a scary looking yoroi (aka O-yoroi, a type of Japanese armorarmor often used by wealthy, high-ranking samurais).

Gubi Paper Toy - Haunted Yoroi [Download]

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Gus Dur Papercraft (Politics)

Gus Dur Papercraft Abdurrahman Wahid (aka Abdurrahman Addakhil, aka Gus Dur) was the 4th presidentpresident of Indonesia, and was in office from 1999 to 2001.

Gus Dur Papercraft [Download]

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07 January 2010

Shishimai Doll Papercraft

Shishimai Doll Papercraft Start the new year right by chasing away those pesky demons with this Shishimai doll papercraft by moichi, use it as a charm to ward of evil and bring in good luckgood luck.

Shishimai Doll Papercraft [Download]

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Eternal Illusion X-2 Papercraft

Final Fantasy X2 Papercraft Kobico added three new models to their Etnernal Illusion series, this time, based on characters from Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy (Rikku, Yuna, and Paine).

Eternal Illusion X-2 Papercraft [Download]

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Spirit Tracks Link Papercraft (Legend of Zelda)

Spirit Tracks Link Papercraft Link playing the Spirit Flute from the new Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks video gamevideo game, if it looks kinda familiar, that's because it uses the same cel-shaded art style similar to that of The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Papercraft designed by Lyrin.

Spirit Tracks Link Papercraft [Download]

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Gambit Papercraft (X-Men)

Gambit Papercraft My Paper Heroes welcomes the new year with the X-Men'sX-Men supercharged ladies' man, Gambit (aka Remy LeBeau).

X-Men Gambit Papercraft [Download]

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06 January 2010

Winged Elephant Papercraft (From Flat To Flight)

A Happy New Year from the amazing folks at Curiosity Group, have fun building their winged elephant papercraft and enjoy a fantastic stop motion video that comes with it.

Special thanks to Ms. Yvonne Perez Emerson and everybody at the Curiosity Group for a great 2009, we look forward to your new projects for 2010.

Winged Elephant Papercraft [Download]

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Hoophy Paper Toy 13 - MCA Evil Design

Hoophy Shin Tanaka hoophy paper toy issue #13, a startled looking hoophy designed by MCA (sporting an evil design).

Hoophy Paper Toy 13 - MCA Evil Design [Download]

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Woodstock NaniBird Paper Toy

Woodstock NaniBird Paper Toy Here's the Limited Edition Nanibird that was printed on flyers and handed out at last year's WoodstockWoodstock 40th Anniversary, it's now free to download at Stand Up Art's site.

Woodstock NaniBird Paper Toy [Download]

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Hoot Papercraft (Moving)

Hoot Papercraft Owl Rob Ives' new owl papercraft is complete, it's his first release for 2010 and is free to download if you're a subscriber to his site.

Press on the owl's head to push it down and watch it flap its wings.

Hoot Papercraft [Catch it]

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Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy - Winter Series

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy Winter Was suppose to be for Christmas but we're way past that now ^^, eight new paper toy designs.

Gubi-Gubi Paper Toy - Winter Series [Download]

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Historic Bogus Places Papercrafts (Fantasy Worlds)

Historic Bogus Places Papercrafts The new papercraft series from Cartoontoys is now available, it features bogus towns and cities (not realFantasy Worlds) complete with buildings and streets and proper names that go with it.

There are 3 sets available, first is the walled city of Ceathri in Etruria (Italy), the working-class town of San Juan de Coradilla in Paraguay, and the Icelandic community of Nyvindur, Floi Hverfi.

Historic Bogus Places Papercrafts [Download]

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05 January 2010

Dorrie Papercraft (Super Mario)

Dorrie Papercraft Dorries are the Nessies (Loch Ness dino) of the Super Mario universeuniverse, they're large aquatic creatures that resemble a plesiosaur. Dorrie papercraft based on Super Mario 64 and created by mastermind777.

Super Mario - Dorrie Papercraft [Download]

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Jenova Mask Papercraft + Potion (Final Fantasy)

Jenova Mask Papercraft Kaizo's first models for 2010, the head/mask of the Jenova Doll (you can see it inside a Mako Reactor in NibelheimNibelheim) and a potion.

Final Fantasy - Jenova Mask Papercraft [Download]

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A-wing Starfighter Papercraft 2 (Star Wars)

A-wing Starfighter Papercraft SF Paper Craft Gallery (Shunichi Makino) adds a new Star WarsStar Wars model on their sci-fi movie section with this simple version of the A-wing papercraft.

Star Wars: A-Wing Starfighter Papercraft 2 [Download]

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Andromeda Battleship Papercraft (Space Battleship Yamato)

Andromeda Battleship Papercraft Andromeda is one of the Earth Defense Force's big-daddy battleships / spaceships, from the Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers) animeanime series.

Space Battleship Yamato - Andromeda Battleship Papercraft [Download]

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Bosnian Pyramids Papercraft

Located in the Town of Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the so-called Bosnian pyramids are a group of hills (aka Visočica hill, aka Grad hill) claimed by Semir Osmanagic to be human-made pyramidspyramids.

The scientific community has dubbed the claim as pure fantasy and Mr. Osmanagic (who lives in my neck of the woods btw) has yet to provide any concrete proof.

Paper-Replika has three pyramid papercrafts representing the Pyramid of the sun, Pyramid of the Moon and Pyramid of the Dragon.

Bosnian Pyramids Papercraft [Download]

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04 January 2010

Poco Bot Papercraft

PocoBot Papercraft Now this is the right step forward for 2010, designer Josh Buczynski mixes up paper toyspaper toy with cute robot design and adding 6 rotation points for better poseability.

The 6 rotation points includes body-head, arms-body, body-hips, hips-legs.

PocoBot Papercraft

Poco Bot Papercraft [Download]

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